Japanese tanks will have different color

Source: RU forums via Ridethehorseman

Hello everyone,

well, this is surprising. According to Storm’s post on Russian forums:


the color of Japanese tanks will be reworked. They will not be brown (although it’s possible they will appear brown on the Common Test), they will in the end be green like this:


Daigensui comments on this color:

“This is the Southern Army alternative color, willow green, used to replace the olive green for the Northern Army camouflage. Due to its coloring over most of the parched grass primer base, it is considered the base color for IJA tanks in the Pacific, according to some superficial people.”

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    • Hey Daigensui! Could you tell us the historical background of the Brown/Rust color ?

      Is there even one or it was WG invention ?

        • Was derping around in Ki-45 yesterday in WarThunder when I unlocked another “camo”. Base paint for Ki-45 was brown and second one was(can’t remember from what army or part of Japan) This stupid green. Maybe little lighter. I don’t like it all.

          • I actually preferred the brown also. Made the tanks stand out.
            At least they haven’t farted around with the wonderous blue colour desert camo.

            • Blue color – desert camo – logic does not compute :D
              Or maybe does compute – if you spot blue tenk – u thinks a mirage and they think they see sky.

            • I think everyone wanted rust colour. It would fit nicely.

              Western Brown, Central Grey, Northern Olive, Eastern Green, Insular Beige, Continental Blue *and* Oceanic Rust.

              Now they will look like poorly made Russians.

              • Not sure how the Green would look, but I sure didn’t like the rust colour. It felt like there was no colour on the tanks, and they just rolled out of the factory before a paint job.

                • Well, it’s pretty much how tanks look in WoT regardless. I might look more realistic when tanks have a nice paintjob, but keeping different colours for different nations gives them personality. One of the reasons I don’t like the Chinese, they look like the werido cousins of the russians. Or considering the saturation of their painjob, irradiated russians.

                • When I say “that’s how they look”, I mean the “fresh out the tank wash” feel the Realism hacks keep complaining about.

    • Heh, I was scratching my head thinking Surely Khaki Brown was the correct colour.

      Glad I was right.

    • Yeah cuz the army uses whatever colors are pretty and new, not the ones more likely to be found in a specific combat environment…hurp durp.

  1. Green, brown, beige, olive,…
    I wish mother nature would have grown more blue plants and placed more red rocks so there is more variety in camouflage. :D

    • Look up flechtarn(or flechturd as it’s affectionately called nowadays), old german cammo in the 80s

    • Red isn’t too unusual for ground-level rainforest plants (IIRC they’ve opted for working with IR due to the visible spectrum getting mostly absorbed by the higher layers), but that’s evolution and physics for ya.

  2. As we didn’t had enough green tanks…

    Wot Newby:
    Q:Hey, how I can differenciate the russian, chinese and japanese tanks?
    A:Although they got different emblems you “can” differenciate them by color:Russians are light green, chinese are dark green and japanese are in-between.

    Now really, what was wrong with the rusty-brown color?…at least that redish color was something “original”.

    • Yeah…I always wondered why the army was so dead set into camouflaging their gear for the environments they’re fighting in, instead of asking the designers for new artsy and pearlescent colors everywhere….

      • Drakko, stop being a captian obvious when others can be too.
        You know, I’m moaning about the colour applied on virtual tanks, on a virtual game, where there are 2 more nations that share the same base camo, not about what japanese(and other nations) dudes were doing 70 years ago.
        Yeah, it helped them in RL, you can underline that, but in the freaking game, where it was stated many times it’s not supposed to be a simulator, for sure green base camo will do the job in a city map/winter map/summer country map…for sure it will.;)
        Oh, and what’s wrong if I like the rusty-brown color more than the green one?
        Both were used IRL.;)

        And an addition, how many japanese-enviromental maps we have in game?…those 1-2 asian maps(dragon ridge and pearl river) which were special for the chinese?

      • Yeah, never thought about that:
        From tier 2-7 you have the whole LT-35/38 family reunited, from 8 to 9 you have some self-made pattons and a recoloured leo at tier 10.

        For japanese fanboys, this is just a joke which didn’t ment to hurt you in any way, no hard feelings, no katana cuts(please?)

        • Ah c’mon, I wanted to be promoted to Major Obvious.

          On a serious note, the standard camo, at least before applying y’know…paid-for-camo should reflect the expected turf the tanks would be fighting on, so I can understand that khaki wannabe variation.

          As for the later tanks in the tier…since the ‘muricuns were so giving with the Japs during that time, they gave them a lot of presents, such as Fatman, Little boy, and, after the war, when they became allies and went after NK in the ’50s, they most likely gave them plans and/or pointers regarding the Pattons they were using in that time.

          Since by that time, the Allies also included Germany, you can guess where the german tech came from too :).

          ^—-this, by the way is merely speculation but it’s logical to me, open for debate :)

    • Looks like Russian x France/Chinese. I would have preferred the rusty color since we already have three nations that use the greenish colors. We’ll see how the tanks will look in the end.


  3. Question about the new patch: some time a go there was a post that said in patch 8.10 there will be Japanese tanks and the 3rd line of Russian mediums (the one that continues from object 416). This medium line will still come in 8.10 or we get only the Japanese tanks?

    • Eat some ghost chillies combined with tons of spinach, wait few hours and voila!, the final product will come along with some noisy sounds that will disturb every neighbour in a radius of 1 to 2 km.

  4. Will Chi-Nu Kai remain brown, like how the Type 59 is much more lime green than the blue-green of all the rest of the Chinese tanks?

  5. Attention citizens! From now on, the shite brown is not our national color anymore. Instead, we chose the glorious puke green!

  6. I have no problem with changing the color so far
    It might look better or worst, I will just crossed the fingers and wait for the end result

  7. another change no one but WG knows why it happened/will happen….no one asked for, no one wanted it, but WG decided to do it anyway…