Monthly Mission bugged after all?

Hello everyone,

some of you who saw it might remember that there was a post about the monthly mission (7 survived battles, 24 kills) being bugged, awarding the 250k reward after all. I did remove the post, because a lot of player suggested this is not a bug, it is simply caused by the fact you fulfill the mission the day before without playing that one random mission – when you play that one last battle the following day, you do recieve the 250k award.

Well, that’s cool, but what about this (screen from ChinamanCZ):


This picture was taken today in the afternoon. Here, you can see how the final mission got awarded: clearly the player did not fulfill its conditions and it definitely was not his first battle of the day (as he survived 5 battles and fulfilled the kill quota). Yet he got awarded the 250k – how?

Also, please note this is the THIRD such event only today that was e-mailed to me. Did all of them wait with that last mission until the next day? Hmm… somehow I don’t think so. Looks like a (nice) bug to me.

17 thoughts on “Monthly Mission bugged after all?

  1. I have completed only the “Survive” part of the mission and It gave me the 250 k after one random battle too,so It is kinda buggy I suppose.

  2. A mate always gets the reward one battle after he has completed the kills, no matter how many battles he survived. Works fine for me though.

  3. happened to me this morning. I didn’t think much of it. More than “ok, hmm, will it be rewared twice, once i finished it?”. But alas, it wasn’t. Was right about server reboot time though.

  4. The last time i played before this bug, i finished the mission, and got my 250k, two days later (yesterday) first match of the night, mission complete :)
    Let all bugs be as this one

  5. This also happened to me. I had 7 survived battles, 23 kills and a TEAM KILL on my record for that day (I went through all replays to make sure) and I was paid out the 250k

    So either it was just a random occurrence or the team kill counted for the mission.

  6. don’t have any problems, did the mission and one battle more, got my money, everything is fine.

  7. I haven’t seen this one yet. On the other hand, today in my third battle in my E100 (in which I horribly sucked ), I managed to miss at least 6 HEAT shells. In the after-battle record, no shell costs were subtracted from my rewarded silver. I wondered how I could manage to break even after such a terrible battle with such a waste of SPREM ammo, but the after action report was clear in that I didn’t have to pay for any of my shells shot in that battle. Unfortunately I didn’t take screenshot of that incident since I got occupied with something else. Imo these events could be related. Got to play some more to see if some trend appears. Quite nice bugs though.

    • Maybe you bought gold shells on discount on the special so you had some of it in the depot? When you have a stock of shells, consumables etc it does not rebuy them until you spend all the stock from the depot….

  8. this has happened to me. I believe it has to do with finishing the “survive 7 battles” part. since people’s survival rates are usually bad, it takes far longer to survive the 7 battles than to get the kills, so it doesn’t appear often.

  9. just confirmed it relates to the survive part – i’m grinding KV4, survived 7 but only 10 kills and next battle i got the reward – nice!

  10. My teammate has a some bugged game and all what he must to do it for 250k is just play a battle….

  11. I have had issues where I receive the award and never get the 250k, i raised a ticket, but as usual got nowhere :-/ this has happened several times now… it seems if you dont play a game and win immediately after recieving the award… you dont get it…. that sucks!!! thats my theory anyway :)