47 thoughts on “NA Server – KV-220 on sale

  1. Wow, such a hype over a quite crappy tank….and they(WGNA) advertised it like it was golden Type59 for free….

      • Actually i don’t care whether it will be OP or not because i won’t be buying it anyway(even if it was some OP tank) but considering how much hype they made on NA forum about “mythical tank” just to reveal it will be this crappy tank is beyond me…..what exactly is mythical about this tank when 80% of players didn’t even knew about this tank until now….

        • Agreed,
          This THING is not even close to being a “mythical tank,” it would have made sense for them to sell tanks like the T23, Type 59, or something else that. The KV-220 is junk, the only times i even heard about it were when iam surfing WoT wiki

  2. It’s a KV-1 stock turret with a buffed version of the 76mm Zis-5 (real version has 86mm silver, 102mm gold pen. This one has 99/121, similar to T14 gun.

    It also has a hull armor layout of 100/100/80 which will make it an absurd behemoth in a tier5 game, imagine KV-1 with 25mm extra front and sides. Probably real slow though.

    And it has easy tier5 MM like T14/Matilda IV according to the better maintained Russian wiki (which I trust more as the tank sees play on that server occasionally).

    Beast in tier5, meh in tier6.

    • I think the gun got buffed a while ago. Used to be the same pen.

      I’m enjoying all the Type 59 tears on the forum haha.

  3. Uuuuuh…..KV-1 is still better for money grind. Who da hell would buy such?
    Unless it have pref MM. Then it could work.

  4. This whole time I thought the kv-220 had the 122mm. Why? I have no idea. Lol. Since I have no use for Another soviet heavy crew trainer I’ll pass. Seriously when will they get another medium trainer. They have two medium lines with 3 tier 10s (soon they will have the third).

  5. ANd the other Tanks? like KV5, Tetrarch and so on?! I give a shit on KV220 i want the ugly fat KV5!

  6. Still better than the crap we (EU) got as a beta test reward. I remember the first days of the launch when the E4 was meeting the UFO M6. It gave real meaning of “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

  7. I may purchase one. The fact that it is not a Type 59 means the server(s) for the payment processor won’t be overloaded for more than 24 hours. I’m not sure I have ever heard any call for this specific tank to be released in NA or EU. Usually you only hear about the Type 59, and failing mention of that, the pre-order tanks.

    As always, WG’s propaganda machine (“The first CW campaign received critical acclaim”) is working overtime to create quality fertilizer.

  8. I have so many KVs it’s embarrassing already and so many trained crews I do the daily doubles and milk the 250k silver challenge in a few hours without using the same tank twice.

  9. Typical T5 heavy premium tank. Crappy gun, useless against even +1 enemies, but insane armor. If top tier as T5, this thing however is borderline OP, because odds are no one in the enemy can penetrate your front or side (weakspot aiming isn’t a thing for tier 4 tanks) and you can still penetrate everything, well except other KV-220. hah.

    It has more penetration than the T14, it has twice the hull armor, only the T14s turret is better armed – but since the T14 is a tiny turret on a huge hull, I bet almost no one here actually knew that. I didn’t until I just looked it up, since I always got to shoot the hull and penetrated there. Hull Down also isn’t a thing in Tier 5.

    Overall a fine premium tank that shouldn’t upset the game.

  10. KV-220 is a nice tank for the collectors. I was hoping for the Mutant 6. Nope! For an American holiday, NA server gets a mythical Soviet tank along with German and Lend Lease tanks. WG certainly trolled all of the drivers wanting the Type 59 in a big way.

  11. “I might buy one.”

    …is what I would say if it were in the ingame shop and I didn’t have to pay an absurd amount of money for a gold package with it tacked on as an afterthought.

  12. I am contemplating buying the 10k gold KV-220 offer and the B2 premium offer. Hoping they are together around only $100. Heck if they actually are put on sale as a real Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale works then I will for sure get them. Going to have 22,000 extra gold after it though since I already own a Lowe.

  13. It’s a real shame they aren’t offering the KV-220 and B2 by themselves. No way I am going to spend $100+ for just to get two rare premium tanks.