WG weekend event fail

Hello everyone,

what – you expected a weekend event without a fail? Oh come on, you :) Remember how Ectar announced on EU forums that EU and US events will be the same? Because, you know, it’s like really, REALLY hard to make a phonecall between US and EU departments and set this thing up right, so that’s something worth celebrating, right?

Well, it turns out it apparently is hard to coordinate: this weekend, it’s NA’s turn to fail:

Weekend event called “Second Battle of El Alamein” for EU:


And US:


That’s right, no x5 for you, American capitalists! Oh and no equipment discount either.

You know, I get it. There might be a problem in communication, or planning or like a thousand other issues. I have no problem with that. So sometimes the Americans get better events, sometimes the Europeans do. No sweat. But why announce both events would be the same, when it’s clearly a problem?


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  1. Ectar said on reddit that the reason is that the americans get a bigger thing on veterans day so it will possibly balance out.

      • Don’t ask me. I consider this bad practice as it will only make people angry by having one special worse than the other. I’d suspect bad communication or that they thought it would be the same if they flipped the veteran day thing next week or so.

      • I aggree with you,communication problems between offices should get sorted out immediately,otherwise players of both servers will suffer the same mistakes,as long as that shit continues.

        -Communcation problems between offices:Bad !
        -Communication problems between two or more community managers:Horrible!
        -Non-fixed or delayed messages spread out via portal or forums:Will be a pain in the back for the company in future.
        -Also announcing something which is not yet clear is an indication of lack of public relations (in my opinion)

        Thanks to you,we are getting aware of these kind of problems as soon as possible !

  2. hey ftr-dude,
    please compare also the russian portal event’s. because this weekend on the ru you will get less than the other portals! :( i am on the ru server…

    • That would be pretty much a first and about time then, since the Russian portal virtually ALWAYS has (by far) the best specials with for example WAY more premium tanks on discount.

  3. Next weekend is Veterans days in the USA it’s pretty obvious they wont run two great specials in a row…

  4. “So sometimes the Americans get better events, sometimes the Europeans do.”
    I started to play 5 months ago, and I NEVER saw Americans having better events.
    We are begging for equip discount for 4 months! You had it 2 times!
    We are begging for E-25 discount sale! You had it!
    You have more events during the month!
    You can choose some events! We can’t do nothing!

      • someone posted this in the U.S. forum, I really do not know that for sure, just sure about the discounts on equipment, and if you did not have, so were the Russians who had.

  5. I’ll be so happy when we get server roaming in one of the future patches. If any server will have a better deal (for instance discount on equipment) you just roam to that server and shop there.

    Babs out!

  6. One more difference: EU server also got 50% off equipment. NA didn’t.

    NA server is getting pretty rowdy about the specials and giftshops. I mean, we look at the EU specials and SEA giftshop this weekend and compare it to ours, and we’re getting the shaft, like always. Players are angry. Players have been complaining and demanding fair treatment for months, and all we get is “just wait and see what we have next weekend”

    • “just wait and see what we have next weekend”

      It has been working so far, hasn’t it ? :snickering off into the shadows:

  7. Well, America gets the short end of the stick (I believe that’s a saying o.O(?) ) once again…no biggy, we get this every time.

  8. More WG fail:

    When the Premium shop bundles were posted on the US website last night, the prices were:

    1) TOG- $10.68
    2) T14- $5.89
    3) Excelsior- $5.88
    4) Churchill- $5.90

    but when the specials actually went up this morning, they aren’t quite so special:

    1) TOG- $18.25
    2) T14- $9.45
    3) Excelsior- $9.50
    4) Churchill- $9.50

    The website has been updated to match the gift shop.

    • The Gift shop offers always have a bad return on investment. You pay the same price like always, but get 3 days premium bonus – thats what they call a deal

    • what the hell. They actually changed the price???
      I was actually considering getting the Tog or Excelsior. I mean, 10$ for Tog and 6 for Excelsior is pretty nice. But almost 20 and 10? Geez.

  9. This event is a big shit compared to the 2012 one. Where are the high-tier (7-8-9) discounts?

  10. The x5 EXP would be nice on the NA server, but what we really need is the discount on equipment that the EU sever apparently received. We haven’t had one since July 4, weekend. That’s a very long time as these discounts used to be offered every 8 weeks or so. I need more class 3 rammers and vents!

  11. Y’know, the thing that ticks *me* off is that the EU event admits that Operation Lightfoot was a part of 2nd Alamein, but not the NA one…

  12. The NA server had some better Halloween specials and stuff, this is to make up the difference. Normal weekend specials will be the same.

    • Point of the article was that Ectar specifically announced “same” specials. We all know some server gets one special better than others, and next week other server gets better, but you don’t announce something you are not 100% sure of.

  13. Don’t even care, all that matters is they FINALLY discounted equipment, it’s a reason for celebration!

  14. I like very much this blog, but this type of articles is getting stupid….
    Several times was ok, but just understand this is only marketing and it’s made for each market in particular.

  15. They do it on purpose to piss of player base. What’s the weekend w/o one shitstorm on forums. On the other hand they could just kept their mouth shut, but what’s fun in that?