CW battles staging now illegal


Hello everyone,

on WG EU server a post has appeared, specifically declaring battle staging in order to farm fame points as illegal. Wargaming will apparently keep an eye on the proceedings and punish obvious rigging.

A step in the right direction I’d say.

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    • Would be nice to announce such a thing IN ADVANCE

      I mean even though its obvious staging battles is not allowed there were neither announcements nor infos about consequences or anything.

      Nicely played WG. First take action and then announce them. And dont claim it was stated in some campaign forum posts. Thats no official announcement

      • “I mean even though its obvious staging battles is not allowed there were neither announcements nor infos”

        So you say that it’s obvious it’s not allowed.. but then blame WG because they don’t do separate announcement for obviously-not-allowed breaches of rules?

        If it was something very vague I would understand but how is this different from Contests where low tier tank shoots his high tier friends and kills 5 of them?

  1. I’d like them to define “staging”.

    What, so using diplomacy to work out territory swaps and practice battles or to help each other complete missions is wrong?

    I’ve never understood the whole “CW rigging” thing. I mean, it’s diplomacy. If you are allies with someone, and you work out that a certain result is beneficial to both of you, and you both work to achieve that result, what’s the problem? What, it wasn’t an honest-to-goodness no-holds-barred fight to the death? So what? Who says CW should be just a big clusterfuck brawl where everyone fights everyone and there’s never any “rigging”? I mean, even a simple non-aggression pact with a neighbour could be counted as rigging or staging, by that logic.

    I get the issue with rigging/staging random battles. But CW? Then it’s just called diplomacy. If some clan can “stage” a battle to win more points, more power to them, they’re gud@diplo.

    • Well, I think they find it wrong for the fame points system…donno’
      I mean you should do something special to gain those “Fame” points…and camping on some province isn’t something like that, IMO.

      • if your clan can diplo its way into only needing to “camp” on some province, why is that a problem? What, is the only “real” way to get something to fight it out? Why?

    • Diplomacy isn’t a problem. Problem is when battles between 2 clans are staged in such a way that one clan fields 15 TOGs and lets the other clan kill then all without a fight in order to maximize fame points.

      • …..that’s diplomacy. Again, is fighting it out no-holds-barred the only “real” way to do things?

        • Tanks are war machines and WoT game theme is tank battles, if you want cute and cuddly diplomacy you should play Hello Kitty Online.

          • oh I see. The old “go play Hello Kitty Online” thing. Good one.

            So you really think that CW should just be one big free-for-all smash em up brawl, every clan for themselves, total war, fight to the death, no holds barred?

        • Diplomacy?

          You know what it is when there’s a Contest and tier 2 tank brings his tier 10 friends in Random Battle, then they allow him to shoot them? So he can get max xp and win Contest.

          That’s also diplomacy.

          And guess what, it’s cheating.

          • except there’s no diplomacy in a random battle. Nice try.

            A random battle is cut and dry. There’s your team. There’s the enemy team. You either win, or you lose. There’s no “diplomacy”. Any “diplomacy” is then collaborating with the enemy, harming your own team, and could be considered unfair play. Not allowed.

            Now, do you seriously think that CW should be the same way? So, no more alliances allowed. You need to be fighting everybody all the time? CW isn’t cut and dry like random battles are. There is no “my team” or “enemy team”. There is your clan, and there are other clans. They can be friends or enemies. And it’s not a case of either winning or losing a battle. It’s a CW map. You hold land. Earn gold. Whatever. There’s no “winning”.

            • Nice try but there is no official diplomacy in CW either.

              Stop cheating and calling it diplomacy and you’ll be fine.

            • I didn’t say there was official diplomacy in CW.

              random battles leave no room for diplomacy. It pre-defines who your allies and enemies are, and what your (very limited) objectives are, and it has very clear winners and losers. With CW, there are no pre-defined allies or enemies, many varied and competing objectives, etc. It’s basically free-form.

              It’s like if you play some shooter that has deathmatch mode, and two players decide to team up and work together for a bit. Is that cheating? Hardly.

    • Your way promotes laziness, over-familiarity and corruption then the game loses its competitive spirit.

  2. Nice move. Now maybe we’ll find out who are the really good clans and who just look good on paper by stroking each other off to gain territory.

    • you need to be good to have other good clans “stroke you off”

      Or do you seriously believe that the top clans who “stroke each other other” are not really good players, but just get carried by other good clans being allies with them? lol…

        • like who? Who is a bad clan that only gets land because of who they are allies with? Which clan is actually full of bad players, they just get carried by better clans?

          • 90% of petco

            100% of hammershit (alloy forge whatever that other one was)

            100% of dfa dfb ssgs whatever other shit clans they have

            what a stupid question hernish. I forgot are you from hammershit of teslafail? cant quite remember. they are all that irrelevant

  3. The question is how can they decide what is, and what is not a staged battle?
    By saying “We consider this to be a staged battle, and this to be fair battle” ?
    In such case it’s bullshit for me.

    • Simply both teams composed of players who fight “for” their team for the win, no traitors.

  4. About time WG took a stance of rigging of CW, should outright ban clans caught rigging battles.

    • True,

      But there is a bunch of vested interests in CW and as such WG will never outright ban a whole clan for it, they won’t even suspend individuals most of the time nevermind individual or group bans…

      ANd considering there is so much account sharing going on, it would be very hard to police, since, yet again, WG allow account sharing on CW…

      Any other competitive environment where “rigging” or “ringers” are involved automatically gets bans handed out, but WG are not in it for that, PR = dosh…
      (“ringers” is not quite the right word but you know..)

      They really are living up to our “prejudiced” western view of “corrupt commies”….
      ..and they wonder where the stereotype comes from?

      • You know what saying was going on around before revolution in here? In English it would be something like “Who doesn’t steal from the state steals from his family” :) It was quite popular and well, it defined everything what was going on on the east.

  5. WG EU using Internet Explorer or what???
    its obvious that they couldnt do this before the start of the campaign..

  6. The whole fame point system is bullshit for a clanwars… Turns clanwars into solowars… and now they start removing diplomacy…

    • exactly. It’s stupid. There’s no such thing as “rigging” or “staging” in Clan Wars. it’s called “diplomacy”.If one clan can make an agreement with another clan for them to achieve something in a battle together, what’s the problem? Why does every battle need to be an all-out brawl to the death, no-holds-barred?

  7. Will there be announcement from WG, who are banned and why, preferred accompanied with a replay of the misbehaviour

    • I am one of the folk who got banned, leave your e-mail here and i will gladly send you a replay of the match that got me a 3 day ban.

      • So clan boss won’t allow you to post the replay? Surprise, surprise. No one wants to see your TOG company.

        All three clan bosses are currently defending themselves in the thread, so don’t say they’re not online.

  8. If you bothered to read the discussion, SS, you wouldn’t say it was a step in right direction.
    Making stupid glitched rules just to invent new ones 10 days into the campaign and punish retroactively for breaking the then non-existent rules – a good thing??

    • Thats the point, SS i like your work, but it was YOU always who said something when WG did shit, in this case there was no definite Rule – fact. then they come and state its not allowed…bullshit. i dont care i did not take part in any of the faked battles of unica, but NOW we will get attacked by all those whoosy-boosy awesome clans who did shit before to us and will only use that we could be short of manpower – wow thats stronk behaviour!

  9. The amount of whining in that thread is mind boggling never thought the cw is fixed to that extent .

  10. The most amazing thing is that: ‘others stage battles so we do the same’ attitude. They expect WG rules being clear but at the same time some clans make their own rules.

  11. We’ve already found this on an 2nd campaign and reported it. Can get details of the perpetrators for you later today from clan diplomat.

  12. All good clans should leave the campaign. Faillowe should become symbol of shame and be team killed every battle.
    Damn WG punishing players in good clans for being in good clans!

    • You want to get a campaign reward tank by doing nothing and you call yourself a good clan? What is bad about some real competition?

    • Nah your just afraid of working hard for something that deserves some hard work to get. Your “good” clans have been spoiled too much.

      • So a player from a clan that has 20 active members and loses 99% of the battles, will have more fame points than a player from a good clan, with allies that cover each other, help each other, protect each other and therefore cant get into battle every day. Yeah your understanding of the game is really deep! It shows how much you get what is CW really is. In your mind 100 chips must be in battle everyday.

      • do you seriously think that it isn’t hard work for the clans trying to get the reward tank? lol……

        How about you take your little scrubbie clan and try to land and hold provinces and win the tank. Go for it. You will fail miserably. And then you will realize that it actually takes work to do it.

        Every night our clan does training. We either train tactics and techniques, or we are training a strategy for the night’s battles. We train hard. We spend time figuring things out. And it pays off.

  13. Banned for 3 days for breaking badly defined rules…Congratulations WG, stronk legic. I needed a break from WoT anyway, T10 belencing is too stronk, all those autolelders and TD’s.

  14. Wow WG EU sure is slow.. on ASIA they announce any form of rigging will result in a ban and even disbandment of the whole clan way before Campaigns 2 was announced.

    To prevent the 15 Medium MK1s vs 15 Leopard 1s fame farming..

    • “Wow WG EU sure is slow.. on ASIA they announce any form of rigging will result in a ban”

      WG EU isn’t slow. They have exactly the same rule. But some players want WG EU to define every single one of 10,000,000 possible ways to cheat. Which is just ridiculous.

      WG is being very lenient and not banning everyone they could. And finally when they do something people scream. They dont care about minor violations, when they ban something it’s serious like rigging Contests. And this is a Contest more so than normal CW.

      • every 10.00000000000 whatever ways to cheat. Dude. i really cant say how ignorant you are. where is the problem to say RIGHT from the beginning what is allowed and what not. This campaign will last for some time. They put some work in it. But not into committing rules. Thats bullshit and you know it.

  15. They can’t even keep their game bot free, people with 300 games a day are still on top of their Hall of “Fame”, and they want to go after THAT?

    They’ll fail, horribly.

  16. Every single major/minor NA clan on the map is using diplo to fake as many battles as possible it’s the same as the lat campaign. They’ll keep doing it, too, as anyone who stops is basssically out of the race for the Vk7201

    I’m in the top 1000 players for it, currently, and I may not agree with it, but it’s completely necessary to stay competitive. Rigging battles and other classic diplomatic moves are normal, and anyone claiming that they’re against the spirit of WoT is either retarded or not in a top 30 clan.

    Hopefully, wargaming. limits it to 3 day name (wow it’s fucking nothing) or is unable to send real people to each and every clan. They’re just going to make examples of the most obvious people, probably.

    Stop begging, and start negotiating.

    • EXACTLY.

      diplomacy is a standard part of CW. Only a raging moron would just go nuts and fight everyone and never make friends.

    • Spoken like a true criminal.

      “Everyone is doing it.”
      “It’s completely necessary – I had no choice.”
      “Rigging is normal.”
      “Bribe and corruption is diplomacy – and diplomacy is OK.”
      “You can do it too so it’s okay.”

      Real life is full of criminals and cheaters, and those who justify it. Why should online be any different.

      • Comparing a video game with awful rules for campaigns, run by assuredly corrupt and incompetent devs, to criminality.
        Great job, I’ll see you later.

        This was always just a prize for the top 30 clans and one or two others, it’s not our fault that the campaigns are shit.

        • real life often works just like that as well. Real life isn’t exactly kind to the bottom 99% of the earth’s population.

      • lol someone sounds mad that they won’t be getting the tank.

        Really? Comparing diplomacy and alliances in a pixel tanks game to actual real-life crime? hahahaha

        keep holding to your high moral standards that somehow say making allies is wrong and evil. I’ll be busy being successful.

        • who said that the clans involved in this will not get the tank?

          some donkeys are happy now as they could make a landing for ex unicas teritory -now that half the clan is banned- (like aseet apes, who failed several times already, and nofun donkeys, who were calling “fair play” “be like a man” and then those donkeys try to land on a clan that cant defend….

          anyway, i think all those happybunny idiots got now is that they pissed most of unica-wmi and they most like will fuck those idiots as much they can in stage 2. (im also pretty sure both clan will be eligiable for the tank at the end of this crap)

          • Plus they use illegal mods (ASEET) – but thats another story ofc – we will pwn them into oblivion and all others who NOW come when we struggle to get enough people – wow all those stronk clans!!

  17. i enjoy seeing these high ranked clans being smacked down. i used to be in one a while ago and i think it is a system that rewards the minority of players and punishes the majority.
    lets look in some detail: minority are the ones who recruit the best players into 3-6 clans (300-600) people, totally dominate the map and when faced against another clan block of high ranked players use the “diplomacy” to ensure they all remain on top. called a monopoly, and of course because they own the majority of land they collect a massive amount of gold which they distribute to their active players. so in fact these people rarely need to spend any real money in the game while the majority of low ranked clans and non-clan players pump all the money that keeps the game going… and then they come onto forums and insult anyone who complains about this system usually by calling them noobs/newbs etc. well in fact being the best at a computer game is nothing to boast about, only makes you look like a retard, and modesty is always the best way to go.
    its wise to reward the players who are average and below as they are the bread and butter of the company, they will keep it going in the long run. i think diplomacy and clans larger than 100 have ruined the map wars by ensuring only the few able to field teams 7 days a week with the best players are successful. would be more interesting to see everyone participate and get rewards, and i think more fun for all users.
    disagree with me/insult me if it makes you feel better but i am arguing for something to benefit all players and let them have “fun”, you know the thing playing a game is all about.

  18. First: i am in Unica and did not take part in any fake battle and i have my fame points, so i could just say i dont care. Fakt is I had a bad feeling about it all the time, but everybody can make his own decision, right. I also will get enough fme to get the Fail-löwe so again i could just say i dont care. For what i care is, that again and again Wargaming is not able to get some proper rules up, AND treat all people the same. some russian clan got 1 day ban, unica gets 3 days, some who, i am sure did the same as wmi/unica get no ban at all. Again, its ok for me but still, it leaves a bad taste because first they are not able to really state what is allowed and what not, and after 10 days they say mmh you did wrong here is the ban (at weekend and end of stage one – mmh) i will not give this company any money any more not because they banned people but because they are unable to get their things running correctly (all those fails!!!!!!!)

  19. WN Terms of service – 2. Prohibited Uses – 16. Exploit errors in design, features which are not documented and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage;

    So any exploit of the design flaws are forbidden. And even exploits in diplomacy (if there are any) are wrong.

    LTPF – Learn To Play Fair!


    • by that logic and “any competitive advantage” means delaying battles or covering an ally should be bannable, since it is not documented in any way.

      Hell, even being able to tell if you are going to play from cap 1 or cap 2 before special battle invites appear is using the knowledge not documented, what means exploiting.

  20. Essentially, this boils down to poor rule design. It amazes me that they don’t have people sitting down figuring out how to game proposed rulesets so that they can fix the rules before the actually users get to them and (inevitably) start gaming them.

  21. Frank, you already forgot when you called someone a “cheater” only because one guy in WG thought it’s impossible to get so good result?

    There is nothing optimistic in seeing that WG employees will be looking for situations they decide are rigging.

    As long as they will target clans that continuously fight 15 t2-t3 vs 15 togs and win it’s all fine.
    But clan wars are sand-box like environment where using existing mechanics and making agreements outside of the game is a key part of it.
    There is a lot of ways to exploit badly written rules.
    And then we get a dillema – are we allowed to use an opportunity to get extra points.
    If we sent cover and we secured our allies, are we allowed to enter the fight? Or will it be considered cheating?
    How you can see the difference between playing poorly and playing bad on purpose?

    It is not an occasion to praise WG for fighting cheaters. It’s just situation where making stupid rules blows WG into face and they are trying to cope with it poorly.

    The rules should be make in a way that cheating is impossible or easily discernible from playing fair.
    If they fail at that – “we will decide who and how to punish on our discretion” is extremely bad way of handling things.

    PS – personally I have nothing to worry about – our only fight with an ally was on day 1 on landing and we didn’t have an opportunity to do it again.
    I just know I could do better then the guys from WG and praising them for fucking stuff up – are you serious?

    • I like how people always complain the rules are so badly written. As if there was any shred of doubt in anyone’s mind (who isn’t a complete retard) that letting your ally clan farm your 15 TOGs with low tier tanks for massive exp isn’t a violation of rule 4.08.

      Gorzki, people of WMI and UNica already admitted to doing this. It’s clear as a fucking day.

      • and at the moment some wargaming guy is asking for a replays from battles that didn’t happen saying he will ban a player for 7 days if he doesnt giv him a replay.
        The trick is, that player in question at the time he was supposed to play, was plying vcompletely different battle, that replay was sent.

        So fin that unica got punished, but how many were left unpunished and how many guys were punished because someone at wg screwed something?