EU server will have KV-220 on sale too

Source: EU forums

Just a quick update: Ectar posted that EU server will also have the KV-220. I’ll wait for the announced price, but the tank itself is kinda meh. Apart from OMGWHEREDIDYOUGETIT effect, I see no point in buying it.

55 thoughts on “EU server will have KV-220 on sale too

  1. Great!… well no. It has to be because of the hordes of desperate people demanding to have this piece of… errr….mitology in their garages.

    • You’d be surprised how effective that armor is. 100mm front and sides means you can pretty much angle your tank up to 45 degrees and be almost immune to equal tier fire. Turret armor is quite weak though.

      • UFP looks to be 30 degrees, Mid plate is 70, and LFP is 30 again all by eye.

        UFP: 100 @ 30 = 115mm effective
        MFP: 80 @ 70 = 233mm effective (will basically autobounce everything with that angle)
        LFP: 100 @ 30 = 115mm effective

        The LMG and Drivers vision port on the UFP are major weakspots at 80mm with very little to no angle.

        • How many players will underestimate this tank thinking “it’s just a KV-1 with different name”, and start shooting its hull instead of the turret?

  2. meh tier 6 max, -8 gun depression, 100mm armor with the same layout as KV-1, and im assuming good RoF. ill get it if its cheap enough, or if it gets bundled with the IS-6 as on the NA server.

    • Yea the side armor will let you do some crazy angling before it becomes weaker then the front, like a 41 degree angle, and your front and side armor would both be 152mm effective.

      Don’t forget to count your tracks into that as they will cover the majority of the hull like on the KV-1, so that is 152mm + 20mm tracks on your side (other then the small strip of upper side hull plate)

    • have fun getting penetrated on the turret, its only 75mm thick on the front and the bugle is 90mm, hardly any overlapping of the spaced armor (which is also only 75mm).

      Last KV turret is 115mm with 90mm bugle and 110mm spaced armor, quite much overlapping.

      • This is in tier 5 and 6, most of the players are not that skilled, they just spam shells at you with out aiming, so they fire at the largest target (your hull)

  3. I remember seeing a KV-220 (beta test variant, IIRC) waaaaay back. The guy with it said his clan had transferred from RU or something o.o

      • If we’re getting something else, the M6A2E1 looks like fun. But its obvious that one isn’t going to be available…
        The M4A2E4 sound like some fun, but I’ve always wanted the KV-220. Maybe I should get a NA account and wait for another transfer lol

  4. Not worth it specially because the price will be really high because of combined gold packs with it, but i guess that is done to prevent everyone getting it and overflooding the server….

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  6. One day will be the pz V alpha and M4E3E4… I miss the times when some tanks were special and unique.

  7. It’s basically like an up-armored Matilda IV, right? Only with the typical KV illnesses like catching fire all the time… I think it’s not really competetive when comparing it with the Churchy III.

    I don’t see any good reason for getting it if your not collecting tanks for the sake of having them.

    Ah well…

    • Cant disagree, but if the MM will be limited to tier 6 max then it might be an interesting heavy to drive. Then again also pretty much map dependant and I can asume relatively vulnerable on the most of maps where there are no house to side scrap…

  8. Can’t say the KV-220 was ever on my ‘Rare tanks most wanted list’. I would have much preferred to have any of the following: BT-SV, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J, Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydraulic or a Pz.Kpfw. V/IV. Oh well.
    I’ll still take it though as long as it’s reasonably priced. There is a shortage of people playing Russian tanks on the servers after all… ~_^

  9. Maus tier 5, trust me. I have K220 in gara and 72%wr after 303 battles :p (VietNam Sever)

  10. From the comment from Ectar we have a new WG eu fail. He says that the weekend special begins tomorrow, but looking at the calendar (at least the spanish edition) it should have begun today

  11. Look at the KV-220, Ruassian pover. Very good, it’s okay. :D Anywys, will this tank will in the store? I want to buy it, but not have money now… :3

    • “i hoped to get this offer: IS-6 + KV-5 + M3 = i meant KV-220 instead of M3

      I hate it when companies fail to exploit my addiction…