Roaming testing continues

Hello everyone,

just a quick update: Wargaming is continuing to test the roaming. Russian supertesters are roaming on EU1 server, using T-44-122 supertester-awarded tank. Current ETA on roaming is unknown.



40 thoughts on “Roaming testing continues

    • lol made me laugh, but i guess u have a point, actually every time i see these print screens i always wonder who the hell plays like this, it looks like a circus.

      • actually everything on there gives you a little bit off edge on the battlefield, like xvm, traverse indicator on chrosshair , centralised hp bar, etc/

      • Go look for Aslain’s mod pack screenies, you’ll be amazed at how much color there is. :) However, all extra visual elements adds critical info you can (mostly) get without mods but you don’t have to spend time looking for or remembering in battle.

          • Myself I have problems making out the stock UI colors, so the clearer colors people use in the mod packs (KT’s xvm pack) helps me out a lot.

        • you can have all that info without those bold colours and text, in a pretty clean way not with a bold rainbow in your face. As M164 i think it really can distract one from the real battle but people are different and this is just me ;) maybe it can help people with eyesight issues.

        • It’s special Russian tank, since only RU faggits are supertesters because evil EU supertesters supposedly leaked content which they shouldn’t…surprisingly though leaking continued even after EU supertesters got sacked….so it’s pretty weird….i think aliens did it…

  1. There is a mod that actually allows you to roam to the RU server with your EU account, it wasn’t intentional, but it works. Forgot the name of it. Check one of the other roaming posts and you’ll find it

  2. Ye, saw a Supertest roamer today too. The guy was actually really polite. He spoke in english, and helped us to win the battle :) So I gotta say, this guy was really awesome :)

  3. Russian players should stay on their server none wants them here. We have enought own rushers and 1min diers.

  4. I meet them yesterday, there were playing a platoon of T44-122. they have letter T in the shadow of the icon of their tank in the team panel. for what I saw T44-122 is a good tank or they played very well.

  5. Why do they have to limit roaming or have it as a paid option in WoT? In WT you change servers easy no probs.

  6. I’m so looking forward to roaming. No more playing on a server with 5k pop just because I had to move to another continent.