US server? Tier 10 discount. EU? Guess….

Well, it’s exactly how we predicted, isn’t it. American server gets an official tier 10 discount event. And European server? No tier 10 discounts for you, EU capitalists! You haven’t embraced the teachings of comrade Stalin Mao, you will not get glorious socialist machines on discount.

Dargnon (Czech community organizer) confirms that there will be no tier 10 discount for EU server:

Event series come and go, sometimes their regularity is disrupted, like now. It’s possible that this event will continue in January…

39 thoughts on “US server? Tier 10 discount. EU? Guess….

  1. Pfft, it’s not like the Asia server is getting it either. At least EU has been getting reasonably good other specials for the past 6 months.

  2. Well yes, a discount for a tier 10 is a big deal, but all this whining, if you guys would ever look at what over-rewarding and quite easy missions SEA usually gets.

    • Yeah, I’m on EU, and I’ve bought my Batchat full priced from the money I got from the missions, and I’ve still got 3 million in my acc, but now the easy money missions are gone on our servers.Murrica still got the 15 wins=250k daily mission till December 16. and we’ve got the weekly mission, kill 50 tanks of a selected nation, and you get 250k crdits, but you can only complete it one time a week.

  3. I have 121 – don’t care.. I bet US WGN is just doing whatever they like, they feel safe over there – EU is closer to Ukraine.. and they are afraid of them.. haha

  4. I think WG simply realised that people were making enough credits to buy high tier tanks even without premium accounts or buying gold. So they murdered the daily 250k credit missions and the high tier (8-10) tank discounts. I was wondering how long it would take them …

  5. “You haven’t embraced the teachings of comrade Mao”

    Serves you right! Muhahahahahahaha… hahahaha….

  6. Why all this unnecessary whining? Who the hell cares what NA server gets since it’s a different server, with people from a different demographic, which btw pay about 2-3 times more than the average european.

    Besides, too many specials is not a good thing because it makes spamming HEAT even cheaper than it is.

    • “Who the hell cares what NA server gets since it’s a different server, with people from a different demographic, which btw pay about 2-3 times more than the average european.”

      Tell that to ecturd and the other mods on the EU forums, who preach, that the EU, US, and RU servers are equal, so the specials and shit like that should be always the same, somehow they still manage to screw up almost always.

    • which btw pay about 2-3 times more than the average european.

      Source? Else I call bullshit.

      • I can’t post a direct link but you can find it by searching on ggogle “how much does wg earn from various servers”

  7. How terrible, there is no tier 10 discounts !!! Who can’t afford tier 10 for the full price, should consider continue in playing WOT. Guys common, missions are giving you so much credits, I am firing gold at 50% of all shots, and I’m still buying new tanks, equipment and still credit level is going only up.

    You are doing something wrong …

  8. The mirroring of the specials between EU and NA haven’t gone according to plan with some minor discrepancies here and there, and that’s somewhat “fine” – but this is just mind baffling and takes it to a whole new level! -

    I work in public relations, and it’s not that hard to pick up a phone and just ASK and COORDINATE, or do something as modern as sending an e-mail. Yes, I’ve seen the excuse that WG HQ only gives the regions a certain amount of “awesomeness” they can dish out, and they need to split this on the different specials.

    However, considering that this game has an international crowd, that will soon be able to play cross-server (roaming) how hard is it to make every weekend completely identical? Region specific events should NOT be an excuse to leave another region out of the loop on the bonus included.

    If the idea behind the special is somewhat offending to another region because of the history it celebrates, then CHANGE IT for the other regions. Find something else to celebrate, or flat out call it a special. That way, when EU has an historical event, NA still get’s it under a different name, and vice versa.

    If any communication between EU and NA is any more complicated than this, then the bureaucracy of WG need to trimmed down like a overgrowing hedge:
    “Ring ring”
    NA: Hello, who’s calling?
    EU: Frenchies here, wassup?
    NA: It’s cool dog, cool! What’s on your mind?
    EU: I was having this mind-baffling idea that maybe we should coordinate our weekend specials, wat’ya think?
    NA: Sounds awesome dog, was thinking the same some years ago, but got told that I was behaving like a communist. You know, sharing and caring?
    EU: It’s a brand new world, my friend. Let’s look at the 2014 specials, starting with week 1. What did you have in mind?
    NA: Was thinking about a real slam dunk, a 5x daily and some awesome missions. Something like, kill 3 tanks and do atleast 3k dmg to receive double crew xp. Sounds good?
    EU: Sounds awesome. Let’s call it the: “Uniciation special” and throw in a 1 day premium to show everyone we actually can work together.
    NA: Oh you silly frenchie, don’t go retreating on the when head office calls…


    • Ok, bye!

      Seriously, this sort of specials/actions should be identical regardless of server, but the “yet another nail for their coffin.. leaving has never been made easier” is so over the top and reeks of spoiled brats wanting more and more and more and never ever being satisfied.

      Go look back at the specials two years ago and then tell me WG hasn’t massively improved it’s specials and such.