57 thoughts on “You know you’re screwed when…

  1. Not more than when you encounter Fulcrum gaming on the US server, which I did last night. :S

    • Not being part of the US scene, since I’m from the SEA server, I assume Fulcrum is one of the best e-sports team?

      So how fucked up did you get?

      • I can’t answer for anon, but I’ve met a 3 man team of Fulcrum (2 AMX 50-100 and an IS-3) in pubs with a 3 man plat from my clan. Only the three in my platoon broke 1k damage before Fulcrum vaporized them…

    • My team encountered them the day the update went live: we won while only barely having to try.

    • Funny how when WoT was first introduced to Korea (I don’t know if this still holds true, but it was certainly there at that time), people who migrated to the server from NA were referred to as “monsters” because of their uber skills and experience that no one could beat.

      At that time at least, the servers feared each other xD

    • We can always count on Kellomies when we want to see stale, unfunny memes (not to mention, this one is also racist as fuck – good job, Kello).

    • Critical phone failure…somehow drops my name, part of my message, doesn’t reply to the comment I wanted on a different post…

  2. the guys from eu have pretty bad stats, so it’s nothing wrong with the fact that they lost to devs.

    The system needs time for the correct values of skill rating for 7/42 to develop and be more accurate.
    This is how it works on every ELO related system, which is common in such solutions.

  3. LOL GUYS!

    that warning came a bit late…

    just today ive met a guy with RU behind the name… and yeah he died clean and fast (in random).
    Yeah the clown inside me wrote into the chat: “another Communist dead”
    After the game i checked his stats and yeah he got VK7201 and Obj907…

    do i need to continue?

  4. Did I count correctly, he has 5600 battles and already 21 premium tanks? Wow, ambitious player… ;)

  5. I love that new battle mode. Very fast and definitly more tactical. But as far concerned, you lose if you’re team doesn’t have 3+ tier 8 tanks. Thats the only problem.

    But my Panther just loves pwning tier 8 heavy tanks, no matter the opposition.

    • well not entirely truth..yesterday we (in five T8 tanks (2 heavys + 3 mediums) almost lost in Enks against bunch of KV-1Ss and couple of SU-100Y….we mostly underestimate the enemy but i guess you can won some games with setup like that (bunch of big guns) ;)

  6. i like the way that the is3 made 3 times more damage than the enemys type 59 and gets 10 times less exp so much balance is going on this game that its not even worth to play with just tier 5 and 6 (of course except 7/42)

  7. Right now, before the 7/42 MM kicks in it’s just credit farming for decent teams. And both those lineups in the image… silly.

  8. Typical EU morons retards get powned by randandom deveoper team LOL, Example to russians playrbase ” GO AND KILL EU DUMB IDIOTS” :D

  9. And when somehow it happens it’s the SG guys on the Eu it’ll go like this:

    “You know it’s FREE XP when you play 7/42 on EU server and meet SG team testing roaming…” XDD

  10. I dont understand what the problem is. They just meet some people which r better then they and lost a game. And then they ve to be much better, cause there Ping should be much worse then the one on for EU players.
    I played WT severeal times and sometimes there are some horrible spikes, i really notice on every connection to russian servers over years.

    What the hell is the problem, you just got defeated by better players. Happens.

    • Cool maymay arrows you got there, /hm/bro!

      This post brought to you by George Costanza

  11. Can’t be as bad as running into a clan called Fulcrum gaming on NA. They have a 50 team battle straight no loss run.

  12. You vs. Dev. team…

    On your side:
    Normal ammo: We just scrach them!
    Gold ammo: It didn’t go through!
    Shell goes out of aim circle.

    On the other side:
    Max damage.
    Max damage.
    Ammo rack.

    Server side calculations FTW!

  13. What’s the big deal Russian WG-A developers are roaming on the EU server and playing games in the new 7/42 format?

    Not a single one of them is an elite player, nor a player with a global win rate at 55% or greater. Most of them are only in the 50% to 53% global win rate range. So once again what’s the big deal, and what is SS point?

  14. Heard it on TS yesterday :) Those are some ex-clanmates of mine, against the roaming Russians :) Pretty funny

  15. cut its penis, this mostrosity cant be allowed to spread

    anyway… war thunder celebrates 1year since beta was launched, having fun… forgetting about stupid wot bullshit
    paid wargaming enough, no more…

    • if you like WT, play WT

      i like both, so i play both

      see? i solved it for you

      you are welcome