No WG meeting for you, SS!

Hello everyone,

if you follow FTR on Facebook, you probably know about this: on 13.12.2013 I will not be attending the WG community meeting in Prague, apparently because I am persona non grata, along with carramba66 (you might remember him as the organizer of the veteran tanker charity event) – the applications were handled at first on “first come first serve”, we both applied in time, after which the system got changed to “everyone can apply and WG will handpick people attending the event” – you can imagine how that ended.

It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to meet some of you guys (shocking fact: even Czechs read FTR!), but it is how it is – in a way it’s a good sign, my hard work on pissing them off did not go unrewarded :)

58 thoughts on “No WG meeting for you, SS!

  1. No we just need to convince SerB to invite you to WG HQ in Minsk – board and lodging free ofc

  2. I imagine a tree house, half on fire, the other half made of planks that say “\R THUNDER COPYRIGHT”, and a big sign down near the base of the tree that reads “NO GURLS ORE CRITICS ALLOWED!”

  3. SS, would you allow someone who made fun of you, someone who bashed you to come to your party? I don’t think so….Don’t act so surprised..

    • Oh I am not surprised at all, in fact I heard from my one last WG EU source even before I wouldn’t get in, beause the word is I am sort of banned from ALL the WG EU events (at least those they can ban me from).

      • It just show how close minded WG is. All they do is show weakness by doing that. A smart company would own that fact and get you even more involved but WG just show full Russian mentality.

        But on the other side SS – you are doing amazing work and WG EU can go _funk_ them selves.

        • Russian mentality .. WGEU .. Do you even logic.?. Besides no company/organisation would allow people so critical of them to their party or “involve” them more . It is a pretty understandable response.

          • dude….wtf you talking about, its like having a restaurant and claiming you have an excellent food but not let the critics to try anything. Lack of invitation for SS and caramba shows exactly how shallow and petty they are…pure PR mistake.

          • No it is stupid response, and you have to be pretty big WG fanboy to not see that. WG never had good PR and it shows on every step. And company who does not want someone to be so critical of them should improve. Banning from event critics is the worst way to do it.

        • You so stupid EU, but this is typical for your. WG not russian. WG EU not russian. In WG working many people from around world

      • Just because you said the portal is badly handling languages? I don’t get it. I would invite people like you first just to show I am a nice and open company.

  4. It’s really no big suprise at all. I mean, if I had a company and had a blogger like you which is constantly pointing out bugs and stuff like that, you really could’nt expect to be a welcomed person.

    One other thing: I don’t like the way FTR is going. In the past there was all sorts of cool stuff on this blog, like historical data and facts and maybe some leaks and so ;) But as i see it now, its “just” WG bashing…

    • While i concur there are too many WG bashing nowadays, it is SS right to complain about corporation mistakes as a loyal (to some degrees) customer.

      The fact that some mistake and ambiguous wording keep happen on their announcement means there are little or no good faith from corporation to correct their mistakes.

      • If the WG EU staff was more “mature”, they would look all the “bashing” and the “complains about orporation mistakes” as a critic, and, instead of try to push it under the carpet by banning the critics, would really try to improve the quality of their service. Its a consensus in the WoT comunity (not only EU, but NA and SEA as well, idk about the russian one) that WG, latelly, had more fails than wins. SS was only the one corageous enough to put scream it loud to everybody.

    • Well, as far as I am concerned, there are still pretty much all the facts I can get my hands on. Plus there are the WG fails. Historical posts are pretty difficult to make however (if you want to make it right and not just copypaste wiki), I have had problems with the Hungarian one (contradicting sources). But fair enough, will see what I can do about that.

      • >Hate WG “bashing”
        >See blog post titled “Another WG FAIL”
        >Click on it anyway

        Some people are just gluttons for punishment. How hard is it to skip content you don’t like?

  5. I am Czech too. I read FTR every day because of all the information you share. I met a lot of CZ players who said that your info is one big fake and you have information about things that even WG don’t know about. Still a good page.

  6. That’s a damn shame…

    Not to take away from any of your brilliant work SS, but information providers and distributors often live in a symbiosis where you sometimes have to give in order to get. Maybe you should consider toning down some of the (in my eyes) unnecessary bashing like criticizing their charity for not supporting yours, it could pay dividends both to yourself and your readers in the long run

    • well said…just another good reason to INVITE SS and talk to him. WE should remember that some ‘fails’, we –> players, sending to FTR and asking for publishing, so its not just him who look stubbornly for WG mistakes.

  7. What a shame for WG. Remembers me of the times when people who leaked information for good were treated as traitors and had to hide themselfes. Ooh, wait. Edward Snowden and Assange calling. In your case its just 100 sizes smaller…but still…the relation is the same.
    Keep up the good work. ;)

  8. Also, i just pictured in my mind that meme where Hitler gets pissed with Fegelein… but instead, SerB slams his desk while screaming “BRINGEN SIE MIR SILENTSTALKER! SILENTSTALKER SILENTSTALKER! SILENTSTALKER!”

      • He would meet SS, then put ductape over his mouth so he can’t talk. Then he would nod his head and kept saying. Yes, your opinion is very important for us :D

    • SerB is probably a very cool guy in person and yeah he’ll probably meet with SS. He’s not afraid of mild words and criticisms.

  9. SS… you can always try to organize a meeting yourself! I am sure where ever you go people will come and join you!

    London is calling ;)

  10. Lol! Gotta love it. They always claim you don’t bother them with your opinions or posts or whatever but then do something like this … :)
    I would consider it as a great compliment.

  11. Clearly you either need to
    1. Crash the party
    2. Announce a meeting in the nearest pub. See if you can entice away most of WG’s audience

  12. On NA server, player meetings are not always first come first serve in the application process. They pick people for their own reasons. I agree that it’s pretty obvious why you weren’t picked… but can you really blame them? You provide an excellent service on this blog but at the same time you’re extremely critical of WG. Not saying that’s a bad thing, every gaming company needs a healthy dose of scrutiny. But you have to look at this from their perspective.

  13. lololololo…..those whiners are soooo butthurt……how low those EU cocksucker can go…

  14. Congradudolences on your PNG status. IMO, it means you’re doing it right, keep up the good work.