Wargaming kicks out Polish ESL team and replaces it with Russians

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Hello everyone,

okay, this is a bit weird. A lot weird in fact. Now, I am not a cyberspors expert, so I am not really familiar with all the rules and their interpretations, but even to someone like me, kicking out an approved ESL team sounds fishy at best. And that’s what apparently happened. A case of corruption in ESL league?

As Kopi21PL posted:

In the Go4WOT ESL cup 137, Virtus PRO (Russian team) was disqualified in its fight against Virtuti Militari_7team (apparently for non-attendance):


The admins accepted the result and did let Virtuti Militari_7team (a Polish team). Initial situation:


As you can see, Virtuti team is on second tier. Gogo Power Rangers team (rofl) won too, confirmed by administrators:


And then, without any warning, guess what: Virtuti team was kicked out and replaced by Virtus PRO. You know, the same Virtus PRO Russian team, promoted by Wargaming. Because that’s what European Sports League (as in, EU server one) needs: Russian teams.

And this is how the situation was in the end:


After being loud, the representatives of Virtuti team were told to write a support ticket. The thing is, they did, yet nothing happened.

Oh, yes and final insult? Virtus PRO got into finals.

Edit: The situation apparently got resolved to Polish team’s satisfaction.

In an answer for our ticket – ESL Admins apologised us for the whole situation and rewarded us for our participation in ESL go4wot #137. In our opinion it’s fair and it ends the “story”.

On behalf of GoGo Pover Rangers

53 thoughts on “Wargaming kicks out Polish ESL team and replaces it with Russians

    • Does anyone really want to pay any more penny/cent/eurocent/whateverCurrency for this game anymore? After such obvious scams?

    • Well, check the thread. But if there was more to the story (for example Virtuti getting disqualified for some rule breach), why wouldn’t the WG representative in the thread say so, instead of just telling them to write a support ticket? I am usually also skeptical about such cases, but this seems pretty blatant.

      • Even if the Polish team broke any rule, going by what tournaments are usually like, there should be no winner at all in that bracket. The Russians were already out of the picture by then, moving them up because someone later on did something seems fishy at best.

      • the thread is just full of people wild guessing what happened, no one knows anything.

        This is what happens when you run your 2013 tournaments as if it were 1999. No one actually watches the games, admins rely on players reporting the results and all that horribly outdated stuff we did with brood war before the new millenium

        WoT is simply not on an Esports level and it is very questionable whether it will ever get there due to client limitations.

  1. Its the ESL admins who did that not WG

    The same thing happens when an never heard teams gets into winning money,
    “Complications” start about every single thing

    • Okay, explain to me please (and I don’t mean that as sarcasm) what’s the difference? Because I thought the Go4WOT cup is some sort of Wargaming undertaking, using the ESL existing structure, so Wargaming definitely has some influence. Or am I wrong?

      • wargaming only pays prizes in the end, the whole tournament is organized by ESL and its admins.

        /troll mode on

        they are polish noobs anyway, gj by ESL

        /troll mode off

        • 1. ESL is not WG. WG may of course want something from ESL, since WG pays the prices, but not such trivial matter

          2. I didn’t read the thread but I would uess what could have happened:
          Russians were late/there was some misunderstanding with creating the room
          Poles posted a result “opponent didn’t show”
          Russians showed up and demanded to play
          Poles were annoyed (rightly or not) and refused to play

          Such stuff sometimes happens, usually really bad teams try to use rules to eliminate way better teams.

          3. With russians is a bit difficult. For me as long as you grinded tanks on EU you can use them to play eu tournament, but trouble starts, when there are some tournaments where it does matter what country you are from
          Also the russian e-sport equivalent of esl forbids non russian players to play (not that EU players would really be interested in playing there). That’s a bit unfair

          • maybe take a look at the National geographic episode of wargaming again.

            They clearly stated Virtus PRO is a Russian public favorite. So i assume they kicked the Polish team out to generate more income from the finals from the public. A know team generates more income then a unknown one from a far away country most Russians don’t even like. The money for ESL has to come from somewhere isn’t it?

            This is just a Asshole action from ESL and not sportive at all.

  2. since I participated in 2nd tournament WG ever did, that was back in 2010 (early 2011) I seared to GOD almighty I won’t be participating again in a competition WG has their fingers in

    it’s not the 1st time WG did questionable decisions and rule changes out of the blue

    my advice: stay the fuck away from any competition where WG is involved, in any type shape or form

  3. Hi SS!

    ESL and WG torunaments are two different things though the endrults are often enough similar – lots of pissed off players.

    You should really start to look into the whole ESL thing – lots off juicy material for your blog. For exampel some players wait for months to receive their price money – if the ever get it.

      • AFAIK thy are payed by ESL not Wargaming – but that is what I gathered a long time back. Could be wrong.

        Personally I dont care for ESL – its fucking boring. First you wait, than you wait some more, after that camping for some minutes, followed by hassle with screenshots and replays, waiting, protests … .

        At the end it comes down to who camps better and is better in making protests.

        Fucking BS that whole affair.

  4. Why is russian teams even allowed in EU competitions? – don’t they have (enough) competitions in their own game region?

  5. LOL. ESL was corrupted and rotten a long time ago. I know people that have won over 20k gold from ESL and still haven’t received it. I have won 2k gold 3 month ago and still waiting.

  6. First of all SS text is slightly misleading. What a player is complaining is that:

    Team VirtusPRO is being disq. in first round vs Virtuti Militari_7team

    Admins accpeted the score and promoted Virtuti Militari_7team.

    So in next round WE played with them and won. Were promoted thru. Next we won with Kings Tiger Team and were promoted after playing 3h to 1/16 round,

    And then someone without any information kicked us from the torunament and promoted VirtusPRO.
    Im asking wtf is this? Someone – ADMINS – made some decisions? You think our time is worth nothing?’

    So basically team that had issue with Virtus lost in second round, however admins kicked out team that have nothing to do with it, who simply played against opponent that were provided by tournament ladder and won. That gave me completely new scope of it – that is utter and completed disgrace. If something I believe that team should play against Virtus, not pass 2 rounds and then been kicked out just because something happenend without their knowledge.

      • In that case I would say it was fair- well still kinda fishy why those guys were able to play, but at least they have a chance to prove themselves agaisnt Virtus team.
        Saying that post that was linked by SS is highly misleading, as it’s sound like they were kicked out without any notification to make room for Virtus.

  7. They should just like the PLs fight VP for a spot, I mean they got in through technicality anyway, wouldn’t want a less entertaining team around. Would be fun to see VP crush these siemkas.

  8. I participated in the 1 vs 1 Tier 4 cup last year.
    I won 3 matches.
    Then in the 4th, I ran circles in the area (Himmelsdorf, only the park in the middle and the road around it was allowed) for 6 minutes, and I saw nothing (3 skill crew + Vk1801 Leopard…).
    Then my enemy started to capture my point… I wrote him gg, because he broke the rules (no capture allowed + he left the allowed area) + I made a screenshot. Few seconds later he rushed into the park and I blew up his tank…
    I reported my win, and moved on the next match. I waited for 10 minutes for my enemy, and I wrote every minute into the ESL chat, that I’m still waiting for him.
    When I wanted to reported he isn’t showed up, I saw that, he reported a Win, 6 minute ago…
    I made a veto, and sent the chatlog. That match is still undisputed…
    But I also saw that my previous match (with the cheater) is undisputed, he also reported a win. Veto, I sent them the screenshot and the replay.
    After that I made a few troll match to let the steam out (I broke the rules for fun), but I always reported that I lost.
    The cup lasted for 2 weeks. Nothing happened, until the last hour, when a Czech admin made the undisputed match into a lost match, favouring the Czech player against my evidences…
    After that, I don’t care. ESL is a rigged joke.

  9. I just informed a friend who works for Buffed Magazine in Germany. Let’s hope something good comes out of it. I loved watching the ProLeague and Go4Wot Events but this left a sour taste in my mouth…

  10. Now before everyone keeps raging I thought I might post the facts about this.
    Virtus Pro played against [url=http://www.esl.eu/eu/wot/go4wot/cup_137/team/7862315/]This Team[/url] instead of the other team that was said to won against TheOthers Zero Team. This was because of techinical difficulties with the esl website loading as seen here in the comments: http://www.esl.eu/eu/wot/go4wot/cup_137/match/29224927/ .So in the end it was all with technical difficulties packed problems and stuff anywaya lets hope this doesnt happen again although VPro played all their matches

  11. That’s really nasty and interesting. Why did they do such a thing? To ruin their own “reputation”(don’t know how to call it)?

  12. SS do you intentionally mislead, or are you just so biased that you can’t read?
    Exhibit a) http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/322652-is-esl-go4wot-tournament-only-for-russians/page__st__60__pid__6507272#entry6507272

    The team that was “screwed” is happy with the result.

    Most notably, what happened is that VPro was d’qd wrongly (my guess is the other team refused to send invites, then claimed a no show or something). The team that “won” that match play GGPR and lose. GGPR then beats KT. Admins finally wake up, and get a hold of GGPR, letting them know that VPRO actually won their first match, so GGPR and VPRO have to do a playoff to move on. They do and VPRO wins. GGPR gets additional compensation for the mixup. KT is eliminated because they lost to GGPR and possibly because they weren’t reachable due to most likely logging off after losing.

      • And yet no room left open in the OP for the possibility of it not being a conspiracy? Conspiracy are a lot rarer than people think; they forget how many conspirators are needed to pull them off… Someone posted a comment seconds after your post with a screenshot of the playoff match between GGPR and VPRO, yet no correction, or any change at all to OP.

          • The article in question is mostly fabricated provocative BS resulting from and acting as an outlet for your own prejudice.

            I’d personally be ashamed and apologize in a separate post instead of a small note at the bottom that barely anyone who’s seen the original article is going to read, but I suppose I am not you.

  13. Virt Pro. Wins that tournament regardless even without any mix-up. Wouldn’t be surprised if they ‘no show’ was an attempt by another team to game a DQ on VP knowing they couldn’t beat them.

    Would be curious to hear the ADMIN perspective on this. I’m hoping there was something else going on we didn’t see.