Confirmed: next patch is going to be 8.10, not 9.0


So I guess 8.10 will bring the Japanese tanks without the graphic changes. Should be interesting.

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  1. Now, I’m not the smartest guy out there, but isn’t 8.10 = 8.1, or do they use some different kind of count? Obviously it’s a new patch, but couldn’t they then call it 8.9.2 or something.

    • 8.10 is not equal to 8.1 obviously, as 10 is the number after 9, so 8.9 -> 8.10 logically

        • They can be – it’s a decision of the makers. 8.9.0 > 8.10.0 > 8.10.1 is a completely legitimate versioning.

          • not really, because the later the number comes the lesser update it is considered to be. Therefore 8.10 should be, in theore, a different update type than 8.9.1, the former being for instance a content patch whereas the latter a bug (hot)fix…

            • aha and thanks to your logic 0.8.10 isn’t possible but 0.8.11 is posible?
              Think about that

        • No, version number has no real rule, it depends of the choice of the makers and the version 8.10 is totally valid.
          Ubuntu version number corresponds to the year.month, meaning that the version 12.04 was published in April 2012

          • Jesus fucking shit, we are talking about WoT and numbering of it’s versions and not of Ubuntu, Angry Birds, or whatever buttfuck buddy app you can think off. WoT version numbers aren’t decimals.

        • Scientifically there is a difference between 100.1 and 100.10 Euros. I suggest you inform yourself about significant figures (Try Wikipedia).
          The simplest explanation of the difference between 100.1 and 100.10 is:
          -100.10 are exact 100.10 Euros
          -100.1 is a rounded number between 100.05 and 100.14 Euros

          • Yeah, but we don’t talk cash here…

            If WG wants to, they can stick to patch 8.whatever for the rest of their lives… Totally legit…

            even 8.13.126 would be fine… It’s their decision…

          • Aha, we thought version number is just a number. So 1<9<10
            But no, it's currency unit!
            Jeez, thanks for telling everyone, call to WG and tell them to add Euros behind it immediately.

          • You’re retarded. 100.1 is perfectly equal to 100.10, it’s basic math you fuckface. 100.14 is NOT equal to 100.1. And if you’re rounding, you have to specify that you’re doing that. In real science, a difference of a 0.01 can change everything, maybe you’d know that if you’d get your knowledge from sources other than wikipedia. Faggot.

            • Chill out man, it is WoT, not your pension we are talking about

              Regarding topic, 8.10 may be missleading at first but if it was 8.11 next nobody would care perhaps. It is probably just that zero what makes it strange

        • Version numbers aren’t decimals.

          Which part of the above sentence you failed to understand?

    • I’m gonna give you one dollar, you give me ten dollars back. How often do we have to repeat that until you realize, you’re not breaking even on that trade?

      • The date 1.1 is not the same as the date 1.10 nor is the IP address the same as This is the same with version numbers, it’s whole number separated by “.”, there is no decimals involved.

    • It is not as this is not a number.
      It is version numeration.

      0 – beta? :)
      8 – subversion of 0
      10 – subversion of subversion

      They could also use hex here :) that would be funny
      8.A —> 8.B ….

      • omg……this thread is making my brain hurt with the amount of…………………..oh i cant be bothered to continue typing on this subje………

      • In decimals, 0.10 = 0.1 / fifth grade math /
        Version numbers don’t follow math rules though.

        / grammar school, first grade /
        What a snotty comment, especially since you are wrong when referring to decimals.
        Yes, 10 is after 9 but with the decimal in front of it the number would be 1/10th. Which is a considerable less amount than 9.

    • Just replace the numbers with words and it’s easy to understand.

      Eight point one does not equal Eight point ten.

      seriously talking about those things isntead of the real topic is stupid

      • For those who wrote that 8.9 8.90000(0) is bigger than 8.100000(0)? No, so it may be confusing…
        And rules of program versions should be the same as for mathematics rules.

        • versions are not decimal numbers, the dot is merely a seperator to distinuish between the different components of the version number, i.e.

          any one of those number can keep incrementing infinately until the deveolopers decide the change is big enough to warrant incrementing the next level up

    • They’re running out of numbers. They can’t let it get to 1.0, lest they reach a whole number and actually have to state publicly that’ it’s finally out of beta.

        • Why do you people care that much about what version number are they going to use for the next wot patch?
          I mean , think about the content they’re adding to the game , think about the new japanese branch that they’re going to introduce , think about perhaps a new map or something.
          Yet , you people offend each other just because they didn’t chose 9.0 , but they decided on 8.10.


  2. Version numbers don’t follow “normal” rules, it’s totally common to have *.10 versions, like its normal to have Programms with version 5.0.25412 (for exanple).
    Its not bound to the decimal numbering with comma.

  3. tbh I prefer the japanese tanks come first before the graphic improvements, because personally I won’t be able use them (20-30 fps on low-to moderate options)

    • Did you know that google “speaks” back to you what other users had been searching for in the past? People need to learn some significant Internet stuff before they are let to use computers. Don’t trust google, if majority of users is searching for something with spelling error it will propose you the invalid answer. Learn how to use google properly

  4. Quite a stupid numbering…. Instead of making a “large” patch 9.1 and not 9.0, they keep the pretty number for it while overthrowing all rules of mathematics and version numbering and throw us back to the patch 0.8.1.

    • Release.major_update.minor_update

      So 0.8.10 isn’t an issue, it’s just the 10th minor update to the game.

      (For WOT, and most games, a major update usually constitutes an engine change, while a minor one is normally updating content, be it bug fixes, dlc compatibility patch (moar tanks), etc etc

  5. They are afraid to get to v1.0
    because the game is still beta and buggy ;)

    Next Patch after 8.10 will be 8.10.5 lol

    • Oh lol, this is MMO, MMO’s are always unfinished and buggy. I know games who are online 7 years, and are still developed (new regions, new features, new classes, skills, items) and have some bugs that were born sometimes even many years after game release.

      In MMO you do not have finished and fully polished games.

      • As if non mmo “finished” games are not buggy . At least we get patches and fixes monthly instead of 6 monthly

      • World of tanks is not an MMO.

        If it is, then you can go ahead and consider call of duty an MMO because functionally they are much more alike than WOT and WOW for example.

        • “Yeah dumbass, you should call COD is an MMO because it has multiplayer function built in it.”
          Please Petuko look up what MMO means. WoT is an MMO. CoD isn’t.


  6. What surprised me is that this information is available only on EU portal, RU still says “stay tuned.
    US “In development” section is “coming soon”, SEA was updated on 19th of September with “The next patch is 8.9″ :)

    • Yeah, same here. I seriously don’t get why people want to spend the energy to get into all kinds of flamewars in this topic. It is what it is, nothing more or less and moreover…. who friggin’ cares?

  7. Well, as long as the next patch brings the japanese tanks… I’m good. And don’t really care about graphics as long as i can play the game.

      • It’d be nice for test server to be up mid-late November and the actual release be some sort of Christmas gift for us really.

  8. This game had versions like or 0.7.1b and you are complaining now that 0.8.10 doesn’t make sense?

  9. This makes perfect sense, as going from 8.X to 9.0 would imply a major update. If they’re only adding new tanks 8.10 is fine. We got physics in 8.0 and it seems Havok + better graphics are coming in 9.0.

    (also look at World of Warcraft, vanilla was 1.XX.X, BC was 2.X.X, WotLK was 3.X.X, Cata was 4.X.X and MoP is 5.X.X)

  10. think that in the next patch, would come out the final line for the chaffee …

    great disappointment WG!!! -1 vote

    already been launched for two times, German tanks and Russian tanks and they only launched 1 american line, Let spend a lot of money on a bank, and then lets create new nations tanks to balance the finances!

    insted of correct the errors and bug of the game
    insted of create new map for 15vs15 and 7vs7
    insted of create a new main page of WoT “when play”
    improve the performance for Low PC

    WG fail! -.-

    When WarThunder launch the version “tanks” i will give up WoT and i will go with me friends


  11. It’s the New Math!

    I once had an engineering professor try to convince me that the number of zeroes AFTER a the last significant digit in a numerical fraction had an effect on the precision of measurement. He even tried to explain it using a micrometer. It was like watching a monkey trying to peel a plastic banana. That incident and many others like it while I was attending college are the reason I consider my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps to be more valuable than my college degree. Any idiot can get through college and even earn a doctorate. Idiots don’t last long on battlefields, though.

    • Oh yes, you are talking about US college here, than yes, you are correct. However don’t confuse US college vs. European colleges, these are two entirely different things. The first one has to educate fat monkies, the other one produces specialists.

    • Except when it comes to significant figures of a measurement, the amount of zeroes do matter.

      • I even remember that from highschool, but then again Americans don’t seem to pay attention in school at all. For Example, in the US everyone had to read the book 1984, yet they still have the NSA spy on the whole population. lolz

    • Dude, it’s just a number. It just means version 8 patch 10. I don’t even know why people are so mad/confused about this.

    • Ok you guys wast way to much time about the numbers lets talk tanks. I mean isn’t this game called world of tanks not world of numbers