Does WG EU ever do anything right?!

What, you expected a nice juicy fail, or another rant? :) Sorry! The answer to the question is “yes”. They manage to do things right too.

What I liked lately – three things in fact:


Several people sent me a message (even forum PM) about the latest event fail, where the description for US and EU got mixed up and EU advertised things like equipment discount and profit bonus for all the vehicles, when in fact this was meant for US server, which (to balance it) came short last week. Yes, it got mixed up, but Wargaming fixed that very quickly – in fact it was like 10 or 20 minutes before it was corrected. Plus, it was no stealth change, it was announced by Ectar, who admitted mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, fixing them fast and admitting them is the key (unlike the usual “lolstealthchanges” way).


Tuccy’s historical posts. Remember Hunter1911′s post about KV-1? It wasn’t perfect, but Hunter was man enough to correct his post based on discussion feedback. That is good. What is however even better are Tuccy’s historical posts in the same thread. Why that guy’s time is wasted in community department when he could write historical posts and research tanks for the game, I have no idea. Or maybe he does that and I don’t know. Hm. Will have to ask. But either way: let me be clear with you: I think Tuccy is one of the most educated people I’ve ever had a contact with when it comes to armor. There are maybe 2-3 other people on both US and EU forums combined who can match his knowledge. I wish there were more historical articles from him.


The interns program. I think that for those kids it was a dream come true – and that’s a really good thing. I appreciate that.

I also like the “Rhino” competition format. Such “daily” format is pretty useful… if it worked properly.

What I have mixed feelings about: Official WG EU QA is open again. Come on guys, you know FTR QA is better. For starters, it’s weekly, not once per month. But – what I find even more important – is the fact I am trying to tell you why I won’t pick your answer.

Speaking of FTR upgrades: From next FTR QA session (if the Russian developers continue to support FTR and there actually IS a next sessio – no, I don’t take it for granted), I will be much more thorough answer program. That means I will be either picking a question you post, or answering it (telling you WHY I didn’t pick it). I will reserve an entire evening for that. Should help a bit.

14 thoughts on “Does WG EU ever do anything right?!

  1. I would go for internship in the main office in Belarus where the actual work is done. What do they do in Paris except for failing each week?

  2. Frank, i disagree on Tuccy. He is more a writer than a researcher – that’s judging by what he writes. When it comes to technical details, he doesn’t understand what he writes about (or at least it seems so), he doesn’t pay attention to details (which are sometimes important) like he doesn’t really care about them (yeah, he fills in a lot of details and there are always a lot of words, but these details are a filler) and overall: he makes nice, long and interesting to read articles but when it comes to their value as an accurate source, they stop looking that good.

    PS: if he IS a researcher, then he should start providing RAW data without his own input on it (for the game purposes).

  3. To je ovšem luxusní řitní alpinismus, Silente a to už tvůj vztah k Tuccymu pozoruju dlouho. Že ty s ním máš nějaký soukromý oumysle? Ty lišáku jeden ;)

    • Carrambo, neser mne. Tuccyho si prostě vážím za jeho znalosti, nic od něj ani od jiných u WG EU nechci (narozdíl od jiných) a nebavím se s ním.