FTR QA 2 – ask your questions

Hello everyone,

just like last week, you can ask your questions for WG developers. 20 will be picked and sent to Zlobny (still very grateful for this opportunity) tomorrow morning. This thread will remain opened the entire day, I expect the number of questions asked to be quite high. I will be regularily checking this thread’s comments and will be answering and commenting on stuff.

However, in order to make it easier for me (not to having to dig through stuff I am sure not to send), I will ask you to follow at least basic rules.

- please don’t ask about irrelevant and silly stuff (“do you like beer?”, “what’s your favourite tank” – for the record, SerB’s is T-44)
- please don’t ask questions that have been answered a million times before (“when will WoT support multicore”, “skill MM for random battles” and such stuff)
- try not to post any proposals of your own, those aren’t questions – for proposals, there are appropriate official forum sections
- try to keep it brief: a question hidden in a half page of text is not exactly appealing

Thank you.


Update: Comments are locked. Now I have to sort thru your questions. Needless to say, I am not happy about the offtopic crap. Next time, I will have to figure some better method.

454 thoughts on “FTR QA 2 – ask your questions

  1. When will a patch come out that allows the saved games to display the end of battle statistics?

  2. Hey, I would like to know the following:

    1. How does a release process for an WOT update look like? How many people are involved in rolling out an update, and how long does it take?

    2. Who comes up with new ideas: Project guys/developers/feedback from players?

    3. How much time a week do project guys/developers have time play the game?

    4. We know that sometimes people get banned (after a support ticket or ingame complaints) and complain i nthe forums afterwards. Is the ingame complaint system working as planned? How many palyers get banned a day?

    • 1. Already answered. For instance, IIRC process of creating new map takes around 1 year, making a tank takes around one year of man hours IIRC, including work in terrain, modeling, etc.

      2. Already answered. Feedback from players almost zero (3% IIRC? Not sure), tanks for instance either proposal based on findings in terrain by those who are employed to do that or specifically at search on request of developers. For CW they even hired a guy to rework it, was not something about it in one ASAP? Some dude from USA.

      3. Is it really that important? But ok, I do not remember direct answer to this one, only SerB or someone some time ago stated roughly how often he plays WoT.

      4. Already answered. Complain system is only additional feature, mostly for players to feel good and it does not have any significant impact, but the major part of banning is done by game itself. For example when considering team damage, it is counted how many shots were taken in certain given time, so shooting with .50cal and doing 150 dmg can get you blue faster than taking one shot in T34 for 400 dmg. Also team damage is put into comparison to overall damage done in given amount of battles, so e.g. player who had done across (across, not in one instance) month 5000 dmg and 400 team damage is more likely to get blue than player who done had done across month 300 000 dmg and 1600 team damage.

      As I said, it is really old stuff these questions and answers so I am not 100% sure if I remembered it correctly so anyone who has better memory about it feel free to correct me.
      Nevertheless, I hope this helped.

  3. Is it possible in the current MM to get put into matches 3 tiers above/below? For instance in low population hours? (not counting some light tanks or platoons with them, naturally)

  4. Is there a possibility to add a UI that would allow us to view info (i.e.: battle results screen) from replays of battles from previous WoT sessions (once you disconnect from the server, any battle results entries are wiped).
    The site does that, but we have to upload the replays first; could there be a similar thing in-game, so we are not forced to use third-party apps?

  5. When balancing, do you account for player skill? Example, tank A and B are equal for the average player, but in the hands of good players tank A is a lot better than tank B in equally good hands, would something like this be considered imbalanced?

    TY SS and Zlobny for the opportunity!

      • Last time was a different question, that was about 1 tank having higher wr just because it has good players, but well, your choice.

        • Already answered. 10% of best and 10% of worst players stats are not taken into account when considering tank win ratio, which is the most important factor for balancing tanks, so they can reach the ideal 49.5%. Am I right? If not, feel free to correct me.

          • That’s not an answer to his question. He is explicitly asking if a situation where average players are equal in both tanks, but good players are better in one of them is considered imbalanced.

            You could ask this question to be more clear: is player skill completely ignored when deciding whether or not a tank is inbalanced, or is there also a comparison between tanks in the hands of skilled players?

            To give an example: the AMX 50B is balanced when compared to most other tier 10 tanks in the hands of average players. However, skilled players often get really good results with it, averaging over 2700dpb. There is a much larger gap in results for this tank between skilled and average players than in a tank like the IS-7.

            • Already answered, player skill is not taken into account because it doesn’t affect statistics in a meaningful way.

            • Ok, I get your point. Still, it was stated several times on different questions that the desired audience are average players. To reference on questions about skilled players – “skilled players have right to pwn” or somehow that way was it stated about two or three times when that question was given I think.

  6. I would like to find out if Wargaming is planning on changing the way you can choose a battle. As in you choos your tier and once you see the map you will be playing you can choose your tank accordingly.

    • No, this could be abused all to easy…

      Get Malinovka – AMX 13 90
      Get Himmelsdorf – Maus
      Get Prokhorovka – Obj 268


  7. I am very much looking forward for new game mod 42/7, but i don’t have many high tier tanks, will there be some equivalent for lower tiers, similarly to tank companies?

  8. Also, did the British TDs suffer a drop in performance after the 8.6 accuracy change?
    If yes, is there any possibility to re-balance this tree? (for instance the AT-15 suffers badly due to its very weak gun mantlet, it’s even subjected to noobs who use auto-aim since it’s positioned at the center of the tank)

    • I doubt they will answer balancing questions. Serb’s answer would be “Don’t play British TD’s” or “How terrible”.
      Anyway, they will buff the line if they experience drop in win percentage, but nobody will tell you that in advance.

      • Well, that’s basically what I’m asking; right now they feel very weak vehicles and I’m wondering if the 8.6 change had any impact on their performance.

        • I understand what you are asking, but typically they answer these questions with “Will be changed if needed” or “How terrible”.

          I am grinding AT 7 at the moment and completely agree with you. Thing is that WG balance tanks, based on data from at least two months back, so I expect this to be done in the patch after the next and only if there is really a drop in winrate.

  9. Are there any plans to implement player activated skills or perks for the crew? Something like the Removed Speed Governor for the USSR.
    Is it planned to increase the visual customization of vehicles, like adding of achievement markers, extra toolboxes, sandbags and the like, if so, could we expect that feature sometimes next year?
    Are there any plans for CW specific map modifications for commanders, like the planned minefields. Fortifications, tank traps and the like?

    Any of these will do :)

    • Im pretty sure Storm said he uses heatmaps….or at least he analyses where players are congregating which implies a heatmap.

    • Already answered. Yes, they have such tools and analyse maps during supertest, during test and after release.

  10. Will the FV4202 see any changes, aside from the possible 20 pounder stock gun and (indirectly) HESH rework?

  11. People often complain, that in competitions it is possible to cheat: you can drive as low tier tank in a platoon of high tier allies, are matched against other high tiers, then you play when the server is not busy (in the middle of the night) and hope to run into a friendly platoon of high tier tanks (2 platoons needed, eg from same clan) and kann get “friendly kills” to boost the experience for the match (friend let your low tier tank kill their high tier tanks without defending).

    Question 1: do you check in competitions whether or not people abused this to get high scores?
    Question 2: it could be prevented to cheat like this, if for competitions you would only accept contributions from non-platooned random battles, is this possible?



    • I think he means getting rewarded for “being a tank” as in taking damage and protecting your allies therefore. (As in getting that “potential damage” number up) -> Which was planned last I heard of it?

      • That is a good question actually.

        Is the “potential damage” going to be rewarded with credits/exp?

        • Really stupid idea. It’s too easily farmed. The idea is good but can be exploited. You can get insane number from arty splash and low tiers being stupid. Enemy hp is limited your potential damage taken isn’t. You could easily see heavy tanks spare lone enemy survivors who can’t pen them to try and milk some extra XP.

          • I don’t agree.

            Your potential damage received is limited by the number of enemy shells and also your Health pool (not all shells will bounce).

            Maybe they should make it so, that bouncing large caliber guns would give you bonus? (100mm +). Or some coefficient, like if your armor is 80mm and you bounce 100mm gun you get credits (requires active angling).

      • That would really help some “weak” (in terms of delivering damage/xp earning) tanks, such as the KV-4. I know I would have appreciated keeping 2 Tier 10 TDs busy by sidescraping the shit out of their shells, not being able to damage them back, instead

        • It’s possible that Potential damage already receives a small exp. bonus.

          In any case, they will not answer this, as such a bonus, if know about, would be widely open to abuse.

      • Will there be a reward for clicking on the “start battle” button????
        I’m desperately in need of XP/credits right now!

        • Funny you should ask (and yes, I recognize the sarcasm): yes, you get experience and credits for simply participating in battle; i.e. clicking “start battle”. Try and get 0 xp/credits in a battle without damaging allies.

  12. The 8.6 update buffed the accuracy on all guns, and have had one of the bigges impact to the game of all changes, in my view. Was the accuracy buff an step to make the game more ‘beginner’ friendly or more arcade like?

    One of the things that has attracted a lot of tanks buff to the game is the semi simulator feeling, the accurate models and hitboxes/weakspots and gun capabilities, which required some skill to fully explore, this skills is now less relevant as all guns is more point and click after the accuracy buff, is there any plans to rebalance some guns of gun parameters like dispersion. ( it’s not realistic when a tank with 0.40 acc. can hit your weak spot from 200m when they snapshot on the move.)

    • It was to make skill matter more by lessening some of the RNG.

      I really don’t know what you are smoking if you think 0.4 guns can hit weak points on the move at any reasonable success rate.

      • Whether one line or other is too OP (i.e. russian bias) is not really an issue, because we can all play russian line, it’s not like europeans only can play german and americans only US tenks.

        I fail to see how the company would gain anything by buffing all russian tanks and nerfing everything else. If you think a tank is OP, feel free to acquire it yourself.

        (and btw, 95% of my battles are US, I only now started the russian line. got the BL10 to the ISU152 a couple of days ago and having a lot of fun with it. All I could think was, instead of flaming “armagerd, the isu and 704 are so OP, russian bias”, why didn’t I get this tank myself earlier?).

    • The Belorussians who designed the game’s biggest customer base is Russia.

      The main flaw of the Soviet tree was gun accuracy.

      By claiming the reason for improved overall accuracy is in the best for all game players they have ninja buffed the biggest weakness of Soviet line while claiming innocence. Thus helping their biggest customer & innocently nerfing everyone else.

      Why don’t you understand this? Are you stupid? You want to ask SerB this without realising what a muppet you would make if yourself?

      What a muppet.

  13. Is (short) 88mm L/56 going to be buffed with penetration? To say 140mm to keep penetration proportions with long 75?
    Currently it is very underperforming, is gone from German VI tier meds, and after buff it could give a kick to vehicles like weak JagdPanzer IV or VK 36.01 H that are currently condemned to use long 75 or Konish gun like same tier German meds.

    • I wouldn’t say the short 88 would help them even with a pen buff. It seems like that gun just continuously rolls below on damage and I mean like sub 200 where you might as well had two shots with the 75 at that point

      • That’s actually a question I’d like to have answered (not sure if it has been in the past).

        Is the way the actual damage a shell does on penetrating is calculated the same for all shells, or do some of them have better or worse rolls for balancing reasons?

  14. Have you ever considered crafting tanks by users (a player can reasearch and choose every hull, turret, gun, engine and mix them into new contruction)? What is your opinion about that solution?

    • It will not, as the frontal armor is impregnable to everything in the game. Even tier 10 TD gold rounds. They are contemplating a chieftain prototype to replace the 4202. Wait and see. Tm

    • This has already been answered.
      The Chieftain will be added, and it will most likely be a heavy.

  15. Is there any reason the absolute render range is a square emanating from your box? Why not a circle?
    I can see most maps are designed with this in mind, most sniping points are diagonals across the map , but doesn’t this lend a certain imbalance of getting sniped from tanks diagonally, but spotted from tanks vertically/horizontally relative to the map?

    Would it be possible to have kind of a dynamic Render range linked with where your turret is pointing

    • Probably it’s less stressing to check two simple additive/substactive values than make calculation with squares and root ;) .
      Overall, i suspect that it is a client side cap, not a server one – and thus you could lift it with a mod. If i can have a mod that tells me exactly which tank and player hit me and with what, even if he is UNspotted, so it makes me wonder what else is in the code for us to dig up…

      • Actually, the Sheridan was tested with a bunch of different weapons systems, including the M68 105mm. It all comes down to whether or not it could be balanced.

        • Screw the missiles. Just replace them with HEAT shells. I’d really love a T8 light with 155mm derpgun of doom.

    • IIRC M41 Walker Bulldog will be right after Chaffee and since Chaffee will be tier 6 one day, M41 will be most likely tier 7. And since they do not want high tier light (for now), only one spot is directly open for light tank at tier 8, but there could be more tanks at one tier, etc.
      IIRC Sheridan recieved a “no”. No memory of answers on T92 Light.

  16. Can they make notification of my friends battle rating result? I mean… somewhere in game I can clik and I can see last results of game of my friends or clan members. Chronologicaly, by time…And it would be much better show not results/exp but win7 ratings :-D. But if win7not, at least experience.

    Your friends score – click here:
    nickxxx – 17:29 30.10.2013
    exp 1576 (not with 2x or 3x)
    profit 32 000

    nickYYY 16:10 30.10.2013
    exp 5787
    profit -1200

      • If you are who I think you are ask your clan diplomat, maybe he will know :D
        Anyway, WG does not support XVM and such by mere principle, so I do not think win7 will ever be shown. Questions will be picked later on (18 from players + 2 reserved IIRC), those will be send to developers and after they are answered, they will be published here on this site.

    • This questions needs to be redefined IMO

      Lots of players don’t have premium and dont play…
      A better question would be: how many of the playing players have premium?
      Or even better:
      how many % tanks in matches are played by players with premium…

      If the answer to your question is: 90% do not have premium, it does not help at all, because you dont know how many players are actually playing… you understand what I mean?

  17. Is there a possibility to make a rangefinder showing distance not only to tanks? What is the problem to show distance to a rock or a building?

  18. What will happen to M1921 little ugly medium tank shown in some video? Will it be implemented as premium os regular vehicle?

  19. “We don’t plan to implement player-controlled vehicles with wheels (Storm)” was the answer to question 11 of the last QA. For me this sounds as there are plans to implement non-player-controlled vehicles with wheels, so can we expect actually moving cars? I remember reading about issues with moving trains in some earlier QA..

  20. Will there be UI improvements, such as the garage? There’s some info missing and you can’t see how much turrets affect your HP.

    • Put the stock turret on tank, note the HP, put the upgraded turret, note the new HP value. New HP value – stock HP value = amount of HP you get when you put upgraded turret.

    • In time you will know most “turret HP” by your own. Is it sad how many unimportant things a man can remember while other, more important tend to be forgotten.

  21. When designing vhicles, are there pre-defined roles you adhere to (other than the light-heavy-medium-TD-SPG classes)? Is it possible to elaborate on the way vehichles are assigned to these roles? If yes, please do, if we could better understand your design decisions, feedback from us would be more useful.

  22. 1. What will be the schedule of upcoming new tank branches and in what updates will they come live?
    2. Will there be any rewards for a potential damage taken? Some tanks are made for taking the hits and not necessarily punching back so they loose xp/credits.

  23. If WoT is following the trend of other MMO games, then each new “release” of gear, in this game tanks, will at some point render the old gear/tanks useless, any plans to go back and look/rework at the stats on the older models. e.g. look at the KV-5, it’s pretty much useless these days where it’s a mediocre piece of gear (though no longer obtainable outside of special events).

    • In my opinion, there’s always a place for older tanks mainly with players who really enjoy playing those tanks when they first came out and still enjoy doing so.

      Even if not, then how do you explain people who still play IS-7s and E-100s? Not to mention the people who still play the M48A1 Patton and the T30. There are still a smattering of players who still choose to play with those tanks.

      Power creep is not much of a problem in World of Tanks. In an MMO like WoW, you get the newest gear on that one character cause that’s the character you have. In WoT, you just play whatever you want as long as you think it’s fun.

      • Powercreep is most definitely a problem in WoT. Look at the Maus. In the old days it wasn’t so bad because it’s lack in speed and firing power was balanced by it’s armor. There was simply no way to penetrate a properly angled Maus from the from, with the exception of certain gold shells that you had to buy for actual gold.

        High-pen guns and premium ammo for credits have rendered the Maus effectively useless. In my opinion, THAT’s powercreep.

        • Sounds about right. The same could be said for lower tier vehicles that depended on strong armor to be relevant.

          To a lesser extent, the lower tier vehicles that have traditional single-fire cannons seem pretty under-gunned compared to all of the auto canons and clip-fed beasts that have been introduced in the last year or so.

  24. Before the 60s (WoT tank selection time frame) artillery was used to blanket an area in a fairly short ammount of time. Will we ever see this function in our arty (obviously at reduced damage)?

    • That would mean an awfully large number of arties coming into the game….as if artillery was not a problem before 8.6.

  25. Is skill MM bei-

    Okay, seriously now. When balancing T10 tanks, are clan wars percentages considered? I know from many sources that some tanks are practically nonexistent in these battles, will WG try at some point to fix it balance-wise?

    • AFAIK the official position is that tank rebalancing is entirely done on the performance statistics of an average Russian pub player. They don’t take into consideration clan wars or esports or anything else when doing analysis, which is partly why all tanks aren’t viable for such things (which is a shame). This is also why there are ‘OP’ tanks that aren’t rebalanced – only a small amount of players actually play them extremely well, which isn’t statistically significant enough to rebalance.

  26. Now that you’ve become more open with explaining how things are calculated ie personal rating, battle mechanics ect. Will you explain mathematically how xp is worked out?

  27. Are new American mediums planned (T23, T95 medium)?

    (I think I maybe read about this somewhere, but I don’t remember if it was a Q&A or some discussion on Reddit or the forums, but I don’t remember getting a definite answer)

  28. For now the award Tier 10 Tank M60 is being sold in Chinese Server’s portal market (somewhere like the gift shop) for about 100euro, how would you comment on this?

    • Kind of already answered. Chinese server is not directly under Minsk competence nor they own it in the same way they own EU or NA servers. To establish portal and server in China in accordance to their laws they had to make it somehow home owned. They can control them only to some degree, China is more free to make their own decisions like tanks in gift shop.

      • And that’s why Chinese server has Great Wall map not available on other servers. And that’s why roaming from and to Chinese server will not be allowed.

        Basically Chinese server is under license and shouldn’t be considered as part of real WoT.

  29. Are there any plans to implement tank leveling? By example: You have 50battles in one tank. Your tank looks brand new, and it doesn’t have any perks.
    You have 5000 battles in one tank. That tank will look rusty, with lots of dents, maybe small pieces of armor bolted on…AND, this tank with 5000 battles will have some perks : 0.1% better traverse, or better rof, and so on.
    Something like the crew skills but for tanks.

    • That sounds rather stupid; if anything, that tank should perform worse than when in mint condition, due to wear & tear…

    • Now why would your tank get better once it is used? It should get worse if you would follow logic

    • What you are asking is already implemented trough crew skills and perks, as the crew is the factor that makes the difference between same tanks.

      • Also do not forget tank modules, which improve tank performance after you play certain amount of battles and gain enough experience. As said, already implemented.

  30. Two questions:

    Would it have mattered in the war if Germany had stuck to simpler and more cost efficient designs rather than pursuing heavily armored but slow, expensive and hard to maintain tanks like the Tiger?

    And How has the Tiger, Tiger II and E-75 been performing after the changes? Have they seen significant increase or decrease in winrate?

    • The answer is simple: not much would have changed as air superiority and general logistics mattered a lot more.

    • Panther was both improvement from PzIV while considered as one of the most cost efficient tanks in their service. E50 and E75 were also mostly production optimization developments. Currently they are kind of over buffed in game to their real life (or real life proposals).

  31. Some time ago, there was an info (even on wiki) about guns having “calculation range” of 700m (or 720m?) and autocannons 360m (if i remember correctly?). Is there really such thing or do shells fly all the way to map borders, and if yes then what are the correct value ranges?

    *this bugs me, because recently in platoon i’ve seen autocannon hits damaging way over 400m and now i can’t find any info on calculation range anywhere.

    • Are you sure it’s an autocannon, and not just a semi-automatic gun like the 37 mm gun on the T1?

    • Already answered. Range of weapon is in WoT determined by its caliber, which is, IIRC, multiplied by 10 (or 10 000 if to be exact in terms of mathematics), so:
      20mm gun would have range of 200m
      30mm gun would have range of 300m
      57mm gun would have range of 570m
      75mm gun would have range of 750m
      100mm gun would have range of 1000m

      Not exactly sure about that multiplication, but it should be correct. There are some differences like 105 guns of artillery but it may work differently since they are closer to howitzers than to tank guns. Anyone who knows better feel free to correct me, but you get how it works.

      • Definitely not true, i got higher range dmg from low tier, low caliber guns that it would be with 10x multiplier.

    • premium tanks are prototypes or in very low numbers used vehikels.
      for exampel: Löwe will not show up, it was a heavy tank prototype
      Matilda IV and Valentine II could show up, because they where shipped to the USSR via Lend-Lease
      Its just questionable, why the could not just use the normal british Valentines und Matildas, because these were more often used then the soviet-modifikatet ones.

      • IIRC – Already answered. Kind of yes and no. Panther M10 will probably appear in some battles for instance, since it fought (this one example was given in think) but I would not expect tanks which barely left drawing board or they did not at all. But it all will fall under implementation of how will historical battles work.
        Also WoT aside, IIRC there were some late war engagements when Russians approached factories and other facilities and they defended themselves with what they had, sometimes utilizing prototypes (i.e. tanks not yet put into mass production but finished enough to fight) THIS I have no idea from where I remember so it needs verification but I see no reason why it could not be true, especially since desperation and fear of Russian revenge after what happened on the east was present everywhere. But still, not verified by my.

  32. 1. Will WG replace the ‘Global Rating’ with its own (new) Ratings system on the portal/hall of fame?

    2. Will WG implement a Ping Status on the login screen and garage so we can see which server is best ping wise for us to connect and play on? (i know it can be done through XVM, but its very useful and should be implemented as standard feature, especially when ping is shown during battles).

    3. When will we see easier switching of crews between tanks (switching between regular and premium tanks – XVm used to have this feature ‘put own/best crew’ but doesn’t work anymore)?

    Thanks SS.

  33. 1. Does the upgrade of a tanks engine increase the turret traverse speed?
    2. Is the aiming/spoting system going to be reworked anytime?

      • IRL the engine did affect turret traverse for turrets powered by hydraulics.

        • But not in this game. The only thing that can speed up turret traverse is gunner skill over 100%.

          • But if you put on that 5% gas thingy it says it increases engine and turret traverse speed… So better engine should increase turret traverse speed in turn…

            • Actually its the consumable that gives both extra engine power and turret traverse… the turret traverse is not because of increased engine power. Other consumables only give extra engine power (check for yourself).

              Easy to do an experiment in training, mount stock engine, do a 360 rotation on Tiger, then do so with top engine. Note the time it takes to complete the 360 rotation.

          • Not entirely true, If you use 100 or 105 octane gasoline for instance, it does improve the turret turnrate as well as engine power!

          • My bad. I don’t use such consumables, so I’m not aware of those influences.

            But the gunner skill is still the most important when determining the turret traverse speed.

        • For Western tanks (USA, UK, Germany, France), upgrading the engine should increase turret traverse, if it is consistent with the system used for gasoline consumables. All Western tanks are blanket treated as if they all use hydraulic traverse, and all Communist tanks use fixed rate electric traverse, hence the oil consumable doesn’t increase turret traverse despite improving engine power.

        • But gasoline octane number does NOT affect engine power by itself – so that goes IRL argument for you…

  34. In regards to the European tree, has there been any work/decision on making each branch stretch to tier 10, or to just let the branches end where the technology/vehicles for that nation end?

  35. It was mentioned that there will be an option to retrain crewmen do different role (for example radioman -> gunner). When it will be introduced?

  36. Will the Firefly ever be implemented? If so, will it be in a new tree, or perhaps a premium vehicle instead?

    Will you ever release tools for community-made maps? Or even community made world-objects (i.e. houses, bunkers etc)?

    • Firefly: when it’s done, it’s done & we’ll inform about new tanks.

      Community made maps etc. are not planned.

    • 1. Already answered. IIRC – For now Firefly is planned as regular tier 6 medium of second medium branch in UK tier.

      2. Already answered, although I do not remember exact answer. Take answer on that question from Ash.

  37. Is there material for a 2nd French TD line? Are the 2nd heavy and medium lines complete?
    Have you found material for a Japanese heavy line? What would be the tier 10 heavy tank (if you found it, of course)?
    Are new game modes planned (besides historical and garage battles)?
    Have you considered to implement the Chieftain (prototype), FV4005 stage 2 or the Vickers MBT?
    New platoon/company/tournament/CW interface?
    Are Chinese TD and arty lines complete?
    What new features are planned for the game?

  38. Are there any plans to rework the older maps and remove the artificial red barrier (by implementing “natural obstacles” instead)?

  39. Here I go again.. :3

    Even dough they’ve announced that they will improve the graphics.. any chance that they’ll introduce ENB support?

    A bit more “normal” question..

    Is WoWP currently something like “testing area” for WoT’s new features?
    For example WoWP has some really neat “mark all” option for depot and selling stuff.. then there is also that “rating” thingy, when every plane has certain rating [ But if I recoil well they've said they will not implant anything similar to WoT ]

  40. Since Strom(i think) said that there is a possibility of introducing PVE elements to WoT, is there a chance to introduce not just tracked vehicles but also convoys, consisting of halftracks or APC(Puma) and perhaps stationary defenses( howitzers in bunkers on Siegfried line) ?

  41. Question:

    What do the developers/game content producers feel is the motivation of the game to keep a player playing even after “the grind”?


    Due to the game mechanics and playerbase state I do not find tier 10 battles enjoyable. Also the game economy discourages playing that tier. Since playing tier 10 is considered the endgame content I am wondering what is their view on what should keep a player motivated to play when he finished grinding? I have the tanks I want. I grinded everything I am interested in. Newly added tanks do not appeal to me (playstyle wise). What is their idea of why should I (as a player) keep playing?

    Also note that this is not a question about the mentioned PvE plans… The question regards the current game state.

    Why the question matters:

    It was stated that in the future there will be an era where the amount of newly added tanks in patches will be reduced. By removing new tanks/grinds from the “why people play wot” equation the anwser to this question is all that remains…

    Read before commenting:

    This is not a “OMG!!! Why should I play?!!?” whine… This is a question to the people making the content what is their view on what content should motivate a player to play.

    • Good question and i still would like to see it anwered.
      But partial answer was “play whichever tier you like”. And generally “endgame content” in MMO is a huge bullshit copied from singleplayers – motivation is somewhere else and trying to add anything like that just screws the game.

    • For me “endgame content” are CW, campaigns and tournaments, and all of this span multiple tiers, so considering tier 10 tanks endgame is wrong, IMHO.

    • The comments above mine are the reason I am asking this… I agree with both but…

      End game contents are CW’s and tournaments? I am counting campaigns as part of CW’s… Yes. Definitely. But… In CW’s the mechanics favour big alliances so much that a casual player has nothing to do there. In order to be succesfull a clan of many needs to be organised. Also the idea of being in front of a pc at a certain time… I have enough obligations in my work & private life… :) A content that keeps me in front of a pc at a certain hour is hardly a content I wish to participate in…

      Tournaments are also a similar story, although I do not have experience with these so I cant comment much.

      Is that all there is? Any anwsers we as players add are very subjective. we all have our idea of what the end game content is, even I (the one asking the question) have my own idea of what “my end game content” is… I was really wondering which parts of the game do the developers and content designers see under that term :)

      • “Don’t like CW? Don’t play CW.” :P

        Why do people play BF, CoD, whatever other MP first-person shooter, even when they have every weapon and achievement unlocked? Because they like to shoot and kill other players. The same thing is in action here: if the grind is all you are looking for, than this is not the game for you.

        • That’s why i said there shouldn’t even be “endgame content” words used for MMO ;) – interaction with other human being is the goal :) .
          I agree though, that every game needs ways to “lure” players. If you are bored with randoms already, try companies, that’s a new level, somewhere halfway to CW. 6tier are great fun, while not being gravely serious.

          • I was in one of the better EU clans where we had a lot of TC’s and CW’s. Left that clan cuz’ I couldn’t make a timeframed obligation out of a computer game…

            I dont like CW’s so I am not playing CW’s :)

  42. About ingame guns: How do you convert german penetration data into soviet penetration data?

  43. If and/or when multiple guns (that is, multiple guns mounted on the same tank at once, like with the M3 Lee, Char B1, and in the same turret like with the T1/M6 and Maus) come, would you be able to upgrade the secondary gun on them (for instance, the 37mm on the Lee, T1 and M6 and the hull howitzer for the B1) or would you be stuck with just whatever one started on it?

    I don’t think this question has been asked before.

  44. SS this is question to you – Do you know anything about fate of EU supertest (is it ever going to re-open) ?

  45. OK, this one may not be considered within the rules but i think that it’s vague enough and important at the same time, that it should be asked:

    One of purposes of premium tanks and important one is crew trainers. While certain nations have some types aplenty, we still miss some others. Could you please give ETA (eg. Q2 2014) and if possible info on stage of development (like looking for tank / modelling / testing / ballancing/ not even considering / etc) for premium tanks listed below – mind that i’m not asking about “which tank” or “what tier”, only “when”.
    * USA TD
    * USA SPG
    * British LT
    * German SPG
    * French LT
    * French MT
    * French SPG – another one or this returning to shop after reballance, doesn’t matter
    * Russian SPG

    • The devs do not give answers to “When”, unless you consider “When it’s done, it’s done” as an answer.

        • He has a point. They never discus “when”. They could answer “Are you planing to add this type of premium or that type of premium?”, but even that is a long shot.

          • I understand that consideration. But ETA is vague enough (and the whole question) that it is worth a shot.
            “Are you planning” is a sort of question asked by 12-year-old retards, it just isn’t serious and any asnwer to that cannot be serious.

            • Demanding ETA after hundreds of dozens “when it’s done, it’s done” replies is a sort of question asked by 6-year old retards. Just isn’t serious and can’t be answered differently than “when it’s done, it’s done”.

  46. My question: Once it was said that there will be an Argentinean Minibranch. Do you still plan to do it?

    • Also regarding Polish tanks.

      Q: Is wargaming going to stick to some more widely known sources? Or is there some kind of more in-depth search planned (like search of the archives of wojskowa akademia techniczna/military university of technology)? Any other sources that wg is planning (hoping?) to use?

  47. In prewius FTR QA you stated that there will be no player controled whelled vehicles, can we expect some of them controled by AI, like used in special battle modes?

  48. Is there a possibility that purely cosmetic hull upgrades will be implemented? i.e. an M3 Stuart hull upgrade without the sponson machine guns.

  49. A long time ago it was stated that gold, premium time and free XP will be shared between WoT and WoWp. Will the current free XP be shared with WoWp on release or will that come later?

  50. Are there any plans to create really, really long running missions to promote players who finish them with something rare or so? I love the missions right now, but monthly missions can surely be extended right? Or extended in a way that you have a monthly goal not on daily basis and hard to reach.

  51. Will any more higher caliber autocannons be implemented in game?
    Can we expect an Italian premium tank next year?

  52. Char 2C\FCM 2C ever being released? It was modeled, had a discussion page on ru forum, but then it all disappeared. Also, will any TOG-like monsters ever appear?
    And any thoughts about Leopard prototyp C ever making it to the game?

  53. What is the point of Global Rating, given that there are more widely used/accepted ratings by players, such as WN7 or WN8?

    • SerB does not care about player created rating systems. In fact he does not care much about WG Global rating as well, he said that winratio is the best rating system for him. I doubt they will give you answer.

  54. Short question:

    Do you plan to introduce the Ardelt Waffenträger and the Steyr Waffenträger TD’s? If yes, will they be added as single vehicles or as part of a new complete TD branch within the German Tech Tree?


  55. After a possible 3rd CW campaign, are there any chance for more campaigns?


    Can we expect T10 TDs or artys as rewards?

  56. Have developpers plans to seriously improve chat system with actual MMORPG standards ? WoWP is a little improvments, so far I know it’s the “future” for WoT too, but it needs more, so are there further plans ?

  57. I would love to see maps where you have to capture 3 flags. One neutral, One of the enemy, and keep your own base safe. Is this possible and have you considered this before?

  58. Hey SS, here is a question:

    When hulls-as-modules get implemented, is there a chance the KV-4 will receive more than one hull given how many designs of the KV-4 there were? If so, does this also mean that the numerous different turrets will be added as well, possibly tied to a specific hull?

  59. 1 Since you agree that high repair costs on an OP vehicle are pay to win what about gold ammo that gives a giant performance boost? Such as E-100 HEAT or APCR on the 90mm M3?

  60. - is there tier 11- 12 tank release in the future? if they appear, how you can do for balance them with WWII era Tank?
    - any gun in game have a plan to use Uranium-core shell except Leopard ones? will that ammunition type appear in game in future?
    - Should we have a achievement for killing 100 KV tanks? cause they have many variants in game up to tier 8 ATM (KV-1,KV-220, KV-1S(split in two KV more in future), T150, SU-100Y, KV-2, KV-3,KV-13,S-51,SU-152, KV-4, KV-5, 212A ). If you say there no tier 10 vehicle, look at hunter achievement before leopard 1 appear.

    • “- is there tier 11- 12 tank release in the future?”

      SerB stated a million times, that there will be no tanks that are higher than tier 10 because it’s impossible to balance them…

      “- Should we have a achievement for killing 100 KV tanks?”

      Correct me if I’m wrong but if I remember correctly, in one of the previous Q&A SerB said that achiuevments like hunter, for other type of tanks are not planned.

    • No certain data about uranium core shells is available.
      I found proof for a 37mm round (with pretty awesome pen for its caliber) but bigger rounds are still subjects of speculation, allegedly there is some info in Speer’s office diaries.

  61. Is there any chance we will see tanks with adjustable suspension like FV4401 Contentious, Strv 103, E10
    at any point in the future

  62. You have stated that “The fate of the S-tank is still undecided” could you give us some insight

  63. Will the swedish KRV tank be implemented in the European tech tree?

    How will the European tech tree have its crews? And will it be possible for crossovers or retraining for different nations in the tree?

    Which nations the European tech tree will consist of?

    Strv S tank scrapped due to its suspension?

    When you merge the hulls of Vk 4502 ausf A and B will they be lowered in tier? If so what tank will be new tier 9?

  64. This is a question regarding WoT Blitz:

    Due to the big amount of various hacks to change memory adresses, and make “free ingame purchases” on jailbreaked IPhones and rooted Android phones, have you taken the necessary action to prevent such cheats being used, when WoT Blitz gets released?

    • Blitz will be very server-centric and multiplayer oriented, so even if you change your garage (for example) on the device, the garage that is stored on the server is what matters and that is almost imposible to hack. It will be the same as it is now in regular WoT.

  65. Will you add tanks and proposed tank designs from 1900 – 1921? Like the Motorgeschütz (Burstyn tank), British Mark series, Saint-Chamond and A7V?

  66. Is the T26E4 Super Pershing going to be buffed in any way ? Are we going to see an increase of its gold price ?

  67. Can we expect more ways to manage garage, what I mean are more filters (maybe crew or crew less tanks) and sorting them by different parameters.

    • I would like to add custom sorting rules. For example, sort by tier first, than by nation, than by type, instead of current way of nation, type, tier.

  68. 1) Any plans to introduce upgradeable hangars (with special equipment slots) and maintenance crews (mechanics) which can gather experience and repair-upgrade skills just like the tank crews?

    2) Zero damage hits are really annoying, especially when light tanks get hit by large caliber guns. Why there is no “minimum damage rule” (lighter tanks always taking some reduced dmg, like 5-15%, from heavier, “overmatching” guns) implemented instead of zero damage?

  69. 1. At-15 and Tortoise has a loader in the MG-turret, while IRL that spot was occupied with a dedicated MG-gunner (had nothing to do with loading the main armament). Wouldn’t it be better just to discard that crew member (as the co-driver on Tortoise)?

  70. Few patches ago developers announced special MM balancing rule for scouts which I believe is now out. Are tier IV tanks: A20 and M5 stuart affected by this rule like the other tier IV lights with extended MM (Pz38NA, M5A1, T50). I ask because they were not specified in MM rules and I would like to know if they were simply forgotten in notes or they are not considered scouts at all (if so, why?).

    • Just play A20, see some 8tier and make some reasoning yourself ;) . And then ragequit, because A20 is a shit tank for being a scout, rare example of anti-russian bias :) …

      • I killed 2 tier VIII tanks in last battle in my A20. It is rather good tank. Question is if it is balanced along with other scouts. (Rule about similar number of scouts per battle).

        • I should have the same MM weight as other Tier 4 light scout tanks. Also the rule you are mentioning is the rule where if one team has 2 scouts, the other team also has 2 scouts, preferably of the same MM weight (that is, tier). But the number of them is the most important factor.

          • My entire question is if A20 and M5 stuart do follow this rule (as they were not mentioned in info). Also I believe that Not number of scouts is important, but their summed MM weight – always when one team have 3 scouts and other only 2, those 3 tend to be of lower tier then those of opposite side.

  71. a while back there it was mentioned on forum iirc that they were looking into shell dynamics versus destructable enviroment; in other words they were thinking about changing how an AP or HE shell reacts when striking different kinds of obstacles, some examples:
    AP shell destroying wooden fence and stopped right then and there, realistic it would pass through with little effort and loss of speed. against brick walls or building, it gets more complicated and more parameters have to be taking into acount but large caliber shells should pass through with speed loss and therefor penetration loss.

    a very annoyimg “bug” for me is the actual reticle aimpoint differrence between 3rd person and Snipermode, i useally drive in 3rd person for snapshots and overall S.A. only use sniper for longrange and aimed shots.
    sometimes it quit big. example: last weekend i tried to shoot enemy on the other side of the hill crest in 3rd person the retcile never got close to him and i backed away, when i tried a secont time i drove to almost the same spot and switched to sniper view i was able to actually hit him.

    a related item is if you aim above the hill crest the reticle drops below the aimpoint which in turn makes shooting scout and meds spotting over a hillcrest almost impossible.

    is there any project on making a better interface for vehicle selection from the garage, i have almost 60 tanks in there and finding one takes some time ;) maybe combine vehicle selection which uses techtree interface or add and option on the toolmenu when you right click a vehicle in the techtree and add an option for “start battle” to use it from the tree.

    are there any projects on the chat window, specific the ability to turn it off onder options, add extra checkbox next to rude language filter. and change the layout give a it a slider and compress the box. when spammer clicks the map a zillion times the whole left of my screen is green, this is very annoying. i know there are mods out there but i like an ingame solution.

    are there any plans on adding more commands to the command Rose, i would like to see some additions like flank selected target, give cover fire or just cover me for advancing against the enemy. maybe a similar style when highlighting a friendly can also be used when targetting an enemy. this would be a very welcome addition since on EU server there is the language barrier (17 laguages, and counting).

    • For the last one: just use a mod, there is a good one “radial menu something”, with a good message editor too.

  72. Is there any forcasted eta on different weather conditions during combat eg : Night Battles?

  73. Has the Finnish T-34/85 with the 7.5cm StuK 40 L/48 been considered as a premium medium in the European tree?

  74. Is there any way and are there any plans for vegetation to be more optimized so that there aren’t any fps drops when switching to sniper mode in proximity to bushes/trees, and are there any plans for further optimisations in general for better playability on lower-end machines in upcoming patches?
    I know a best solution is to buy a better computer, but being a college student has it’s drawbacks.

    • I have a 5 years old computer and I don’t have any FPS drops in sniper. In fact, FPS rise when I switch to sniper, because I disabled grass in sniper mode.

  75. 1) Aren’t FCM36 PaK40 and 105 leFH18B2 supposed to be German tanks? Are there any plans to put them in German tech tree when the French one will be more complete?

    2) About the VK 30.01 (D) and VK 30.02 (D), are there both historical? They seem to be pretty much the same tanks except for the VK 30.02 (D) Schmalturma. Was this turret ever planned historically on this tank? Is there any plans to replace the VK 30.02 (D) that doesn’t really fit tier 7?

  76. Will WoT implement translucency/transparency for tank markers like WoWp does? (there, if a plane is far away, it’s marker is very transparent and you can barely see it). would be nice if in WoT a tank very far away and in a bush would have a transparent marker so it would be harder to notice.

  77. 1. When will an american premium TD be available?
    2. When will there be an upgrade of the garage, so that one can see which clan members are actually in a battle?
    3. When will there be an improvement for the training rooms, so that you can see in the lobby already if certain rooms are actually in battle and you don’t have to enter the room first and only then can see you’re too late?
    4. When will it be possible that crew members will not forget their previous driven tanks after being skilled to a new tank of the same class? It’s ridiculous that after training a crew they loose their memory about the previous tank. That’s neither historical nor realistic.

    • 2. Chat v2.0 should be here soon, probably in 9.0.
      4. It is answered that, although not realistic, it is chosen to do it that way for the sake of balance.

  78. Can we expect the second french heavy branch in 2014?
    and also considering we have already seen some of them modelled in trailers ect. what has been the main issues/reasons for their delay.

    Sorry for poor English.

  79. It is a known fact that shells travell 10*caliber inside a tank, dealing module damage. However, what happens if before this distance is reached, the shell would exit the tank on the other side? (Cupola, amx-turrets, etc.)

    • As soon the shell reaches the other side of the vehicle it disappears. But you can sometimes see the tracer exiting the vehicle, which is there for purely cosmetic reasons (because it looks awesome to see a “shell” flying trough the tank).

  80. Not sure if these have been covered elsewhere, but:

    1. Does a spall liner reduce the chance of crew injuries from all sources instead of just non-penetrating HE splash? If so, is this intentional?

    2. Do skill bonuses such as improved ventilation or the commander bonus have any effect on the Jack of All Trades skill effects? For instance, if the commander fills in for one crew member, will this virtual crew member always be 50% trained, regardless of ventilation, etc?

    3. Is it the case that all skills and perks still work even when driving a tank of the wrong type or when crew are injured? Is the only penalty for those situations reduced training in the basic skill?

    4. Considering multi-gun and then multi-turret seem to be planned, will any other abilities also limited to a few tanks be implemented, such as hydro-pneumatic (tilting) suspension (as on the T10 Japanese medium), or perhaps smoke launchers that were mentioned in the past?

    • Smoke launchers are planned. They will work like temporary bushes, providing camo bonus, but not completely negating the spotting. Adjustable suspension is said to be very hard to implement, because it can’t be implemented through the current control scheme, so you would have to have a another set of controls for suspension, which means more buttons you need to worry about in game, and, therefore, it’s highly unlikely for it to be implemented.

      • Multi-turret will probably require a more complicated interface, but tilting suspension could be silently bundled together with gun elevation.

        • Perhaps, but lowering the front to some extreme levels will effectively prevent tank from moving, which complicates the execution of such action. Also, all hydro-pneumatic suspension systems are unique in some way, which means they have to implement it differently for each tank, which is extra work that doesn’t give a lot in return.

          • WoT isn’t a simulator. :-)

            As long as they have the general feel and look, a generic tilting mechanic would be satisfactory.

            A simple fix to ‘can’t drive when tilted’ is only enabling this feature when there is either no movement at all or no forwards/backwards movement.

    • Yes spall liners do reduce crew damage from all sources.
      It’s not a bug, they did this to give people more of a reason to use them.

  81. Possibility to watch battle replay without logging in (offline)? (or this is not possible because of engine)
    Official multirow garage?

  82. Here is mine. :-)

    What will be the difference between the future Japanese Medium Tank STB-1 and the actual German Leopard Tank ? As far as we know, those two are pretty similar.

    • STB has more turret armor, turret is round and the frontal plate also has big slope, resulting in big effective armor value.

    • Yeah, Japanese T10 is in-between the Leopard and Object 140 as far as I can tell. Smaller, better armour and better DPM than Leopard, but worse pen (~10 mm less) and gun depression. Better alpha and power-to-weight ratio than Obj. 140 but somewhat worse armour. Things that are unclear/used for balance: accuracy, dispersion from moving, terrain resistance, actual DPM, top speed (supposedly official documents undersell it from RL performance), view range, etc.

      My guess is that it will play a lot more like the Obj. 140 Russian style medium than the Leopard, owing to its small size and limited gun depression.

      • -6 without lowering the front of the tank (hydro-pneumatic suspension, and all that). Daigensui speculated that it will probably have -9 to compensate for the lack of hydro suspension implementation. Full effective depression, with the suspension lowered to the ground, is -12.

  83. The second heavy french line will have any connection, like TigerP -> Tiger, or will be completely separated?

  84. Id like to ask what is the reasoning behind allowing trollplatoons. I know SerB said he doesnt consider it a problem, but nobody has bothered to explain why they are against limiting that kind of shit. Because as far as i can see, it would only bring benefits. 1)no trolling, obviously 2)less competition cheating 3)less work for the MM try to balance tier2+tier8.
    Platoon should be allowed in that way that the battle tiers of platooned tanks match atleast on some level. So normal MM tier 6 and tier 8 are okay but tier 5 and tier 8 are not. I just dont understand if they dont care or there is a reason that has not been explained.

    • Yep, this was going to be my question too.

      Overlord has said on his blog that there are no plans to fix trolls platoons (Maus+Leichtraktor combo, etc). Given this inconveniences lots of players when it happens, and there are no possible positive outcomes from it, why are there no plans to introduce a tier difference limit when platooning? Especially since he also said they’re thinking of adding it to Blitz (i.e. recognise the need for it)?

      • Actually, it’s more work for matchmaker to detect and remove troll platoons then to fill the enemy team with tier 8 tanks and achieve necessary MM weight balance.

        • What I was trying to say, but forgot some words.
          “less work for the MM try to balance tier2+tier8″ should have been “less work for the MM to balance non troll platoons than tier2+tier8″. Sorry for my shitty writing :)

  85. 1: would it be possible that the FV4202 gets replaced by the Chieftain and that one becomes a heavy just like the T57 Heavy Brance?(med line ended with heavy)

    2: Are there still plans for a English Collectors edition of WoT?

    I had more questions, aaaaand there gone……

  86. - T110E4′s MG Port on turret easily penetrated by tier 8 and above, rendering the overall armor useless since it has to be exposed to fire every time – intended or might be buffed to E3′s MG armor value?

    - WT auf E 100 “100% buffed before Release”, in what way?

    - is view range hard capped at 500m or can it be extended into the corners of the dynamic draw box?

    • Current wiki knowledge is that spotting range is capped at 445 m (‘view range’ is unlimited, to increase ability to defeat camouflage). Because spotting checks account for 2/3 of server load, increasing maximum spotting range could be expensive for them, however I would be interested to hear if increasing the tank rendering range (box) is that difficult, and changing it to a circle…

    • What you meant is draw distance of tanks, and that is 500 m in cardinal directions from your tank (north, south, east, west), generating a rectangle with your tank in center, 1000 m x 1000 m big. Along the diagonal you can see and shoot at tanks up to 500*sqrt(2) m which is ~700 m. Arty has this, so called, culling box centered on the croshair when in arty (birds-eye) aiming mode.

  87. PLEASE ask him this : “will they add support for AMD’s Mantle API into World of Tanks?”

    Mantle API is supposed to bring great performance improvement for AMD cards.

  88. When will the FV4202 be buffed with either better turret armour or faster speed?

    When will the Vickers MBT appear in the British tree?

  89. Could you give percentage ratio how much premium ammo is bought directly for gold versus credits, normalised to 400cr/1g exchange value (last month/since last patch)?
    The same for premium consumables, please.

    I wonder how important direct purchases with gold are for WoT economy now and if it is still worth to have this option avalible (you can exchange gold for credits anyway).

  90. The T71 looks like a better tier VII light tank than AMX 13 75 in pretty much every category. Are there going to be any buffs to the AMX or nerfs to the T71? Is there a significant difference in how both tank perform statistically?

  91. Another one:

    - If the gun shield of tanks like the WT auf E 100 is penetrated with an HE shell from behind, shouldn’t it deal significantly less damage since it explodes outside of the Tank?

  92. id like to ask if they could make the game less money grabbing and more player friendly.

    i mean, the 2 tier spread(i know there was 3 before the 8.0, im playing for nearly 2 years) feels really unplayable in some cases:
    -bad players get kills only when they are the top dog, ending in suicides and defeats.
    -people feels forced to use gold to fight +2 tiers since most cases the regular ammo fails to pierce the weakspots.
    -team efficiency bonus is HUGE, in wins a bot can get 400 combat xp for doing nothing while the top player can get 800-1000(average rounds where everyone does his part), while you can get nothing if you team fails completely(2-3 times your damage in a round with idiots rewards nothing at all, ofc if cant get a medal since some are only for winners and others are too random like the sniper, since a player can earn it with 10 non penetrating shots, also rework the sniper medal)

    • When did an AFK player received 400 XP? All of such cases, that I witnessed, earned 100 XP tops, and that was because it was spotting the enemy in our base, while the rest of the team was killing them.

  93. Which region brings in the most profit for WG ? I dont really care for the numbers, but knowing which server pays the most can make some interesting conclusions.

  94. - Will M47 Patton II implement for M46 Patton I optional hull? >>>>> Most important to me. If you choose one of my questions, choose this please.

    - Will American 10 tier tanks’s machine gun turret operate in future like M3 Lee?

    • I think it’s better to replace M46 with M47 and make historical M46 as tier 8 premium.

  95. When modelling in-game tanks does designers take account real life perfomance (i.e. invidual thoughts) or just go with the statictics and fingertip feelings?

  96. “A couple of weeks ago there was an article about possibilities of up-gunning and up-armoring the KV-1s and IS.
    Can this considered, while using MM as a means of balance. i.e. KV-1s and IS in top configuration will see only max MM, T8 and T9 battles respectively?”

  97. Is it possible that the upcoming STB-1 could get it’s unique load assisting device implemented as a completely new autoloaderlike loading/shooting mechanism instead of the usual shoot and load mechanism?

    Or, if you like a less direct more crypted version:

    As the STB-1 seems to have quite a few options for new game mechanisms, namely the 4 ammo load assisting device and the hydro pneumatic suspension, should we anticipate something completely new and unique?

    • Considering the load assisting device is just a semi automatic ready rack, they will implement that as general increase in ROF. I highly doubt they will implement it as an autoloader a la French.

      • @Leedar – I seemed to have completely missed that.. let’s hope they keep their word :)

        @E.T – I fear that they might, but from gameplay perspective wouldn’t it be nice to have a low dpm semi high burst L7 using tank that could refill it’s “clip” (rack) between shots? The way that device cuts the loading time to half of what it would be without it, IMHO it deserves to be implemented. And the best part is that it wouldn’t be “a la French”.

  98. How much (if at all) are tier X tanks being balanced for Clan Wars?
    Does Wargaming have any interest in seeing all tier X tanks being used in Clan Wars or they are happy with the current situation where we have “the chosen few”?

    • Answered above already … No. CW and TCs are not taken into consideration in tank balancing.

  99. Could he please explain exactly how overmatch works? Does it change the trajectory of the shell, and how is the angle reduction calculated? Also, is the smaller core of apcr rounds taken into account while calculating it?

    • Every shell is considered to be a point (i.e. the tip of the shell). When the tip encounters armor surface, the calibre vs armour thickness is considered. If the 3 calibres rule is met, the shell penetrates. If the 3 calibre rule is not met, the angle is taken into consideration and penetration values are calculated. Thickness of different calibre shells is not taken into account. All shells are point shaped.

      I may remember it wrong tho, so feel free to correct.

  100. - What is the difference between historical IS-7 and the ingame one? SerB previously mentioned the ingame IS-7 is quite heavily nerfed compared to its real life counterpart, but how exactly? How would you buff the IS-7 to make it completely historical? Its kind of hard to believe a tank from 1948 could be so overpowered when there are tanks from the 70s.

    - How do you think premium ammo improves gameplay and why is it apparently so important to have it in the game without any limitations? Do you believe the game would be less enjoyable to play without it?

    • I am absolutely no expert, but I think mobility is heavily nerfed and possibly the historical autoloader achieved a high rate of fire (though might be the complete opposite :P).

      • You are right, actually. Although, IS-7 didn’t have a complete mechanical autoloading mechanism, like French, it did have the means to assist the loader in it’s job (not sure exactly how the loading assisting mechanism worked on IS-7) which resulted in very high ROF for such a big gun. Similar to the STB-1.

    • From what I remember the gun was more powerful IRL, and the armour much more effective. The angles should provide virtual frontal immunity even from later HEAT shells, like from the L7 guns and such.
      I’d love for an expert (maybe Ensign Expendable ?) to give more details about how an historical IS-7 would look like in WoT.

  101. Is in-game tutorial still being developed? Is it low/high priority? What features it might include (ex. armor angling, sharing damage, coordinating attack, map awareness, cap mechanics)?

  102. Do you have plans to remove/change the Gold/Premium Ammo? Because its very “un-balanced”

  103. It think most of the new maps (especially Tundra, Sacret Valley, Serene Coast) are serious b…shit (and statistics show that the old maps are 1. more balanced and 2. better liked by the community). Also, I think it is really stupid not to be able to (at least) exclude some maps.

    Thus i’d like to ask two questions about maps:

    - Why is there such a big focus on implementing more and more new maps instead of improving graphics quality (e.g. weather effects) and gameplay (balance) on the existing maps?
    - Why is it (still) not possible to exclude several maps from MM?

    The idea has been around for quite some time and I can’t see how it would damage the gameplay, maybe apart from the fact that there would’nt be any T95s on hilly maps. The “disabled-maps” statistics would show quite nicely which maps are most hated by the community….

    • more effects, improved graphics, excluding disliked map – IIRC – when done.

      Maps are statistically balanced (so far).

      Why so many new maps? If wg didn’t introduce them there would be crowd whining about “no new maps for xx updates, we want new maps qq”.

  104. I know that this is more of a proposal than a question, and since I do not follow info on WoT on a dayly basis it might have been discussed before. However, I would like to know is there any talking on the following:
    Since only on premium vehicles you can use crew from different tank without any penalties (still needs to be the same class though), and you need to retrain the crew when transferring to a different tank (which is WG’s game mechanic, and I am OK with that); are there any plans that you could use a crew from e.g. T32 (tier 8) on any heavy tank in that line before him (e.g. T29, M6…) without any penalties, but still have to pay for retraing to the tanks ‘up’ in the line (M103 and T110E5). Or, that your crew ‘remembers’ any previous tank that it was in (meaning that a crewmember will be familiar with any tank that it had previously been in), and suffer no penalties.

    Sorry if I am a bit unclear.

  105. Since you are now offering explanations for balance changes to tanks, can you please explain in detail the reason behind changes to 36.01 specifically to Konich gun as in I’m not complaining that it was changed but why. Please don’t say Because it wasn’t historic as that is an excuse not explanation.

    • Like saying something that it’s dpm was too high for its tier is at least a proper answer, or their win rate was too high etc.

  106. Wil the “Barracks” in the future get reworked, or get added content to it so it could become more usefull like: Training the crew up or their skills with 5% ~ 50% and paying it with credits and the needed free exp (or the exp that you can convert to free exp) and the waiting time for the training to complete (like 24 hours for 50% training) or pay with a small amount of GOLD and the needed exp for instant training the crew without needing to wait,

    Also nice to add are training grounds / fields (small, medium, large) and Tanks of all the classes for training purpose with quality ranks with special extra benefits (like less time to wait and less credits to pay and more crew members to train) for every rank tank(Ranks: Standard, Bronze, Silver and gold and for event rewards platinum)

    Short version: Wil the “Barracks” in the future get reworked, or get added content to it that makes want to go more often to the baracks to do with you’re crew except having space form the them.


  107. How separate are the balancing and coding departments as regarding whats intended specific balancing for something and how its actually implemented to game?

    (Eg. BIA, brothers in arms -crew skill was intended to work, as it will stop working when crewmember dies in battle – But implementation is currently so, that it still works, even if crewmember dies. This was discussed in Q&A earlier, and SERB/STORM mentioned how they thought it was intended to be implemented, but the ingame currently its not as they would it like to be.)

  108. what do you think about the collaboration between Girl und panzer and WoT ? was it a big success ?

  109. Is roaming development is going as intended? when it will be released ? before 2014 ?
    Will ever people from EU server will be allowed to move RU server ? as has been done with SEA ?

  110. When Russia planing to strike with nuclear weapons west EU and kill these animals, becouse WoT now unplayable.

  111. Why is the price of every tier X exactly 6,1 mil.? On other tiers it differs sometimes by 100-200k

  112. Any chance M60 will (sometime in the future) get “real” production turret instead of M48 early one?

  113. Will you add compatibility for old version replays? If yes, when approximately we can expect it?

  114. Previously you said that you were thinking of adding the FV4005 as an artillery piece. Have your plans for this tank changed at all?

  115. When a tank is destroyed what determines which crew survive and which ones die?

    Are there any formula behind this?

    • Yes, quite a simple one in fact.
      If the tank is destroyed, all crew members are dead.
      Wonderfully elegant solution I’d say.

  116. For the last campaign, will it be possible to choose your reward tank (M60, VK 72, or Object 907) rather than being given whatever WG decides (in this case, Object 907)

  117. Why su-100 has the unhistorical 122 mm d-2-5s gun?
    Why if you fall from a cliff (even if it is only 1 or 2 meters) you can have module and crew damage and when you ram another tank at 60 km/h anyone looses anything more than hitpoints or perhaps the tracks?

    • The 122 mm on the SU-100 existed as a prototype. You can always use the 100 mm if you don’t like it as it’s equally effective. Just depends on your style of play.

    • Collision mechanics takes into account armor thickness at the point of impact IIRC. If the collision with the ground happens on the tank’s belly, where the armor is thinnest, you get the most damage that spreads inside the tank. With frontal collision you get the least amount.

      All of this might be wrong tho, just the way I remember reading about it.

  118. Why did you chose a low pen (AP) 150 mm for the 3 new top tier german TDs instead of an higher number.

  119. If I spot a player and my team mate then tracks him, and a different player damages him. Do I get the spotting damage or does he get the tracking assistance? Or Both?

  120. You’ve introduced the Sexton II and I, the latter being a premium tank rather than an optional hull module. Are you likely to do the same for other tanks, say for example, Sherman VC Firefly as a regular tank and IC as a premium tank?

  121. What are the chances of fully tracked AA vehicles being implemented? Such as Ostwind and Wirbelwind.

  122. Would there be any scope for a drop down box in the garage to feature previous garage designs, such as the previous New Year’s Eve one, 15th anniversary and the new one that’s coming for Halloween? Would be good to select your own garage from these previous events.

  123. How come the size of a same gun on different vehicle are different?
    For example the DCA 45 on FCM 50t is different from the DCA 45 on an AMX 50 100 or 50 120?
    The one on 50t seems much larger when comparing the size of muzzle brake.

    Also the M68 on M48 and M60.

    Is that for balancing reason a 50t is made bigger and is gun is hence bigger then it should have?

  124. Why is the penetration value of the 105mm HEP-T (HESH) M393 shell used on the L7 variants equipped by the Leopard, Leopard PTA, and M48A1 so low compared to the non-gold L35 round of British L7s? It is still HESH, after all.

  125. Does WG considers to give players a choice to choose battles without premium ammo in near future or ever?

  126. just to add some perspective here – the section “Question to developers” on Russian forum has VERY strict rules and limitations and questions like “Are you planning” “Would you not consider” and “When is rebalance” – all this sort will result in an immediate ban for whoever tries to ask them. from 14 days and longer. So keep that in mind when composing your questions

    just my 5 cents

  127. Since there is a km of text I don’t know if this has been asked, otherwise I will suggest now.
    Since premium rounds I feel that tier 10 matches and CW completely ignore the rules of battle for all lower tiers, that a heavy WILL bounce a LOT before dying if played well, but with all tanks doing 330+ penetration there is very few tanks that even have one spot left that can bounce, T110E3 for example, what made skills before was to use that penetration ones tank had without gold ammo to it’s fullest, why don’t you just remove gold shells and make money in some other way?

    If this is too long or If it’s a bad question, sorry.

  128. When one tank is on top of the other both tanks get damaged, why does the tank on top get damaged. Also, if the tank on the bottom has enough suspension capacity for the tank on top, why does it get damaged?

    • Its not about suspension or not. Even a TOG II’s upper armor cannot support the weight of a FT-17 as the armor would bowl and deform under the weight and more then likely do internal damage to the tank itself. Tanks are not solid objects and they can be contorted.

      That said. I have seen photos where the JPanther hulls are stacked 4-5 high with no distortion that I could see in the bottom hull. But then the empty hull weighs less then a full tank and the weight is fully distributed across the whole of the tanks roof and transferred to the whole of the tanks bottom. I.E. it’s spread out.

  129. Question:
    A) With the Japanese tech tree you worked closely with NA forum members, when you haven’t done that in the past. IS this the new model for improvements and tech tree’s, to engage your players and make them feel like they have a say in the game?

    B) if this is the case what systems are in place to effect this, or to allow accredited players to feed you information? As forum members do get access and have knowledge in specialties you don’t.


  130. Question: Is drawing distance ever going to be changed from a square around the tank to a circle? Was the square shape chosen because of gameplay reasons or because the game engine doesn’t allow for a circular drawing distance?

  131. Would WG consider another checkbox like “accelerate crew training” to something like “level up crew” in order to level up the crew ratably? The alternative would be to simply change this mechanic for the “ACT” checkbox. I have situations where I have moved crews around and would like an easier way to ensure that they get to their 2nd or 3rd skill or perk more at the same time. The current mechanic gives extra exp to only one crewmember per battle. It would be nice to be able to allocate less or no exp to the higher trained crewmembers and even more to the lesser trained crewmembers in order to level up the lowest faster. This is more of an issue for tanks like US TD’s where there is no premium tank option.

  132. Often at the end of a tank line the radio man is left out of the tier 10 on many of the non-German tier 10 tanks. Are there any plans for crew members to be able to switch rolls by either means of Gold or Silver? As well how does the historical crew size and jobs ascribed to them affect balancing within a tank in-game?

  133. Are there any candidate for a T5-6, T29 like (sturdy turret, weak hull) vehicle that looks more alike the T29?

  134. Why is the AT Gun T15E2 on the T28 Prototype larger than on the T25/2 despite being the same 90mm?

  135. Hi, is there any plan in real life to equip the SU-100M1 with bigger gun? I found this TD somewhat under-performing compare to same-tier turretless TD, especially in gun derpartment. Other tier 7 turretless TD have gun that have around 200 pen and around 300 alpha while SU-100M1 only have 175 pen and 250 alpha.

  136. Will there ever be a possibility to buy all/or several of the camouflage schemes and be able to switch between them at will without having to rebuy them all of the time, including going back to base colour when you want?
    — I think it would encourage collectors to buy several more schemes for each keeper tank they have and make more money for WoT as well as allowing me to vary my favourite tanks regularly.

  137. I understand that the hydropneumatic suspension would be very difficult to implement and it will not appear in the upcoming 9.0 patch for the STB-1. However would it be safe to assume that such a feature currently has low priority? (Or is not even being developed at all)

  138. When you enter a Battle in a tier 8 ( exemple) , you get matched against tier 10 . Do you get more XP/ Credits for damaging a tier 10 then you would get from damaging a tier 8 . Heres what I mean : For a tier 8 lets say the T-44. Doing damage on a Is7 is much harder then with a Tier 10 tank with a tier 10 gun.

  139. Regarding EU techtree, will each nation have its own premium consumable or there will be a general/universal one?

  140. Regard the situation when: you have BIA and a crewman die BIA(should) stop working and all his “skills”, but if your commander has jack of all trades will he compensate for the “skills”( like repairs or camo) or even BIA? this might be stupid, but in the wiki descripion(jack of all trades) dont explain if only the ability of the crew or even their skills can be replaced by the commander

    If my question is not clear enough tell me and i will try to explain it better, thanks.

  141. I came up with this: is it possible for tanks that use same gun (e.g. 75mm L/70) to have different penetration values without having to XP “upgraded” version of a gun? I’m curious cause same gun on different tanks can have different accuracy, aim time, reload etc., can it also have different penetration? E.g. “gold” ammo from lower tier tank becomes higher tier tank regular ammo?

  142. Will there be an new british light tanks?
    Like a prototype of the CVR (T) Scorpian/Scimitar?

  143. SerB- If you had the power to “magically” implement something into the game or rebalance something, specifically to your liking, what would that be?

  144. If the IS gets its model 1944 hull as a hull option, is it possible for the KV-13 to receive it too as a hull option? Thank you for your time :3

  145. Are there spotting calculations performed between 445m cap and your effective viewrange in case its value is lower than cap (i.e. is it possible to spot someone in that case ever, as viewrange is mainly a calculation coefficient)?

  146. Are there any plans to simplify the selection of tanks in garage? With 250+ tanks platoonmates start to complain how long you need to search for tanks. I would love to my tanks in order the way I like.

  147. 2 questions,both SPG related:

    1: Will we ever see more SPGs like the FV304 (mobile,high arc,high RoF,short aiming time,but very low alpha,penetration and splash radius)

    2: Is there a possibility of low-and high velocity ammunition for Artillery being introduced in the future (as in,you can choose between high-velocity with long range,flat arc and low travel time,or low-velocity with short range,high arc and long travel time)

  148. Object 140 has 0.8 dispersion on the move yet 0.16 dispersion on turret rotation. That’s twice as bad as moving the whole tank.
    Is this a bug?

  149. I bring question that I read many times on our private forum:
    How will be done the split of KV-1S to new tier V KV-1S and tier VI KV-122? Will we recieve the new KV-1S with slot and 100% crew while the old one will stay in KV-122 (like the statistics will) as it was done with VK 30.01 H and VK 30.02 M?

  150. 1. Are there any plans to re-balance the free experience, how quickly its earned or how much it costs to purchase?
    2. Does the tutorial use more server resources (per player) than a random battle?
    3. Have you considered single-player missions, perhaps extending the tutorial into gunnery or driving skill missions?

  151. Questions:

    1. (Waffentrager line) Understood is that the current 8.9 new German TD line is set for now. I’m curious however what led to the choice of the Waffentrager E-100 as the top-tier, versus say the Waffentrager Panther in its various proposed forms (such as the Rheinmetall’s “Skorpion”, see Doyle and Spielberger’s work). The transition to the much larger and heavily armored (hull) E-100 seems jarring given the progression and playstyle of the line.

    2. What is the probability (generally) of a later Waffentrager Panther addition (second WT line?) or split choice (e.g. Jgdpanther 2 and Ferdinand)?

    3. Does hitting any module (and specifically, the engine) produce higher damage, or weight damage rolls higher? I have observed in both own play and replays, shots to the engine producing damage numbers in excess of the guns maximum potential–this without others shooting the same tank.

  152. Does the crew major qualification (percent) affect aim circle dispersion? (while turning the gun/turret, moving/turning the hull)

  153. Will they put out scouts up to tier 8 to meet the other nation? (So sick of the AFK Panzer

  154. Will tanks that fire rocket/missile projectiles (ex: Sherman Calliope or Cromwell with Tulip missiles) as secondary add-on weapons either as a separate tank or as an equipment add-on planned or even studied for possible addition into WOT?

  155. “do you like beer?”

    That’s is not what I asked. Please quote correctly. I am deeply offended and will not send you the 10.000€ donation anymore.

  156. As for South American, Central American and African countries: will they have they’re own “Pan-American”/”African” techtree or will they have they’re own (if they have enough material for it)?

  157. Is chieftain fv4201 ever coming out? It can be prototype chieftain or normal chieftain with nerfed gun etc. just any plans on development and planned release period?