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Hello everyone,

a quick update to the weekend event mess (Americans having worse weekend event despite the previous claims both servers would have the same).

Two months ago, Ectar announced on EU forums that both the US and EU specials will be the same:


Even then, I thought this might get complicated for one obvious reason: the Americans have different important dates, days and festivities than the Europeans (despite attempts to bring some US customs to Europe, such as the Halloween, that – at least in Czech Republic – has a somewhat different meaning – remembering the dead and all that). Another would be the Veterans Day. But whatever. I thought they have a way around this and would simply solve this by officially announcing something on the portal along the lines of:

“Please note that this weekend the events on European and American servers will offer different bonuses due to upcoming region-specific event of *insert region-specific event*”

Well, of course they didn’t do that. I mean, why would WG offer any sort of explanation at first? They apparently feel like they have to have the players annoyed so they can apologize. Why? No idea. To make it even funnier, Ectar started trolling around on Reddit about the event. It was a blunder, but he apologized.

On US forums, Major_Rampage offered an explanation:


Strangely enough, the event was probably really planned as equal (WG NA newsletter stated so), but somebody did change it at some point.

So, what this all means?

It means one thing: despite Ectar claims of both servers recieving the same events, both servers will recieve the same events only until the marketing department decides they want it otherwise. This is especially notable in autumn and winter months due to the cultural differences between USA and Europe.

In other words, different specials will happen, no way around it. In this case (confirmed on Reddit), the Americans can expect a better special event than Europeans during the next weekend (Veteran Day).

43 thoughts on “WG weekend event mess – addenum

  1. Wargaming never puts the effort in to get things right. This goes for weekend events, tournies, claims about future patches and game mechanics…. Spelling mistakes all the damn time on their webpage.

  2. I just sent you an email about yet another “typo” made in the last announcement…. Quite often, these mistakes.

  3. more importantly they are likely to get an insane event for black friday while EU doesnt have anything equivalent

  4. Next weekend EU server gets again:
    • 2x experience for VII and VIII tier;
    • 3x experience for IX and X tier;
    • “Three’s Company” mission: +30% credits for first three tanks in each team with largest dmg done.

    Personally I see bigger WG fail – we have November and there are no calendar for this month. Fortunately they announced missions for November and it seems we will be able to earn a lot of cash again.

  5. Ups, I’m sorry, another fail found ;)

    “Tanking 24/7″ mission says:

    Step 1: Destroy 24 vehicles.
    Step2: Survive 7 battles.
    Step3: Play a random battle.
    The steps must be achieved in order. Achieving step 1 will unluck step 2, etc.

    The hell with typos, but when we look in game, description of the same mission says:

    To complete the strategic mission, complete the following missions in any order.

    Fortunately game don’t care about portal description and we can complete both missions in any order, at least right now.

    • I am afraid of “unlucking” step 2. Seems like it will be bad luck for the step or it might even stop working :-)

  6. I am tired of waiting for this equipment discount, for 4months, and we receive nothing!! AGAIN!!! WGNA is giving us nothing for 4 months!!! I have 28 tanks that i wont play because they need expensive equips!!! can you understand that?!

  7. To be honest, I dont care what NA, SEA or whatever server has. I dont think that every single event must be the same. I dont need to look over the fence and envy the neighbour’s better car/wife/house/WoT event…

    By the way, I dont think x5 bonuses are something to die for – the average player skills go down and many silly battles take place. I will reconsider whether it’s even worth it to play this weekend.

    • Oh, yeah, a content specialist… Such a proud name, when they even don’t proof read stuff that they are putting on the portal.

  8. Silentstalker writes:

    “Two months ago, Ectar announced on EU forums that both the US and EU specials will be the same”

    The screenshot below that line, specifically underlined in red by yourself:

    “will be pretty much doing the exact same”

    You may want to look up what “pretty much” means because your entire article claims that they promised every weekend event will be the EXACT SAME when they clearly didn’t say that. The difference between the EU and NA server this weekend falls right under the “pretty much” promise. They weekend specials are “pretty much” the same, not the exact same.

  9. I can only imagine the look on some peoples faces when they saw the HUGE difference between the specials on NA/EU servers. Not to mention the PR work needed to correct everything in time. I just can’t belive that before most of these specials were almost perfect with (again) almost no errors. And then after a while they started slacking >_>

    Good job WG, way to screw up stuff.

    • correction. the email address was “wot@mail-eu.wargaming.net”

      still same meaning though,

  10. I began to think,that’s a part of their job.Miscomunication between communities reached their highest level as they can.Though it would be problem if they ever done that “same event” policy between EU and NA,so i do not blame Ectar for that,because the same mistake repeating itself infinitely almost at every event.Then stealth-guy logins and changes “edit” the post has been posted and apologies for that.

    I know this is a free to play game but these actions just don’t make sense.Departments or offices should have been informed about incoming events weeks ago,not before 24hours or something

  11. this time, i have to say the dev’s did an awesome job! this is indeed easy and it’s awesome in every possible way!!! i don’t see how you can still have people who complain over this and believe me i am one of those players who usually complains.

  12. I understand NA portal, since there’s Veteran’s event next week and Thanksgiving towards the end of the month so I expect those to be more special than other portal. While I expect same on universal holidays like Christmas, New Year etc.. except like another special holiday/event after universal holiday/event like Veteran’s Day shortly after Halloween. I am not familiar with EU holidays if they have special events shortly after Halloween or at the end of this month. I am not fond of very high experience multiplier since I felt like there’s a sudden high numbers of players playing only to get that x3-5 experience and mostly will play terribly and if died early, they will play other tanks in garage and will wish the team will win for him/her to get that multiplier.

  13. Just to be clear, it isn’t thanksgiving in north america at the end of November. Thanksgiving in Canada was some weeks ago. Veterans day is Remembrance Day (November 11) in Canada, which is celebrated just as much in the UK and I guess in the rest of the commonwealth. Maybe something to do with the amount of war dead in the two world wars from the commonwealth.

    • I didn’t know Canada’s Thanksgiving is already done, or it has holiday/event there with similar name. Anyway, Nov. 28 is the Thanksgiving for US this year, and there’s also a good reason why there will be special event on that weekend as it will be also Black Friday after that day and probably they will put some special sales on tanks, garage, barracks, consumables, equips and more.

  14. Even if they give the us server something special next week, its not enough for the crap that’s been floating around the last few months. I want to see consistent weekly specials that rotate by tank country, tank class and tank tier. They can mix the sales of eqmt, consumables, ammo, crew training and skills reset in sequence like they used to do. That way if you miss one you know another one is coming.