Tame the Rhino – Victory!

Hello everyone,

sorry, gotta brag a bit. Yea, I won 3000g in the latest competition. First time I’ve ever won anything actually (when it comes to game-based stuff anyway). WG EU giving me free gold? I like that :P


Since it was a really good game for me, I actually not only saved the replay, but also made a screenshot of the scoreboard. Here it is:


And in case you are interested, here’s the replay.

59 thoughts on “Tame the Rhino – Victory!

    • He likely had to have someone else spot for him, so he got gypped on most of the XP rewards. That, and as others are saying, he probably left to garage way too early.

      • I had something similar happen to me in an E-50M game, No team damage or early quit, just the loss due to not spotting your targets really hurts, especially on a defeat.

  1. Its nice that WG was able to post the results…

    Sadly EU is running behind with the SPG Month. NA and RU both have had results posted for at least 2-4 days already.

  2. Good game, though i must say that after the hits from the IS-8 and Leo Prototype, i wasent sure it was the right replay that you had uploaded :)

  3. No wonder, the Rhm-BT with 12.8mm and a skilled crew is a damage machine. I did 10k damage on the test server on more than one occasion, facing only tier 10′s. The camo is so good.

  4. Congrats SS, i was so sure I was gonna won on my Nashorn and the tier 5 at least one time… nothing :/ Eh, these competitions are too tough for casual players :( :( I wont even try to win any, no use :P Eh, no way for me to get any gold from competitions ever :/

  5. Are you sure that they didn’t mess this up too? I mean you slam them hard enough they may be opening up another opportunity for you to make fun of them by not giving you your gold.

      • At least one of the game magazines in my country sometimes gives a code :) I bought some gold but the problem is that I don’t really know what to do with it. I’m playing too short daily for premium and I don’t think premium tank is a good idea either.
        My main problem with WoT isn’t the lack of gold but my ubernoobness :( Every stats calculator says that my stats are in the best case below average :/

  6. Wait till the notice that they send out 3K gold to a guy called “Silentstalker” … .

    On the other hand, its WG-EU … .

  7. Hi ss i also got this in my rhm was a nice suprise to get when i checked my e-mail, only got 8 kills but did 10.5 k dmg rhm is my new favorite tier 8 :)

  8. Congrats, I’ll watch the replay ASAP ! :) I know Keulz, he’s a long term player from the very nice and skilled french clan CPC (Canard PC), one of their members made me get into WoT back in 2011. I’m glad to see you both on this leaderboard ; with all the gold-fed campers playing Rhm-WT these last weeks to win this this gold. I hopefully managed to rape a few by ramming with my tier 8 heavies. :)

  9. 1500 gold gold for PzSfl IVc – I like that :D
    Funny thing is that my best battle was lost, but thx to Halonen Medal I got winning exp :)

  10. Congrat, good job SS. By the way, which gun do you prefer? How do you feel Rhein comparing to Fredi and JP2? I am now thinking sell my JP2 and get a Rhein, does it worth?