Patch 8.10 test date

Hello everyone,

earlier, I posted that the test server will come out on 9.12.2013 – that info (while apparently true at the time) is no longer valid. 8.10 test server will apparently come out on 5.12.2013, the patch release for EU and US is planned for 23.12.2013.

40 thoughts on “Patch 8.10 test date

  1. I’m not happy about the feature of shooting through objects.
    Up until now brick fences could be used as a one-shot-cover, but now it will not be possible.
    I would expect a shell to lose its penetration value by at least 50% after going through a brick/rock fence, but I think in the game it will not be like that…

      • The cries of HAXXXXXX!!!1!!!! will be heard all the way to Mars when the pubbies start getting damaged from behind their previously safe cover. That first day will be brutal when all those pubtatoes who don’t read patch notes discover this new mechanic! Pubbie tears :p yummmmmy.

        • I think it will be very important if the red tank silhouette will be shown behind such cover. If yes – there will be cries of HAX, but if not – it will be more difficult to use that mechanic (and 25 mm penetration loss is always something).

      • Ah, what? So what if something with less than 25mm of penetration (T7 Car comes to mind) shoots through a wall? Does he hit the enemy tank with -3mm of penetration? o.O


    • I cannot imagine that in real life if you shoot through a thick solid rock fence, then your gun would lose only 25mm pen. The shell would be deformed, have its travel path changed, the shell itself destabilized in flight etc…

      Up till now fences could be used tactically, but now its gone.

      • People will not be shooting through like 5 layers, which would make a real difference, but rather just 1 layer. 25mm is too little change. Make it 50 at least.

  2. Wooden objects can’t protect ur ass now!
    I don’t think it’s gonna be a big problem to T54.:p
    Batchat 25t! ur day is over! :3

    I look forward the Japanese Type62, gonna be awesome like centurion 7/1 or M46 patton. lol
    Can’t wait

  3. great 5.12 just when my exams happens to starts… and I really wanted to test these japanese beauties -___-

    • You probably won’t be even able to join test server at day 1 – it’s always impossible, and that’s bad since later when servers are actualy emptier, everyone plays tier 10s only…

  4. See if this prediction happens…. Patch 23/12/2013…. WG go on holiday…. 5 days of us screaming HELP!!!!! the patch broked my game….