Autoloading Leopard 1

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog

Yuri has posted this interesting diagram on his blog showing what seems to be an Italian Leopard 1 with an autoloading mechanism for the L7 105 mm gun. There is no date known for this project, named the OTO-Centauro, at the moment.

Since this is an Italian it could be included into the Italian/Pan-Euro tree if it is ever implemented.

43 thoughts on “Autoloading Leopard 1

  1. If they make this one of the optional guns for the Leo 1, Even if it takes 200k exp to get I will grind for it.

  2. Wow that is quite an impressive addition to an already impressive tank. Though, unlike the drum-autoloading tanks currently in game…would such an autoloader warrant only an increased ROF over its predecessor, rather than a burst of fire then a long reload?

  3. Give it 4 shells and a ~30 second reload and it would be a great addition to the Batchat. Less one-clip-burst but better flexibility. WG never cared about the real-life number of shells and reload speed anyway.

    • Because in reality all auto-loader tanks had twice the amount of ammo in each clip and at least twice longer time to reload it if not more… It wouldn’t be possible to balance such tanks and also, reloading for half a battle… I don’t think so.

  4. Leopard’s garbage anyway. Autoloader wouldn’t much of a difference, it’s still no T-62. It’s a shame that the poor Italians always get lumped in with the atrocious German tank designs.

    • Leopard 1? Bad? *laughs *ss off*
      If anything, it’s borderline OP for what it is, but not quite.
      It’s basically a BatChat that gives up the autoloader for excellent DPM with a fairly meaty 390 alpha, godly accuracy even on the move, and other awesome soft stats like gun depression, while being able to outtrun even the T-62A to top it all off.
      It was an excellent tank in real life as well, and that’s reflected in game.
      Now, would you be kind enough direct me to where it is that you got the stuff that you’re smoking?

      On-topic now, I think that would work to give it a “dual-mag” system looking at the set-up, fire off 4 shells in 6 seconds (2 sec. in between shots), wait 15 seconds for the second mag to load, fire off another 4 shells in 6 seconds, and wait for something like 60 seconds for the whole clip to reload, and give it gun stats a little worse than the BatChat (it would balance out the incredible firepower on a medium tank). It would basically be an ultrasituational BatChat with basically the requisite of being a 1650 or so WN player to be able to handle it even adequately due to the seemingly awkward gun and lack of armor, but in the hands of a seasoned unicum, wreak absolute havoc. The real question to me is whether to implement it as a gun upgrade for the Leopard 1 for something like 75K xp since it’s a modification of a German design or put it as a Tier 10 Euro Tree medium since the Italians came up with it.

      • Well, Italians don’t really have much to offer in terms of high/top tiers when it comes to purely Italian tech. I guess if it appears, then it would be ITA Tier X.

        • Italians have also some modified pattons.
          Using those and reclassifying they “heavies” as mediums one could have a full trunk, just like the Japanese tree.

      • That dual-mag mechanism would be a interesting addition, but very awkward to use for the most players (as you pointed out).

        How about this:
        Every ~10 seconds, 1 shell is loaded into the autoloader, with a maximum of 6 shells. However, you can shoot while you are reloading (with a reload between shots like 3 sec) – that would give you a magazine/single-shot hybrid. It has great flexibility and burst potential, but also a fairly low DPM and a very long reload, if you want to reload the magazine completely (-> 60 sec).

        …Would that be overpowered? And also, I believe the german Leo is fine as it is right now, so let’s make that a Euro Tier X.

        • Yep, that would be extremely OP. You know why? Because it would give you the benefits of autoloader and benefits of regular loading system – capability do to immense burst damage when needed without vulnerability of loading system based tank when reloading. But there would be possibility to balance it if they modified it little bit more than what you offered, like 2 shells in that magazine instead of 4 or 6. Something in this manner will be in Japanese mid tier medium tanks IIRC so we will see how will it work (3 shots in drum but with regular drum loading time, so perhaps 12-16seconds reload time, depending on caliber of shells )

      • Leopard 1 godly accuracy on the move? Lol.

        You never drove a 62a or M48 Patton, did you?

        • And you never drove a Leo did you?
          @100m even my b-chat hits 4 out of 5 bullets @full speed.
          But Leo does that at 70!! km/h (not 55 like 62A) and on 300m+ distance.
          Tried that in this flat little 62A as well…. failed hard.

          not to mention the awsome depression. If u know how and where to use it.

          Didnt say the 62A is shit nor the Leo OP but they are awsome in their individual specs.

      • I’m glad Captain Autism wrote me a six page dissertation on the usefulness of a shitty medium tank, complete with internet roleplay laughing.

        Italians should look elsewhere for mediums.

        • you’ve been fed already, don’t be greedy.
          get back to that place under the bridge where you belong.

          • Italy doesn’t need Another L7A1 Platform #69000 as its tier 10 medium. Leopard is the worst of those. That’s all I’m trying to say.

    • An export downgrade. Seriously, Germans wouldn’t export their state of the art tank with its full capabilities. On the other hand PTA was only a prototype, not for sales bro.

  5. Since Italy will be a part of EU tech tree any chance leo 1 auto to be t10 medium for EU tech tree?

  6. I hope this WON’T be implemented! Why? Cause the german military wilfully didn’t take an autoloader neither for the Leo1 nor Leo2. Why? Cause a good (good, not “perfectly”) trained crew in real life is MUCH faster than an autoloader. During my obligatory military service in the german army every crew i met was capable of loading the next shot with 4-5 seconds, giving those tanks a RL RoF of 10-12rpm, twice of what it is in WoT. Faster than any autoloader system available. Autoloaders are have not been invented for faster firing, but for saving a crew member -> saving space -> make the tank smaller or less vulnerable. I would prefer a crew perk like “real life Leo gun reloading” or similiar ;)

    • So far, the british and american armies also have favored a young man with strong arms over an autoloader :)

      • non-revolver auto loaders are useful, but generally only for rounds above 120mm in diameter where loading in a confined space starts to get difficult.
        The reason the Russians used them was a combination of two things:
        1. small tanks with small turrets and big guns (take the T62 4 RPM as an example).
        2. lack of trained crews: T64s may have got decent crews back in the day, but T72s sure as hell didn’t.

        In a tank as well loved by crews as the Leopard 1, a 105mm auto loader is kind of pointless

        • Actually the main point is deleting the loader station, which saves a lot of space and thus allows for that much smaller and lighter tank (or a bigger gun in a smaller tank, as the Soviet design philosophy went). Case in point, the Leclerc is pretty much the lightest “Western” MBT thanks to that.

          On another note, the T-64 was the start of the “quality” line of the Soviet tanks meant for actual tank divisions, whereas the “quantity” branch to which the T-72 belongs formed the tank component of mechanised infantry divs. And you’ll have to excuse my scepticism about your claim a military as enormous as the Red Army would have had problems supplying trained loaders, given that AFAIK that’s the least technically challenging “menial labour” job in a tank and the leeeeeetle detail a fair few T-55s and T-62s were directly inherited by the Russian Federation…

  7. For those that wonder the german text in the photo only says: “Placement of the device in the tanks turret”

  8. The name of the tank is spelled wrong, it should be “Centauro” instead of “Centuaro” :)

  9. italy didnt even order the leo 1 untill 1970 which is already outside the wot timeline so dont expect to see this thing

    • Ok, but this thing is called “OTO-Centauro”: that “OTO” may refer to OTO Melara, an italian defense company that built (and still builds) weapons and gun systems (and even armored vehicles and tanks). This means that the drawing found by Yuri may be a project of an upgrade of the Leopard developed by that company prior to WG’s time limit.

      • from what ive heard OTO didnt start to work on the leo 1 until 1975, and that resulted in the lion a modefied leopard 1 for desert enviroments.

        so id say this project is from the mid 70s

  10. i am italian…and i hope they make this tank :D but i think is OP with an autoloader :P

  11. OTO, huh? That’s a name that often turns up in the context of modern naval weapons. Quick look at the Wiki says they’ve been making fully automatic dual-purpose naval pieces since the Sixties, so this would certainly seem up their alley.