8.10 Japanese tank stats

Preliminary Japanese characteristics from RU forums

Tier 1 LT- Renault Otsu


Tier 2 LT – Type 95 Ha-Go


Tier 3 LT – Type 98 Ke-Ni


Tier 4 LT – Type 5 Ke-Ho


Tier 2 MT – Chi-Ni


Tier 3 MT – Type 97 Chi-Ha


Tier 4 MT – Type 1 Chi-He


Tier 5 MT – Type 3 Chi-Nu


Tier 6 MT – Type 4 Chi-To


Tier 7 MT – Type 5 Chi-Ri


Tier 8 MT – STA-1


Tier 9 MT – Type 61


Tier 10 MT – STB-1


63 thoughts on “8.10 Japanese tank stats

  1. Interesting the direction they took with a similar role to the Leo 1 but with (much) less accuracy. Slightly slower but good god that fire rate. Gun depression I think will also be better? allowing for a better hull down tank than the Leo. Turret traverse also seems to be better while losing somewhat in the pen department with APCR.

    • This is of course without the hydraulic suspension. WG hasn’t implemented it, of course, and probably never will, but they said at some point that the STB-1 would have good depression (which implies that they artificially increased the angles to simulate it).

      • Yep. With the hydraulic suspension (http://ftr.wot-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/7.jpg) it looks to be about -15 or so. With that in mind I think -10 is a perfectly acceptable number, and it also fits with the rest of the Japanese mediums. Personally I am looking forward a proper hull down tank at tier ten, as I think anything less than -10 is (quite honestly) less than adequate for the hull down play style. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. the Japanese tanks looks very interesting the tier 10 will have crazy DPM and I like the fact that chi ri has an autoloader or non autoloader option my only question is if the light tanks will have scout mm or will be like the british.

    • Yes, having the choice to use an autoloader or not on the Chi-Ri is interesting.
      However, if the drum reload time is anything like the T71 or 13/75 then it’ll be a no-brainer.

      • 10 second reload and only 1 second between each shot. Almost certainly going to take the autoloader, only thing that may change my mind is if there is any gun depression differences between the 2 guns.

        • Well, it is still three shots of 75mm at around 140 average damage, so around 410. That would be the equivalent of a 122mm shot if you can get all shots in your target, meaning it stays exposed for 3 seconds…

          Doesn’t seem that good to me. In an autoloader, 6 shots is nice, 5 is correct, 4 is acceptable, but 3 gets quite impractical. If you fail to get one if the juicy parts of your target, it’s back to 10 seconds of waiting, which you could very well not have.

          • Yeah, the non-autoloader will be better. The autoloader, including the time between the shots, will take 13 seconds. The non-autoloader has a reload time of 3.6 seconds. So, if they are both firing every time they can, the autoloader will have its next shells available in 13 seconds, while the non-autoloader will have its 4th shell available in 10.8 seconds.

  3. 7.5 RPM for the STB-1? Holy shit. Hoping it doesn’t get nerfed in test, but i have a feeling it will.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I don’t have a problem with it’s high DPM (in fact i love it), I’m just worried it might get changed. The pen and accuracy do make it a decent trade off though.

      • In what reality is 218/275 considered “low pen” on a tier 8 medium? Might you look at the Pershing’s gun, this gun here has NO tradeoffs, any tradeoffs would have to be on the vehicle itself, because this gun is all goods and no bads at all.

      • Low pen?

        Nah, it’s pretty decent for a medium tank. Shouldn’t be playing it like a heavy anyway.

        Liking the look of the gun mantlet though. My (future) Leo 1 is envious. My PTA too.

    • I also hope that RoF does not get lowered. It shouldn’t be, since the gun is far less accurate than German and British counterparts.

  4. Anyone else thinking that the tier 8 MT, the STA-1, doesn’t have a fully traverseble turret, more like the T28 prot?

    • It looks like that but it would probably juas have 0 or -1 gun depression in the back, just like the Cromwell and the Comet

  5. That t8 looks really interesting now, 8 RpM with 218 mm pen at t8 on a, what seems to be, fairly mobile chassie and some gun depression. I don’t know if i’ll bother going to t10 but i’ll defintely get the t8 one.

    also, 12 RpM with the same 90 mm gun at t9, dat DpM.

    • The t7 looks horrible though, larger than a KT but with t4 levels of armor and fairly poor mobillity.

  6. my god, the Tier 2 Japanese medium tank has the tiniest turret I’ve ever seen. I do like the stats of the Chi-Ri, and I am planning to get the STB-1, that rounded turret looks fun to go hull down

  7. That’s some serious firepower on the tier 8, 9 and 10.
    6 and 7 seem to be a bit underwhelming though

      • Well the VK 30.02 M has an almost identical gun but better turret armor and higher top speed. Hard to judge the overall performance without knowing the soft stats though.

        The tier 7 will have trouble with the weak gold ammo. All the other tier 7 mediums get premium ammo which pushes them past the 200 penetration barrier (or at least close to it) and thus can engage tier 8 heavies frontally. With only 186 it’s still possible, but very hard.

      • Well even IndienPanzer has also 8 rpm (90mm) – with much better armor imho – nothing impressive…

  8. Lel more of those crap tanks. Only tanks capable of proper gameplay are 8 tier nad higher. So much hype of nothing. And only X tier looks fun to play.

  9. The Type 61 will be like the Centurion 7/1 with the two different guns: fast firing high DPM “low pen” (2880) or high pen and punchy alpha DMG and lower DPM (2340)

      • Well, you cant be standing there and thinking you can put out that dpm – the armor of this tank is just preventing the vehicle to fall apart when firing…

  10. Damn, STA-1 is pretty slow…
    I though it will be going like 50 Km/h… and it will be slower than Pershing i guess…
    But, i’m still gonna get STA-1 though…

  11. Im glad I’m going to be finished my british medium line soon as soon I watch jingles 8.10 preview i might go down this line next

  12. Really looking forward to these tanks! I have been saving up free XP to skip from tier 1 to tier 4 (I have enough to skip to tier 5 but i want to try out Che-he). I know I am gonna love tier 4-6 and I might like chi-ri but it’s stats are so unique and weird. Not planning on getting any of the tanks further than tier 7 though they do seem pretty awesome.

  13. Can’t wait to start grinding. But that accuracy tho D: … Was expecting something like a FV4202 accuracy
    Oh well…

      • yes, the accuracy is similar to “121″ – some Sushi instead of Extinguishers will help here.. i just hope the turret will have some good bounce potential (with its shape the autobounce angle can achieved rather quick) and the armor model on it will not be screwed

        With a HP/ton Ratio of over 20 it will be really mobile (like FV4202) and can work out the terrain quite good i guess

        I really wonder what the Soft-Stats will bring (hoping for a good Gun Dispersion on the move – and allows it to hit without having a full-Stop to hit anything) – and the Ground Resistance, but i see that it has the same Tracks and it’s lighter than Leo1 (with more Armor – leads me to the conclusion that this STB-1 will be a rather tiny Tank, like Obj140 or so)

  14. meah i was hoping for more . stb-1 has a worse gun than the leo 1 except for ROF . STB 1 has a massive weak spot on the hull and commanders hatch . im disappointed. i bet the obj 430 will be better

    • WTF? Did they remove the breech block? Maybe WG also shaved off some (most) of the barrel?

      While this does make the STB-1 a lot more viable, the reality hacking is seriously disappointing.

  15. Hmm – Tier 8 and 8 seem to have utter Garbage Armor, do i see that right? I think rather nimble but not high Top Speed. I don’t like the look of the sub-T8 Tanks (look like disguised Tractors) – the STB-1 is the Baby to have… i will go for it.. gogo-O-Gadget-Free-XP :P