WG NA fail combo

Hello everyone,

usually, American Wargaming portal stays out of my scope, but in last few days managed to score an impressive fail combo, the kind fail that is usually reserved for Wargaming EU.

First, there is the quality portal. So, apparently, M48A1 is a heavy tank. With heavy armor. And you know what? T2 LT is a heavy tank too! You don’t believe me? Check this out:


The incorrectly labelled equipment is just the proverbial cherry on the top. But wait, we are not finished yet! We also have here a wonderful case of giftshop price nerfing. These are the original prices:


No discount tanks for you, American capitalists! The portal prices were stealth nerfed after a while. Now they look like this: the T14 went from 5.89 USD to 9.45 USD, the Excelsior went from 5.88 USD to 9.50 USD and the Churchill III went from 5.90 USD to 9.50 USD.

Just wonderful. Keep up the good work guys, you will reach the WG EU quality level yet!

31 thoughts on “WG NA fail combo

  1. SS check the mission for november on US server….they just deleted the Earning Your Stripes mission :)))

  2. I was those prices and was rushing to buy myself some Excelsior goodness when I read that price nerfing.

  3. To be fair, M48A1 is as big and poorly camouflaged as a heavy, and the T2 could train heavy tank crews, albeit very slowly and only Cmdr, Gnr & Rdo. ;-)

  4. Should also be mentioned that the TOG II* description reads “Its high damage and survivability will net you lots of XP and Credits while advancing your British medium crews.”

    Last I checked, I wasn’t training a medium tank crew in my TOG…

  5. This fail “combo” is of epic proportions. They should be ashamed of themselves. They simply act like complete beginners. Totally unprofessional.
    While their game is very nice, some of their personnel leave a lot to be desired…

  6. or they should hire an actual wot player for writing these announcements, someone who really knows the game

  7. wg is like our czech politicians.. they believe theres is no internet and nobody will notice their shit.. seriously thank you mother russia

  8. Don’t forget the part where they initially linked the “This is the AMX 50B” video on the Patton news article

  9. Na server is the worst server. The mods never reply on the GS topics, and they stopped posting them too. And the Clan Wars map is always down. And our website is sporactically in Spanish.

  10. I felt it was my E-duty to broadcast giftshop fails to our EU brethren, Thanks for using the picture SS :)

  11. I have no other explanation but that WGNA hires family members and friends. I have never seen such an incompetent staff for an online game. They are a complete joke.

  12. Oh wait, there’s more! The page is now appearing in Spanish despite being set to English. Dangit EU, keep your bugs to yourself. :P

  13. This is hardly a new problem for our gift shop, pretty much every week actually. I’m surprised it counts as news at this point.

  14. You also missed the promotion video where they subbed the AMX 50B instead of the M48A1 Patton. For about 45 minutes it played the French Heavy until they made the correction.

  15. You missed one of the best parts! In the description for the On Track Prep Kit it says that it will help you reach the AMX 50B.