Tank Inspector (beta) introduction

Hello everyone,

I’d like to bring your attention to this really interesting piece of software I was informed recently about. A group of Chinese programmers (who proposed earlier the Personal Rating you might remember), who call themselves Smellyriver Studio, did put together new software to actually inspect tanks in game. I tested it a bit and to me it seems really easy to use and user friendly in general, that’s why I am giving everyone heads up. It’s called Tank Inspector. Currently however, it is in beta stage and thus it’s not universally available: you need “beta keys” to access it. I will get to that in a moment.

The main idea behind it is to have all the info about WoT vehicles on one place:



I tried it and it works just fine. There are detailed data about tanks, collision model (IMHO more user friendly than the WoT Viewer one) and other useful stuff. The following has been written by the Smellyriver (ugh, that name…) guys themselves:

What is required to use it?

Firstly, you need a computer on which World of Tanks works well. Windows XP SP3 or a newer operation system is required.
DirectX 9.0c and a graphics card supports it are needed. NET Frameworks 4.0 should be installed on your computer.

Download DirectX 9.0c: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
Download .NET Frameworks 4.0: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851

How to get it?

You can download it for free on its website here:


Well, that’s it. I hope you’ll like it.

79 thoughts on “Tank Inspector (beta) introduction

      • Sadly this is not Cel Shading as there is no light source directed at the model, the method used here is the Outline drawing, which is a way to depict the edges of an object without details or shading.

  1. What I want the most is a free source for 3D module/crew locations, so I don’t have to rely on the incomplete and unreliable hitskin-based ‘weak point’ Web sites. This doesn’t appear to offer anything you can’t get from wotinfo.net and WoT Tank Viewer.

    • And the thing I want second most in a viewer program is a LoS thickness and angle calculator/display.

      • That’s true, we could count it for ourselves but it’s so hard to get the info about actual armor angles.

      • This seems to do that (not sure how accurate it is) just go to view armor thickness and move your cursor over the tank and it will give you the equivalent thickness at that angle.

    • Yeah that is surely a great function, however the crew and module position data does not exist in client, they are in the server side. We retrieve almost everything from client.

      • ‘however the crew and module position data does not exist in client’

        How does gamemodels3d.com provide this feature then? I find it hard to believe they are guessing or have access to WG internal data. ( http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/7273/indexob.png )

        (Proviso: it’s possible this data was removed in newer clients, as I don’t have paying access to gm3d to see if it is still on their site.)

    • Check out the World of tanks database for android. Its free. It has viewers for both module/crew locations and a “chance to pen viewer”, where you pick the tank (and gun/ammo) and the target (which you can move around to see the best angle to bounce the most shots).

  2. Thanks to everyone and a special thank to SS.

    We are trying to deliver the codes as soon as possible, but there are always something trying to block us too, yepp the Great Firewall is doing its job.

    So just wait a minute :P

    • Hehe, you are here, hillin. If I sent you a letter before rather than replied you in Tieba, would you send the beta key to me?(抢楼抢疯了有木有 (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜想死的心都有了有木有(╯°口°)╯(┴—┴)

    • In fact you can compare now. Try to select a reference tank by clicking the arrow like button on the bottom right corner.

  3. I look forward to this program, I”ve send a letter to that email address. I hope to get a code soon and it will be for good use for reskinning tanks in wot.

  4. Hey SS! Could you upload a vid on YouTube so we can see how it works in action ? I don’t want to waste beta-key just to see it if I might not like it at all.

    Please, make a vid on how it works! :D

  5. Just received the e-mail and I have to say that this is an amazing program,really I wasn`t expecting something so good.

  6. Letter send.
    Seems like all people who tested it was happy. Interesting program, I hope I can test it.

  7. So… a bunch of CHINESE developers… whose little studio is going by the name “SMELLYriver”… want us to send them an EMAIL with a request for their fancy program, so they can “invite” random people to their beta test keys…

    Come on guys! Not even one of you thought about that for a second?!

      • That has nothing to do with racism but with common sense. Everybody knows that there is A LOT of phishing crap and accounthacking committed by chinese professional hackers. The most logical reason for this is probably only the fact that there are so many chinese people in comparison to other nations.
        Also, why must one apply by sending an email, if you dont have to qualify yourself further?
        And the name “smellyriver” is just the cherry on top on all that fishy smell :)

  8. Looks nice, but why can’t they just export that to WebGL, or something, and upload it on a website?

    • Because 1) gamemodels3d has already did that
      2) it seems illegal
      3) you cannot have as rich presentation as a desktop app

    • Sorry but we don’t have one for now, in China you need to have a company in order to register a website, it’s very complicated to register a personal one.

      • I heard China has many interwebz restrictions, but not about this part… Anyway, why don’t you start a page using European/American/Japanese hosting sites? There are many that are free and actually quite good (although there tend to be way too many ads on them). Or is access to them prohibited in China?

  9. I didn’t realise WoT Tank Viewer development is cancelled. Hmm… maybe this is some use after all lol.

  10. SS: The android WoT Knowledge Base is a must program for every true fan.This project seems quite good too but it would be best if thing like that are implemented by WG ingame! To have them in the garage and all the statistics of the tank (not only the few shown ingame) and we all know there are tons more. This would be a great feature and as if I can recall right I read something about this being planned in the future.Can you confirm this?

    • WoT knowledge database may be better now. Howerver the really powerful features are being developed.

  11. Sent a letter and hopefully I’ll get tot test it out, even though there are just 50 keys a day.

  12. I did not understood this passage : “Note that you can only get one invite code per day”

    Does it means that I must send one email per day until I get a code ? (I sent one yesterday)

  13. Hello

    I have sent in 3 days 3 mails and have not got a key yet?
    Are there no more keys for the TANK INSPECTOR???

    please answer


    • They just answered to my first email so I guess you’ll get your own key soon.

      By the way, this software is a.w.e.s.o.m.e o_o

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the late reply, we release 50 keys per day to people who wrote to us. For now we have a long queue and we do not have many codes left.

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  15. My most important question is: does this allow tank skinning?

    WoTTV was very good that it made skinners do thier stuff without using the client.

  16. And while and after using it, watch your firewalls.
    Just to be sure…