58 thoughts on “Ghost shells: working as intended…

      • Any idea what causes it? Is it random? A weird spot on the map? Packet loss? Bad model? Anything?

        • Nice coding from WG:P Or that aprils fools “pause” joke was implemented for afkers:P

            • Wow! How terrible!
              But historically accurate – AMX arty has so thin armor, tat bullet passes through with no problem and isn’t inside for enough time to deal damage – just flies in and flies out and after a second it realizes that it forgot something “erm… I was supposed to damage that arty maybe?”.
              Or ammo was broken. Especially that WoT Murphy’s Law says, that a shot that would bounce off/ hardly penetrate enemy, if fired randomly at ally will always damage and cause fire/ammorack him.

  1. Why does that never happen to me ._.
    I want a super om nom nom shield too, instead of a damage multiplier that causes hits on me to do more than average damage and pen rolls…

      • I’ve never seen one in 6k games, also, I think this phenomena might possibly be caused by lost connection to servers, and not “ghost shells” bug that storm was talking about.

      • Storm did say it was “very rare” and rare as in the chances of it happening is 1 game in 10000 games.

        • It’s indeed rare, happend once, for the first time after 13k battles. And lol @ people bitching about it like it was end of the world. Other fps games has such thing as common “feature”.

  2. Nah, it’s just hat FF is off – they test this new feature because of RU players :P …

  3. Genius siemka IS. Tries many times to hit bot arty and fails. LETS CONTINUE SHOOTING IT WHILE ENEMY OBLITERATES OUR TEAM!

      • Er, what? Check Your data before You start slagging someone off. A hint… it’s not an IS.

        • FIrst i thought its IS but then realized after zooming its KV-1S. Thought no one would even care. But luckily, Guardian of Internet JagdWehrwolf showed up! You win internet, you saved the day, wow, ahhh! ohh! firework noises! Pro t4nk3r3r

    • Someone rainbow puked a mess of icons and stats all over his screen, I doubt that he could tell friend from foe.

    • Why the IS shoot at the arty to start with – would be a TK in own cap,

      Don’t matter its afk – report it, ignore it, leave it for enemy to waste time on but get on with killing the enemy instead of watching your side die.

  4. there is another bug – when you shot straight in front – shot go to the right or left or even back of your tank

      • If you only could understand most up voted comments under that video… Some retarded polish siemkas think that this was proof for some kind of noob protection system

  5. no, it happen to me quite often right now, at old times 8.7 and below, it never happened to me, and now, my shot went straight some tank from the damn center of vehicle, its not lag, no packet loss, and im using my T57 heavy, shell number 2 and 4 ffs just flying thru, this game starting to deteriorating,
    btw im from ASIA server

  6. Got same ghost shell.

    It happens when i got 35MS but the red dot for lag was 75% on.

    So i think it is because of packet lost.

    (Sorry for my bad english, if you can correct it SS :p)

  7. This never, ever happend to me before 8.8 Especially considering that nothing like this came up in the thread about ghostshells either, and I know there was quite a few people following that thread.
    For me, It started happening in 8.8 and stopped happening as soon as they get their servers fixed, that is to say, this only happend to me during the time they had huge server issues during the start of 8.8

  8. the player is obviously an idiot! why would you shoot your own team-mates in the first place? seriously, fuck you all who do this!

  9. That explains everything…
    Since this patch I had several cases where I fully aim on a targed but the bullet goes either nowhere or straight trough it.

    Silly me…how I could believe they fixed it…

    • Shells flying through? “How terrible”.
      Want non-ghost shells? “Join the army”.

      It will be fixed “soon”, but just if it’s necessary, and we decide what is necessary.

      Gotta love SerB™

  10. The ghost shell cost me a game…. i was in the rhm the new german tier 8 TD, and well… there was one artillery left, boom i fired, shot just passed right through…

    Well you know… 20mm of armor can’t stop a 203mm HE shell….

  11. I had that shitty bug happen to me 6 times in one battle, every-time I fired I would see the shot go straight at the target and then just disappear out of fucking no where. WG better fix this autocracy, it’s terrifically terrible.

  12. Weird., after that arty ‘wobbled’, his shell did damage… but why would he shoot his own arty? Malieux….. reported for TK-ing

  13. Yeah i had a guaranteed kill on an M7 yesterday…..too bad 4 out of 6 shots i sent downrange went straight through the middle of him -_-

  14. yeah it cost me a game when I had to run back to cap in my Jagdpanther as an VK3601 was capping
    we were the last 2 tanks alive, he was one shot, I was 2 shot-able for him
    I spotted him, and my first 3 shells passed straight thru his tank, so I moved in closer, he spotted me and my next shell…straight through also
    cap ran to 100% with us both still ( just ) alive
    would have been a good win for me as well, would have been my 6th kill as well :(

  15. Well, back in the closed beta shells tended to disappear after firing. Some guns were worse than others, I’ve had games with ~1/3 of my shots simply vanishing – even arty shells, where you should be able so see the impact of a miss.
    It’s a good thing that it’s extremely rare now, since it happened to me maybe once since release, but i
    that might have been a miss…

  16. did anyone reported that guy for teamkilling ?

    my experience:

    i only had this on sides of french tanks, i never ghosted front or any other nation so i think it has sth to do with rly thin armour :)

  17. Now, what I don’t get is why he still kept shooting the same place? Didn’t he realise he couldn’t do crud while aiming at that area? I mean seriously. Perhaps after one shot you think you got unlucky but after two or even three shots I’d defnitely aim elsewhere.

    PS.: I’m not supporting what the guy did or the ghost shells, just pointing out the insane logic behind shooting the same damn spot over and over again when it’s clearly not effective. I mean, seriously, you’d think people learn faster than that.

  18. According to Wot Tank Viewer it’s all pretty normal, there is no tank there according to the collision model….