- if you end up alone (for the purpose of getting Kolobanov’s medal) with another guy on your team who is AFK and did quit the battle (but his tank wasn’t destroyed yet), you won’t get the medal
- Fokker Dr.1 triplane is too old to appear in WoWp
- regarding the shared chat between WoT and WoWp: apparently, chat bans will be shared too
- only stuff obtainable for gold will be common to WoT and WoWp, credits won’t
- there are enough tanks left for at least 3 years more

From Storm’s post on developer blog:

- rewards for “tanking” (soaking damage) won’t come for now
- the indestructable stairs at some houses will be fixed (with the introduction of HD client)
- Object 430 will NOT be unlockable from T-54
- tier 8 MM (the amount of battles tier 8 tanks get put together with tier 10) is okay
- Storm confirms: Object 140 turret will recieve a buff
- the limits of the roaming system are not decided yet, it’s possible roaming will be paid
- Havok will come in 2014
- customizable tank appearance does depend on the HD client introduction
- there will be no free stuff during Object 430 introduction
- regarding the future implementations of shells penetrating destructable objects: when the shell hits such an object, its trajectory won’t change (that would be too complicated to implement), it was considered, but the idea was scrapped, because it’s not only difficult to implement, but also difficult to understand for players
- patch 8.10 will not bring Foch 155 nerf

109 thoughts on “12.11.2013

          • well, i know currently only that it will get both thicker armor and better slope.
            nothing else lol
            i heard it will get EVEN same gun lol -_-

            • Same gun make it clone?

              Did you purposefully ignore the fact that every HATO/Nazi medium tanks in game has a L7?

            • He’s talking about playstyle. The German mediums, while similar in their roles as snipers, are different KINDS of snipers; the Leopard 1 is a fast support sniper, while the E-50M is a counter-offensive sniper/surrogate heavy tank. Compare that to the two current tier 10 Soviet mediums, which are both aggressive flankers – their playstyle is too similar and performance characteristics are too similar.

              And before you decide to say that other tanks are too similar, I’ll use another example: the Maus and E-100. Both are VERY similar but have distinctly different performance characteristics and, to a degree, role to fill. The Maus is best suited for defensive roles, then assisting a counterattack. The E-100, by comparison, can spearhead an attack due to its better mobility.

    • Well,you don’t have to grind it, the tank is a part of a bigger update, it’s not like it takes up place of something else, so what’s people’s problem with it? And besides, you didn’t even have the chance to try this out OR saw it;s stat’s…

      • Ok they added the 140, fine, cool, imokwiththis.jpg.



        • remove object 140 from this care no one cares if they will do it
          most useless tier X in this game i dont get how someone can waste a 6.1million to it unless he haves t62a lol

          • Funny thing is I know a guy who did this lol. He sold it after 40 games loooooooooooooool (and he has no t62)

          • had 62A, bought 140, love both, as they are amazing tanks.
            For sure I will get this one, the more the merrier, you cant have enough of one of the best tanks in game.

          • You’re wrong. The Object 140 is used in CW quite allot. Its speed is just enough to make it more useful than the T62A in some maps. Also, two tier X from one tier ix that are practically the same is great for CW players. You can get the 140 locked out and still have an effective fall back in the T62A and you don’t have to grind another entire line to get it.

        • Why not ? It’s the line you grind that makes it unique, not the top tank. They could let them all merge into the T62, sure, but it’s much cooler and rewarding to know that in the end it doesn’t matter, you get an equally good tank but can chose the line to grind it with according to your liking. I find that a great solution to be honest.

    • The Object 430 later evolved to the Object 432, which is the T-64. It had thicker, better sloping armour than the T-62

  1. - regarding the future implementations of shells penetrating destructable objects: when the shell hits such an object, its trajectory won’t change (that would be too complicated to implement), it was considered, but the idea was scrapped, because it’s not only difficult to implement, but also difficult to understand for players

    Darn so no curving the shell around the inner wall of amphitheater to hit another tank? (I kid, I kid)

  2. - patch 8.10 will not bring Foch 155 nerf

    For how long have they been delaying it now? 5 patches?

    • they first had to nerf it in 8.7 i heard
      it deserves nerf really. it haves too good gun, armor and mobility. some of them need to nerfed to oblivion. or just nerfs little bit everywhere.

      • I see you are fchwhinner. Pathetic. Srsly, drive this TD first, then complain how OP it is. Somehow gun is terrible inaccurate (for all 3 shots 2 can go anywhere but to your target) and it has a narrow angle of movement (after traverse the crosshair is going so big and is focusing so long you can’t hit barnhouse). Mobility? Oh, Russian TDs don’t have it, right? Armor? Since you can buy gold ammo for credits there is none armor. Somehow UFP is so easy to penetrate, even from +200 m distance.

        • I have played the Foch 155 in the test server (of course with all HEAT, duh, I’m a noob like that) I pend 5/9 shots on other Foches.

        • Heh same same goes to the AMX 50B… I am actually on IX tier (that means AMX 50 120) and 120 mm gun there is somewhat better than underperforming. I mean yes 4 shells autoloader looks good on paper, but slow aimtime, shells flying anywhere even when aimed fully and entire enemy is in the reticle… I have same experience with AMX 48 mle… JEEZ IT HAS 2 SNIPERS AND THEY CANT GET THIS SHITTY 120MM GUN WORKING.

          • Yeah Foch155 is OP, but all the other TDs are also OP compared to the other tanks. If they nerf Foch155, they have to nerf obj 268 also. Obj 268 bounces even more than foch155, has the highest DPM in the game, the highest Penetration, a backspeed of 20 kmH (medium like), its fast as foch155, has the highest camo in the game and so on. Nerfing Foch155 and leaving Obj 268 would be just a fail, cause all would play OP obj 268 then.

            • the 268 DOES NOT bounce as much as the foch. Go check the statistics. You are WAY wrong. The Foch bounces 37.6% of shots, the 268 bounces 26.6% of shots.

        • Foch’s front plate is 180 mm at 55°. Which means the effective armour is:
          280 mm against AP
          299 mm against APCR
          314 against HEAT
          Which in turn means that even tier 10 TDs have very low chance of penetrating it when not using premium ammo.

        • Foch 155 is op….
          Foch 155 has overall ~1,5% better winrate than the next best TD… and this is the also very good (almost overperforming) Obj 268.
          So please, stop YOUR WHINE and realize that the Foch 155 is better than other tanks and other tier 10 TD’s and thus need a nerf.

      • I dont think Foch needs a nerf. Imho its worst T10 TD, because of the crazy gun which wont hit anything for 200+ m.

    • Foch was nerfed 3 times already and is already a poor TD compared to 268 or E3. It has onehit potential, but as soon as that is gone the tank turns useless.

    • I know Quickybaby doesn’t like the Foch 155 after getting it. Just feeling it’s a very inflexible tank that needs to catch people out of position. It’s like people complaining about the 183, sure it can one-shot tanks but that doesn’t mean it has no issues or unreliabilities.

      So it’s tricky to nerf the foch, it is still imba but it’s important to not make it crap too.

      • Indeed, or else we’ll have a repeat of the Marder II incident. I will NEVER forgive WG for what they did to the Marder II (though, to a degree, the Marder 38t is a lot like the pre-nerf Marder II, but it just isn’t the same anymore)

  3. “- rewards for “tanking” (soaking damage) won’t come for now”
    BS, not long ago it was said that rewards for tanking might come in 0.8.10 or 0.9.0

    “- the limits of the roaming system are not decided yet, it’s possible roaming will be paid”
    What? (On a side note WG fixed the roaming mod, now I can’t connect to any of the ruissian servers, the game needs an update to connect…)

    • From the other post at the FTR:

      Object 140 will get a turret armor buff (the closer to the mantlet, the thicker the armor will be)

      As I understand the main problem with 140′s turret is the roof and large cupolas and weaker turret sides in case you’re not pointing at the enemy directly. The buff then will only reinforce already strong area and do nothing to the areas that are problematic.

  4. Will a heat shell explode (and HESH/HE) wenn hitting an destrucible object? I see no reason why they should not. Maybe below a certain thickness they should also go through (paperlike objects, but if you hit for example those stone fences why should a Highexplosive shell not trigger the explosive?

  5. I just wonder why they delay nerfs that they consider necessary- surely, figuring out what to do is not hard enough to justify it? Besides, slightly overnerfed/nerfed in the wrong manner > leaving something OP.

  6. Why everybody claims foch is OP? it has an autoloader, yes! but it has also a long reloadtime and it can be killed very easy while reloading. it has a 180 mm angled front armor but even so it get penned very easy if u know where to shoot and its sides are paper (50 mm). It has 3 sec aimtime. It’s one shot for arty. I never had any difficulties dealing with a foch155 and I still don’t. In fact now that I own it I understand it better and I can kill enemy foches much easier. So noobs learn how to deal with it and don’t whine it’s OP.

    • The Problem is not the tank itself but the Players that play it. If the Player is okayish(WN7 – 1000 – 1499) its no problem to kill it because these Players dont really know how to pwn in it. But most Players that play the 155 are UNICUMs and you cant kill them that easy. In fact, they will blow you and your team away.

    • It’s not just the autoloader, it’s also the mobility and the fact that the armor bounces shots rather well. Much of the time, the only chance you have at killing a Foch is when he’s shooting at you, and if all shots pen you’ll either be dead or severely crippled, so when he backs off you’ll have less of an ability to shoot him while he retreats, and even if you DO hit him it’s a crapshoot because of the frontal armor.

        • Implying he’s always alone and that no one from his team will shoot you while you do this…if you somehow caught one alone then he’s most probably shitty player who has not clue what he’s doing…

        • Detracking is really impossible if you have fire rate like 3-4 rounds per minute (E-100, IS-7). His tracks repair faster than this. And it takes those tanks 3 or 4 rounds to actually kill Foch 155. He reloads his clip faster.

  7. why do people complain abut the Foch 155. its not that powerful, especially considering the new auto-loaders in t57 heavy and the new German Waffenträger auf E 100. those auto-loaders are much better with much better aim-time/accuracy/reload and both have turrets… upper front plate on Foch 155 is not as good as you might think, i lost count how many time got penned in gun mantle and in front. even Lowe and t34 can pen me in front easily without aiming for weak-points. new sigma accuracy buff now the is-7 can snipe my view ports without a full aim. there are a number of tanks that need some changes but this is not one of them… 5 seconds between shots…. if anything its one of the worst auto-loaders in the game.

    • Because of the other attributes of the Foch: it’s still well-armored and is quite mobile. The T57…yeah that could use a nerf, but the WT E-100 is balanced by being a glass cannon. It has a weakspot so big that it’s almost impossible to miss: the entire turret!

      • Don’t bother….they are either too stupid or too stubborn to realize Foch has too much pros combined in one tank and that makes it OP….you think they realize WTe100 is paper thin? No they’ll shoot lfp because it’s “weakspot” :D

        • And you are either too stupid too pen it or dont know its cons!
          Or you just like it too eat foch clips ;))

  8. - Havok will come in 2014

    What does this do to the WoT game? Turret pop ups for ammo racks? I am not familiar with the Havok software portion. Please help educate me.

  9. “- rewards for “tanking” (soaking damage) won’t come for now”

    Does this mean, noobs will get more xp for taking damage? WTF? They already get get too much, compared to what they do!

    • It will encourage the noobs to not hide behind the TDs and instead brawl with their heavy tank.

      I don’t see any problem with encouraging an IS to stop hiding behind the TD’s and sniping instead of brawling in a Tier 7 game.

    • They’re talking about rewards based on ‘potential damage received’, which means that you’ll get more of it for bouncing shots off of your tank, and the best vehicles for this, typically, are Heavy tanks, encouraging them to take some incoming fire so that their more fragile teammates can survive longer.

      • Exactly, it will reward bounces and and good angling of your tank and not only suciding and dying

        • Only potential dmg receuved that exceeds tha tank’s HP should be rewarded in my opinion (ex: TIger 2 3900 potential dmg received – 1600 HP = 2300 potential dmg rewarded) – it would be a great addition, encouraging more agressive play and MAYBE, only maybe, make new players try to learn about penetration mechanics.

  10. I have a great idea, how about you guys give us an American premium TD and not more Russian tanks? This is gone on long enough, this is such BS that its taking them THIS long for them to give us ONE when the American line is one of the 3 orginal tech trees, and the other 2 (German and Russia) have at least TWO

    • it really doesn’t make sense. The community has found several US TD’s that would be good premiums. I don’t understand why they haven’t added one yet.

      Heck, as a stop-gap measure, just give us a historical hellcat, tier 6, special MM, 76mm gun. Bam. US premium TD.

      • Selling of current prem tanks is going fine atm so they don’t necessarly another high tier prem tank :D When they sale calms down a bit they’ll introduce brand new(possibly OP) high tier tank and voila….cash will flow again

    • In less then a month there will be 3 Tier X USSR mediums and the only premium tank to train crews for them is the Matilda IV…

      • And right now we have 2 American TD lines with 0 premium TDs, the russians have 2 medium lines with 1 premium abd that tier 7 in the works, don’t know when it will come out, but that is more info we know about then the American premium TD, which right now we know 0% about

  11. Is there anymore information on HD Client? Like what will it feature? Is it a separate client to the current one? Will games be combined with standard client? And most importantly, when are they aiming to bring this out?

  12. - regarding the future implementations of shells penetrating destructable objects: when the shell hits such an object, its trajectory won’t change (that would be too complicated to implement), it was considered, but the idea was scrapped, because it’s not only difficult to implement, but also difficult to understand for players
    Ronnie O’Sullivan would be PRO in these things if they were implemented :D Now if i hit that hut at that angle and add a little bit of spin it should hit that scout behing the hill :D

  13. LOL it seems every second post has the foch wont be nerfed now
    and no skill based random battles

  14. Great, they are trying to ruin Clanwars… Every good clan will now become even stronger, because they will have huge supply of best medium tank in a game (i really hate this vodka soaked tank, but it is a fact that i have to admit). Funny thing, that you can assemble 3 full clanwars parties with just a russian medium tanks.

    • Good clans already have plenty of tanks to spare.

      T57 HT, T110E4/5, T92

      Obj 140, T-62A, Obj 261

      AMX 50B, Bat Chat 25t

      etc. etc.

  15. “- the limits of the roaming system are not decided yet, it’s possible roaming will be paid”

    Why even limit it or have it paid? in War Thunder you can easily change servers anytime you want.
    Also, they should implement a system where accounts coming from the same IP address aren’t allowed to get in the same game when they aren’t in same platoon to help counter those exploiting count ins.

    • Last I checked, War Thunder is not WG, if you don’t like how one company does it, go to another one that does

  16. - Fokker Dr.1 triplane is too old to appear in WoWp

    Aaaaand that’s -1 fucks given about WoWp. That puts us at roughly… Eh, let’s say 3, 3 fucks currently being given about WoWp.