Test 8.10: Graphic Filters

Hello everyone,

not sure you experienced it yourself, but I had a SHARP drop of FPS in 8.10 on my default settings. Had to set pretty much everything one notch lower than I ran before. Annoying.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, how the 8.10 graphic filters look – well, tbh there isn’t that much of a difference. Here are a few screenshots for various filters. Personally, I prefer to play without any filter for now.

No filter


1940s Cine Film






Soft colors






24 thoughts on “Test 8.10: Graphic Filters

  1. Yes, the fps dropped, but you have to admit, HD client is going to be pretty awesome. That moton blur looks familiar to War Thunder Ground Foces gameplay graphics.

    • There is nothing about HD client in this test yet, and motion blur looks familiar to any game of the last few years.

      • They said that HD client will be implemented over a series of patches, there wont any seperate client, so obviously this is the first few steps towards making WoT in HD

        • Not sure if the term HD is correct here, the HD applies also to 1920×1080 screen resolution. So I guess I’m running WoT in HD for at least 2 years now…

    • I am not colourblind in any way and I can’t see anything you couldn’t do by tweaking your monitor settings.

      Filters, cloud shadows, motion blur? How do these add to gameplay?

      I can see me going through the settings and going low, low, low, low, low, low……….

      • Just don’t set terrain to minimum, it will make you shoot invisible rocks. I had it like that for some time and it was very annoying.

  2. Same for me logged in and it had set all my settings to Max as “recommended”, had like 10 fps. Tried to lower them but it said i needed to restart my game to go to medium/low so quit the game… Run Warthunder for example on highest settings with no lag what so ever.. WG graphic engine FTW!.

    • I can run any game currently available with max graphics no problem (I only have slight FPS drops in Rome Total War 2 when there are thousands of units on screen at once) but when it comes to WoT as of late my FPS has struggled to hit 20. WG needs to bring in some graphics experts who know what they are doing so this shit can be optimized; considering WoT still has graphics that are subpar to many other games out there right now the amount of FPS drops is ridiculous.

  3. Thanks for this screenshots, but apart a slightly difference between “no filter” and “1940 cinefilms”, I can’t see the difference between the others ??

    (seeing the comment of Myabo, i’m glad, i’m not alone :-) )

    Maybe this filters can be useful for the replays ?

  4. Cheers for the screenshots, imma stick to no filter for now, it’s worked in the past i see no reason to change…

  5. I hope the next patch doesn’t ruin my game I currently get 20-40 FPS my rig is the best for gaming hope Its still playable when 8.10 goes live

  6. If you focus your eye on the back of the tank you can see the slight differences. But I don’t see much of a point to it. Although it might be less stress on the eye in Deep. But we will see.

  7. I have my monitor colours and contrast calibrated nicely, so all those extra filters do it make the image look really crap. For some reason, I can’t see the slightest lick of difference between no filter and the 1940 one.