IS-7 upgrade: “Mega-gun for a mega-tank”

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog
Author: Yuri Pasholok

Recently, Yuri Pasholok found a proposal for a very interesting IS-7 variant. What he writes in his posts is this:

IS-7 (Object 260) is one of the peaks of Soviet tank development of the late 40′s. Along with that, Object 260 was not alone. While NII-100 (SS: Soviet technology research institute No.100) was working on its project, in Chelyabinsk a new generation heavy tank was developed – the Object 705. The vehicle was supposed to have roughly the same characteristics as Object 260, but the tank design (arrangement) was different. On paper (in the project) the tank was supposed to have the 122mm BL-13 gun, but unlike Object 260, it was supposed to have the turret in the rear. This vehicle (Object 705) requires more serious research, but it’s possible to see how the vehicle would look like.


However, both the Object 705 and Object 260 were not the apex of the evolution. Apart from the Object 705 65 ton variant, Chelyabinsk design bureau worked on a 100 ton variant, designated Object 705A. It was different from the 65 ton variant in two things: armor and gun. And when it comes to the gun, we know what it would be: the 152mm experimental gun M51. Considering the Object 705 had (with 65 tons) roughly the same armor as Object 260, you can imagine what kind of monster would Object 705A be.


This is where Yuri Pasholok’s post ends. In case you are wondering, what the hell is the M51 152mm gun: an experimental Soviet gun. Barrel length was L/50. The project was ready and considered in June 1947, modifications were requested and the modified project was ready in December 1947. The gun ballistics corresponded to the 152mm BR-2 gun and the project was made so a lot of parts would be unified with 152mm M-31 gun, designed for heavy SPG’s. In order to reduce the recoil, a massive muzzle brake (that absorbed 70 percent of recoil energy) was installed. It was a very powerful weapon. However, no platform was ever created to put it on, repeating the history of 107mm ZIS-6.

51 thoughts on “IS-7 upgrade: “Mega-gun for a mega-tank”

  1. This is very interesting. Strange how they never built this as I’m sure a Soviet Maus with such a strangely strong gun could literally go around conquering Europe. I hope he posts more of this.

    • Would still get ganked by air power, while being a monster vs ground units, and highly impractical; expensive; hard to transport; too heavy to cross many bridges that T-54s could manage; presumably more maintenance-intensive than lighter vehicles, and would consume huge amounts of fuel.

      • Indeed well said but that’s like saying all fights could be won with just T54. Maus has it’s uses maybe not for small confrontations but both psychological and sheer bunker buster could seriously change tides.

        • Other thing is that this tank would not fit in to train, too wide. Now try to move this thing from the factory to a frontline without using railroads, lol.

            • In Yuri’s blog people believed that it would be to big and heavy for trains, and i talk about Object 705A. AFAIK Soviets had 75 tons train car, but Object 705A was 100 tons + 7 meters hulls + gun and massive muzzle brake.

  2. Looks like the gun only has 3 degrees of depression. There is no depression low enough, there is no elevation high enough……

    • Very interesting. I’m sure they could find a way to nerf the soft-stats enough to enable inclusion as a tier X.

      • No, they couldn’t. SerB stated many times that introducing IS-7 was a mistake and it had to be thoroughly nerfed for it not to be ridiculously overpowered. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice.

        • Which is absofuckinglutely retarded, they need to bring the IS-7 to historical specs, no excuses, period.
          they talk about what a mistake it is and then introduce stupid ridiculous mega OP tanks like the OP57, the WTF100, the fuck155.
          look at tourney/pro/competitive/clan wars gameplay… IS7 is not used, it’s considered a “somewhat passable for pubs” tank and that’s it.
          So don’t tell me they can’t bring it up to spec when every T10 tank they introduced after is completely IMBA compared to the IS7 (don’t get me started on T10 meds, better pen, better reload, better aimtime, better acc, more mobility and in pro-play the armor is the same as everything pens the is7 with gold shells).
          in fact, IS4 is also never used on pro play except on very very counted occasions(and mostly when there’s nothing serious on the line and you want something smaller than an e100)

          • With historical specs it would move like a T-62A with higher top speed (the IS-7 had low ground pressure irl), have excelent accuracy on the move (didn’t it have a really advanced gun stabilizer?) and a RoF of 8 RpM (so… 4000 DpM is completely balanced).

            The real IS-7 was one hell of a war machine and if unnerfed it would be closer to t12 than 10.

            • RRRIGHT because the OP57 is not everything you just listed AND is in Tier 10?.
              or the WTF100 which has a railgun that can pinpoint everything at any distance, shoot faster than you can react and use repair kit on your tracks and the aimtime is so low you can autofire and the sight will snap to 0 in less than the ~2s it takes each shot, which btw does more damage per shot than the IS7 “random trajectory gun” which can’t hit shit at 300m+

              and even if they don’t bring it to FULL spec, at least put it closer the benchmark is when a tank is used on the pro-level, then you know it’s good.
              IS7 had stabilizer AND the gun was rammer-assisted.

            • Well thats fine. IS 7 can be historical. Just give everything historical ROF etc and the M41spgs with their 155mm howitzers will be raining 4 rounds of hell per min down on the IS 7s. Historical penn would be amusing.

            • I have to agree with Captain Obvious. With historical specs, a platoon of three could make a larger impact than the rest of their team. No in-game tank would compare. It was a post-war tank with a lot of research, development, metal, and money poured into it. I doubt a T57 Heavy could flank or scratch the front of a historical IS-7.

            • The irl IS-7 might have been a very deadly war machine, but I think they hit with the nerf bat a little to hard. There are still plenty of tier 10′s that out class IS-7′s, and I feel even a slight buff might be due.

      • Glorious soviet bounconium! And they even had to nerf it so all the poorfag german drivers wouldn’t complain too much! Give IS-7 real life stats!

      • bullshit, superior my balls. I drive an IS7 since.. well… since it was in first CBT and i’ve seen it get outclassed and outcasted with every passing “patch”.
        even the last “mini-buff” and the penetration changes did nothing to keep the tank competitive in the high-end gameplay (what difference does +20~mm extra effective armor when you have powertripped T10 med guns with 270+ ultrapen shooting subcaliber/special ammo as stock?!?!, nothing, except against another poor idiot with an IS7)

        • Because 270 pen will only go through the IS7 and no other heavy right? /endsarcasm.
          And as far as I’m aware, its the uber autoloaders that everyone is pissed off about, not the T62A

        • Aw man all these people that keep calling crap on this tank will never disappear right? IS7 is completely fine stop this bullshit already people.

          • will never disapear cause guees what
            1st It is one of the oldest tier 10 tanks in the game (older was very OP now it is ok)
            2nd it is magnet for new people trying to get there first tier 10 if you ask what like should a new player go for is either the IS7 line cause tanks there (exept is8) doesnt need a particullary great amount of skill or go for E100 line but with some cautiens(it is propably the second tier 10 but still it is in the top of which tier 10 would get first)
            that’s it’s not gonna disapear
            it is another thing the popularirty of the tank and another thing competivness of a certain tank which is very to get on with tier 10 td\s medi’s autoscraps things and stuff like that
            so your statment is invalid use brain and dont spam like these

            • Statement? Use brain and dont spam? What about these people that spam this crap all over ? I think I will spam whatever I want untill these people will too. I can also say your trying to “reason” me is also invalid so try not to spam too?

  3. Well it looks nice but as I remember SerB regrets having IS7 in the game or something like that so I dont think this will happen ever. Correct me if Im wrong, I just think I read that on FTR some time ago.

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  5. >rear turret
    >turret is also very flat
    >huge gun with gigantic breech

    Enjoy your -2 degree of gun depression