No more tier 10 discounts before February

Thanks to Chris9000 for this one

Hello everyone,

a lot of the players have been asking, what is the next discounted tier 10 tank. I have some bad new for you. According to SEA forums (this post), there will be no tier 10 discounts between now and 1st of February 2014 (which is the Chinese New Year, referred to by Tanitha).

Furthermore, it seems the discount will move from their two-week format to something else.

However, given how the entire thing is worded, it’s not impossible for tier 9 and 10 discounts to appear in some form for Christmas/New Year and whatnot.

36 thoughts on “No more tier 10 discounts before February

    • Ehhh aren’t you even sorry WG? It was one of these opportunities where non premium player could afford X tier tank without ultra-tiring grind for money. But now everything is going to change, preferably VIII tier discounts or IX Tier only (not to mentiona that majority of these tanks are just pure garbage)

      • Pls, with the easy 250k daily missions and free premium days it wasn’t really an “ultra-tiring grind for money”.

        • That definitely is true. WG throws money at the playerbase like never before – and even reduces the grind by giving additional rewards in XP and money missionwise. I have no premium myself but currently there is a steady flow of credits. Just bought my first Tier X – without any discount to it no problem.

  1. Lame move from WG, maybe they will compensate with something else around Xmas.
    Any info about December mission?

  2. Wow WG, dick move. They’ve given every indication of having the intention to go through all of them, and suddenly they just pull the plug? And we have to find out here because they’re absolutely shit at informing the playerbase?

  3. well done WG, last thing keeping me on WoT and you take it away. Conqueror has been ready for 3Months, whats the point waiting half a year to save 2M cr.

    • While I agree that it is dumb of WG to stop doing these on track events, you must not be very good at this game if it takes you half a year to save 2m credits. I spent 8 or so hours this weekend grinding credits and I made over 4m.

      • I have researched conqueror some 3months ago and been waiting for a discount on its branch, but now it is clear it wont come before february next year.
        fyi I can make 1-1.5M just by playing my dailies if I have nothing else to do.. However sometimes it takes me more than a week to gather as much.
        Theres a 2M discount on tier10 during these top of the tree specials, so pretty much worthless to wait half a year to save 2M on tier10 vehicle.

      • The same case as conqueror for me is the su-122-54 and tortoise.. ý3 damn tier 9s a total of 10.5M… just thinking about it makes me not want to play..goddamn grind.
        At least the discount would save 3M and another 2M per tank if i managed to grind all the way to tier10
        I already bought a few tanks like wz120 because i just couldnt wait longer, guess I will have to shut up and farm dat credit
        or forget it all and switch to WT, which is imho a more entertaining game even with planes… i wish there were more games with tanks, not just wot and battlefield… and arma

  4. I think people need to read carefully what was said by the forum admin. WG is discontinuing the “On Track To/Top of the line” events. (They probably found people grinding through the mid tiers during the on Track events were not using the tanks to the full extent, since people were focusing on the grind, not the tanks)

    WG didn’t say “we will not discount any Tier 10 tanks until February”. In fact, I have seen some Tier 10 15% discount events earlier this year, so those weekend type events are still a possibility for the Christmas season.

    The “no more tier X specials” response came out of a specific exchange:

    Q: Where are we at with the tier X specials? Is it the E50m yet?
    A: No more Tier X specials (in their previous format) before February.

    WG simply means that they will discontinue the On Track series. (It’s too bad though, I had not one, but 3 lines lined up for the On Track event, where I had Tier 9 researched and waiting for the event.)

  5. THE F*****G WG DID IT AGAIN WITH THE SHIT MISSION “Earning Your Stripes” again it count the XP and not the DAMAGE

  6. Yep. This might be a good thing for me. It’ll make me worry less about keeping up with on-track grinds and just doing my own thing for that month. I’ve been procrastinating on a couple of lines that probably won’t get repeat on-track treatment for a long time.

  7. WG is a garbage company. How many times do they have to prove this to you people? Hlonestly, it’s like you have to be slapped in the face in real life to realize the truth. WG is horrible, they will absolutely not stop until they have sucked you of all your money, and when people finally wake up, they won’t be in business anymore.

    • Oh right Mr. company expert, how much time do u play this game? not really long i guess cuz 2 years ago there is no discounts what so ever, mm was terrible, tanks balance was terrible, yes i still remember to see my first MAUS with my VK3001P playing alone, and no 50% of tier5s, tier7/8s and tier10 discounts was a mirage, even last year when WG win goldjoystick and we get 10% in tier10 and 9 everyone speak about WG the best and so on, now u get 30%, crew xp bonus all the time, discount in tier6/7/8 alot of times to, discount in premium tanks, not speaking about this new missions system with amazing rewards in credits XP and crew griding very easy, still u keep crying like a damn kids.

      Really dont know what u want more, maybe u should create your own company and make us the best game ever… -_-

  8. So much whiners and buthurt players, suck it up people, its sad to see you cry over pixels on the screen.

    QQ noobs

  9. Lil it’s only because they don’t want overlap with the Christmas and new year specials .Less QQ people

  10. WHAT!!! i was saving all this time hard earned cash for IS-4 and nothing!
    FU WG, Plz Uninstall game you are a noob.

  11. Jeez. I miss the time when we had a special once a month. And Tier8 was on 15% discount once a year.
    Spoiled brats.

  12. It’s not so much the lack of a special, it is the complete failure to inform the player base there will no longer be a special. Are they afraid of too many neg reps to tell us this?