Upcoming Soviet T9 MT – Object 430 V2

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2793278.html

A leaked picture of an upcoming tier 9 Soviet medium tank (will be researchable from Object 416) – rear turret Object 430 variant called “Object 430 Variant II” – this tank will (along with tier 10 Object 430) appear in next patch 0.8.10


105 thoughts on “Upcoming Soviet T9 MT – Object 430 V2

            • Not if it’s like the 416… it’s too slow to keep up even with some heavies even, turret is made out of paper so don’t expect to bounce anything on that…and then there’s the fact that you can’t even turn your turret 90°
              Even my Type-59 is more effective at sidescraping.
              And the list of cons goes on ofcourse: the weight of the tank, module damage on nearly every shot, fire, …. and any tank can sidescrape a Maus or E-100…

            • Did you even play the 416?

              I don’t think so, because you spout a whole lot of shit about it…

            • More then you apparently, since you don’t know what your talking about either.

              Sure the gun is good, but is it really worth all the drawbacks? I think not.

            • 416 slower than heavies? Try running something other than a 50% arty driver. It’s fast and accelerates well. Turret not turning across a 180 degree arc is fine, you shouldn’t need it to turn that far for sidescraping. Do you actually know what sidescraping means in this game? I’ll give you a hint: it doesn’t literally mean scraping up against enemy tanks, although the 416 is very good at doing that to German tanks as well because they’re tall and lack the gun depression to hit its hull.

              Stop being bad, yo.

            • not with only 45mm side armor. If it would have the same as T44 or even more it would be “ok”, but 45mm gets overmatchted by anything. (even when you add the 20mm for the tracks as spaced armor)

      • Because they’re harder to get used to, so it actually takes some time and skill to make them work, so many ppl think they’re UP :P Even if they’re not,like VK45B, which I liked even more than E-75…

      • Rear turret tanks have shit gun depression, and the gun might be located back for better stabilization which allows for bigger guns to be mounted but it makes them very unconventional in actual combat, special in game, in city maps they suck.
        Having bad depression already limits tanks like the WZ-120 and T-34-3 in several areas and they generally die allot faster because people can’t make proper use of terrain.

        I’d rather have a pee shooter with -10 gun depression than a massive bore gun that can’t aim much lower than -3

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    • the gundeprssion is gonna be so awesome…using the terrain to your advantage is something that you can forget in it i assume :/

    • I really commend guys who learn and master these rear turreted meds with almost no Gun depression. I don’t think I can be very effective with such a tank.

      BTW, any of you think this will in any way outshine the T54? or Wz120?

  1. Will have to see how much I like the object 416 before I express my excitement. So far the a-44 is making me loathe the rear turreted tank.

  2. A little bit offtopic bu I just want to ask if Obj. 430 will be with the same gun as Obj. 140/T62A?

  3. I am guessing, and this is speculative only so don’t hold me to it but, the turret might rotate 360 degrees unlike the predecessor. Not sure how different you would make it otherwise apart from the usual guns and armor buffs.

  4. That gun looks like little replica of m62 gun from IS8/ST-I/IS-4 :p

    Anyway.. hull looks interesting. If the turret is strong enough.. it will be really.. really good if you find a good spot :3

          • But it fires AP shells as standard ammo.. So no T10-Med penetrations there..

            T-54 vs. Obj. 430 V2?
            If you look at it you will notice that the T-54 will be the better allrounder resulting that the T-54 will be the better Russian T9-Med unless the 430 gets very high DPM (not like that T-54 doesnt have this already)

            Just my 2 Cents

      • I dont know anything about playing them, but I do look at tank stats now and them and I have played alot against medium tanks, and some are uncomfortable strong.

  5. Uh that UFP look auto bounce….plus a 240mm turret front just becouse its russian I already hate it :)

  6. What is the new complete Russian tech tree? Does old medium line interact with new one, and does the new one interact with old one?

    • I believe the link from Obj 416 to T-54 was temporary and will be removed once both Obj. 430 variants are introduced, so the only way will be trough T-34.

      • I believe that SerB stated that the link via T-54 will remain even after the new Tier 9 Med will be released.
        Of course, I may remember wrong…

  7. So if I’m reading this correctly.. there will be 3 Soviet tier 10 mediums.

    The T-54 will branch to either the Object 140 and the T-62A still?

    The 416 will lead to the 430 proto and the 430 type II ?

    • AFAIK the T-54 will unlock both the T62A and the Obj. 140 , while the 416 will unlock this thing(T9) which will unlock the tier 10 Obj. 430

    • There will in fact be 4 tier 10 Soviet medium tanks once the Object 907 is (presumably) dished out at the end of the third Clan Wars campaign, sometime next year.

  8. Guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get the hand of the A-44, especially how to use its bad depression and rear mounted turret.

    I’ve found myself performing some rather ingenious maneuvers in order to get a shot off while exposing as little of the tank as possible…

    For instance, let’s say you have a chokepoint with somewhat-tall walls on the side. Of course if you will try to poke around the edge of the walls you will fail miserably in these things.
    However, try climbing on the wall (if it allows you to) and basically back up until your turret pops up around the curb of the wall… kinda difficult to explain, but I’ve found this tactic a few evenings ago, when I had to hold a chokepoint on Pearl River (no, not the death alley, of course).

    Other times it’s best to just reverse your way around a crest (face it with the rear of the tank and with the gun pointing backwards), it may confuse you but will also confuse the shit out of an enemy. That’s only available for small crests, though…

    • I like that this is rear-turreted; I can bathe in the whine. :-D

      I don’t know if I am any good (WR would say not, although I managed ace tanker in the 2nd battle) but it is interesting to play the A-44 for the aforementioned reasons, compared to the completely generic T-43. Most fun manoeuvre is of course the drive-by, using your speed to race past an unsuspecting tank and shooting his side for the meaty 300 average damage. Thanks to the thick frontal beak armour, with high top speed and agility, it can ram some lighter tanks quite well.

      I’m guessing the 416 plays differently due to terrible armour and limited traverse, but TD-level camouflage, small size, moderately accurate gun with decent pen.

  9. Ofc, an another fantasy piece of crap by WG. Everybodies are waiting for the 430U, and devs will probably give us another reason to not get the t62A

          • Thx, but i guess my argument is still more valuable than your pointless and useless answer. About my feeling, i just think that this game is going more and more shitty time after time. But after all, and thanks to peoples who are as clever as you, SerB shouldn’t be worried about his bank account

    • i dont want crappy US tanks, i want RU / GER tanks, and perhaps some french or british *things*

      ALL US tanks are one-trick ponys, very good in hull down, “ok“ speed, decent dpm, and for the rest medicore and boring… play 5 and u played them all, and the few who are different (like m3 lee) are god awefull, the all lack armor, they all have the same kind of gun, and they all have the same kind of playstyle, the heavys are semi-mediums and the half the mediums are semi heavys (T54E1 and m48 moving almost like a T110, GG (not))

      RU mediums have alrdy more variaty as the entire US tech tree.

      so NO not more US tanks and YES more RU tanks (or any other nation except US)

  10. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this tank and the GUN :)

  11. the gun is not t62a gun….it’s a tier 9 gun..maybe this gun fire normal bullet and acpr with gold

  12. Meh, its as fugly as A-44, looks like u could barely squeeze 3 baby dwarves into that turret

    Hope it will play more or less like 416 and wont be a pain to grind (72%+ w/l over 160+ games)

  13. Never liked rear-turreted. Well, I know they’re capalities but it just never suits my playstyle.

  14. looks like the 2nd t54 gun (which no one uses, the one with 219 pen)… so it will probably have exactly the same gun selection as t-54. Lets hope they dont fuck with everyone again by adding or changing a letter in the guns name and calling it a completely new gun needed to be researched again…

  15. They can easily find the leaker.

    All they have to do is search for someone with a tank that has the names of all those crew members. It will be unique.

    If you want to leak info make sure you censor everything that can be unique _in_combination_.