T37, possible new US light tank

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as you probably already know, Wargaming was recently featured in the National Geographic “Megafactories” show. Well, I’ve watched the show and – let’s be honest here: noone probably expected any negative facts to be mentioned, but it feels much like a 40 minute advertising reel. Well… no matter.

What was a bit more interesting though was the fact there were some pictures, depicting work in progress. One of the was a “leaked” sneakpeek at what is possibly the new upcoming American light tank, the T37 (pictures courtesy of Buck-O from Reddit)


Now, to put it in some perspective: the T37 Light Tank is in the game already. Sort of. In real life, it was an upgrade attempt for the M24 Chaffee and as such, it exists in the game in the form of the second Chaffee turret:

M24 Chaffee_18-8-37

The turret looks a bit different, here’s how the T37 Light Tank looked in real life:

T37 (a)

Regarding the T37 itself, I will post earlier Priory_of_Sion’s text from another FTR post on American Light tanks:

First off I would like to discuss the “missing link” between the M24 and the M41, the T37. Most of you should know a little about the T37 by WoT. It is the source for the M24′s upgraded turret, even though it is too large for the Chaffee’s turret ring(the US did have plans to enlarge the T24/M24 turret ring though which would allow the T37′s turret).

Now to discuss the T37. In Jan. 1945 the Army Ground Forces Equipment Review Board and the War Dept. Equipment Review Board both decided the M24 wasn’t fit. They proposed a 25t vehicle that had superior firepower & mobility compared to the Chaffee. They called it the T37.

Development began in 1946 and a pilot was produced in 1949. The T37 was split into 3 “phases”. Phase I was the turret and gun combination we see on the Chaffee in WoT. Phase II was mounted with a deadlier T91 76 mm gun (same gun as on the T71 LT) with a Vickers fire control system and became redesignated the T41 (direct precursor to the M41). Phase III was an autoloading variant which wasn’t built due to the Korean War. Some more advanced features of the T37 such as the rangefinders, the FCS and autoloaders were never fully developed due to the war in Korea. In 1950 orders were given to Cadillac to produce 100 T41E1s which became the famed M41 Walker Bulldog.

In World of Tanks





As you can see, the model is clearly different, which leads me to believe the T37 is developed separately and not as a Chaffee turret remodel. In fact, historically it would be an ideal solution, as the T37 development led to what is clearly tier 7 material: the Walker Bulldog. What I guess will happen is this: Chaffee will lose its top turret and will remain a tier 5 light tank (with better MM when compared to today and proper nerfs), T37 will become tier 6 and Walker Bulldog (confirmed numerous times earlier) will become a tier 7. What will become tier 8 is not known, but it apparently won’t be the T92 Light Tank.

But for now that all is just guessing.

54 thoughts on “T37, possible new US light tank

  1. Is it just me or are scout lights sorta unneeded now that theres enough tanks out there that can move fast and have good view range, as well as great radio range? I mean, I get the scout medal in my FCM50T quite often…

  2. Put the T92 after the T71 leading nowhere or to T54E1 as an option to the T69. They can make the Chaffe tier 6 after the M7 and buff that little shit of medium and give the tier 6 Chaffe only the M1A2 with the stock turret, and give it at least 60 kmh top speed.

    • Well it would be a waste of development time to make new models for the current graphics, if they would like to implement those tanks after the implementation of improved graphics.

      • That must be really old, because the T54E1 is as a premium. Anyway, the T54 was an M48 hull with T54E2 turret and an autoloader, while the T54E2 didn’t had an autolader, and both had the same 105 mm gun. So overall it would be a drawback compared to the tier 9 and the brach would be wird. And an old leak said that the E2 was planned to be tier 9, probably before the T95

  3. Standardize and re-balance scout tanks with normal MM, too many new players bring scout tanks thinking the MM is no different.

  4. a month+ ago the Chief was asking for pictures of the T41 light tank as well. So something that may come after the T37 if they add a higher tier.

  5. I seriously hope they will not nerf hard the Chaffee… But if they remove the second turret, they also remove the top gun, so here is a massive nerf already…
    Hope to see more informations soon about tier VI VII and VIII of this USA light branch.
    But i think the game is a bit fucked up for scout players. In tier X matches, we are most of the time near useless because heavies can see farther than us. *facepalm*