Next weekend bonuses


Hello everyone,

the American server has announced the “epic” event for next weekend. Us Europeans might not get exactly the same thing, but it gives us an idea.

(by the way, you know how WG EU fails on weekend events, despite their claims otherwise? Those claims are false – I specifically checked with American staff and did let them know about that post and the bullshit WG EU is spreading)

So here goes:

- 3x crew XP
- 50 percent credit discount on tier 2-5 tanks, 30 percent on tier 6-7 tanks, 15 percent on tier 8 tanks
- 50 percent gold discount on tier 2-4 premium tanks, 30 percent on tier 5-7 premium tanks
- 50 percent discount on crew training and skill resets
- 50 percent discount on consumables
- 50 percent discount on barracks slots


- kill at least 3 tanks and do 1800 damage in one battle, recieve 40k credits

And finally, everyone gets one day premium account for free. Not bad.

33 thoughts on “Next weekend bonuses

  1. Wow, we’re getting this next weekend on the NA server?! Well, I was already VERY happy with the Veterans Day (Remembrance Day for those in Europe) specials, but now this as a Thanksgiving special? Too much, but I’m not complaining!
    Oh, and SS, is there info on possible tanks in the AMX 30 tree when it comes?
    I’m very interested in it, particularly in the armor and HEAT shell as a matter of fact. While the armor was only a measly 80mm at the front, it was at something like 75 degrees IIRC, basically making it autobounce if shot at from directly in front, but paper from even a slight elevation. It also had a 400mm penetration Obus G HEAT shell. It had basically the same mobility as the Leopard 1 too, and to balance out the advantages over the Leopard, I could see it with a 2.3sec aim time and 0.33 accuracy. I see potential for lulz when it comes.
    (sorry for typing so much)

  2. Sounds decent.

    I can imagine a lot of mid-tier soviet 122mm guns being used this weekend for that 40k creds mission.

    • Mission: Turkey Day


      Random battles only; once per account


      Win one battle


      1 day of Premium time

  3. Hello my new S35 and Pz B2 or swap one of those with a FCM 36…
    - 50 percent gold discount on tier 2-4 premium tanks

    We will see wont we… Maybe all 3.

    Cant argue with a sale. =)

  4. Cyber Monday Premium Shop Bundles – December 2-3

    We’ve still got something special to end the holiday weekend as we offer a host of bundles featuring a certain tank with its own mythological reputation.

    tank with its own mythological reputation??? Type 59?

  5. Dear FTR Community,

    In missions tab in WoT you’ve got the “Coming soon” section.

    So for the next weekend EU has x3 crew exp (probably x3 exp as well), 40k for destroying 3 enemies and dealing 1800 dmg AND…

    1 DAY OF PREMIUM just for playing one battle.

    You’re welcome:)