It’s good to be Chinese in WoT…

…or is it?

Thanks to bluemasquerade for this one.

It seems that the Chinese are having the VK7201 as a premium vehicle in their shop for roughly 210 USD. Good choice? Bad choice?

I think some rewards should stay exclusive. I personally do have a problem with vehicles from pre-order packages being sold on other servers. But that’s just me.

75 thoughts on “It’s good to be Chinese in WoT…

  1. Hmm, well I think its bad. I mean, the chinese server developers really are in it just for the money… I mean, just look at the golden type 59 problem. And now this? Pff, what’s next? The russian tier 10 prem. object?

        • Why are they hated? Because that tank costs 600$ and it gives you double cash. Not to mention players hate the golden paint on it, and because it really gives the IN YOUR FACE to the poor players who don’t have the money for it.

            • More than pure jealousily when status get rubbed in your face and when such a blatant sign of social status with such economic leverage enters games where there is a presumption of fair play in the game WTF do you expect.

              • You are just offering an elaborate excuse for jealousy, period. Are you going to set luxury cars on fire because of the blatant exhibition of wealth they present? No. You probably wouldn’t even do so if you would not have to fear punishment for it. If I was WG China, I would perma ban every player team killing a Type 59G, because their owners have made a significant financial contribution to and that should be protected.

                • I would make them immune to Friendly Fire as additional Feature – and make the Shots bouce back to them! :P

                  Fucking dumb Kiddie Teamkillers -.-

              • I would await maturity from the other Players, why should they even care – they have no drawback at all.. it’s pure jealousy and looks kinda rotten behaviour to me – but this is nothing new in the WoT community.

                Sometimes it’s really frightening how many individuals play this game with lack of character and any code of honor – it is a sign of our society in general, in combination to the anonymity of the internet (hidden behind a silly nickname)? Just wondering.. cos sometimes it makes me wanna puke

                All these crackbrained insults always.. wtf?!

                • I don’t know if you don’t know how to read or are you just plain ignorant. The point is these players who have the gold type are usually IN YOUR FACE players. I mean, any person who regulary buys game things for over 500, 600 $ ends up as a giant bastard, and that is why these players get teamkilled.

                • Yeah sure i got you, if tomorrow your Neighbor buys an “Audi R8″ and parks it in front of your House or next to your Escort, – you just gonna scratch it’s door.. just cos you can’t live with the jealousy and must easy your frustration in some way ;)


            • You are a moron. Its not because of that, but you know, not everybody has money to waste on a game. Especially in China, 600$ is a hell-of a lot of money, more than 600€ in Europe.

              So its not jealousy, but spite, because a lot of people who buy these types are rich bastards….

              • No, in the largest and busiest cities, like Shanghai, 600$ is not at all a hell-of a lot of money for many people. Please don’t be so ignorant, China is not a country with 100% poverty rate.

                I still don’t really understand why buying an expensive stuff makes you a rich bastard. You can call me a moron, but it’s you, who are narrow-minded. I couldn’t care less if someone buys a 600$ virtual tank if he or she can afford it from legally acquired money. Does it hurt you personally?

                • Dude, it’s not just the price of the tank. Its also the color. People there hate it. And the players can’t really go and complain about it to the devs….

                  Fine, you personaly don’t mind it, but it’s the same as with that US moron player who wanted his 15 years of premium taken away. Poor players and players who do not have any money to spend on a game, even if they like, hated his guts. Hell, I did the same.

                • Well, although the fact that someone buys a virtual tank for 600$ makes me totaly indifferent, I agree with you that the color is distasteful. I really don’t like this kind of showing off. I have no idea why it wasn’t enough to put just a “G” after the name, it surely can insult many.

        • Because the Type 59G was originally created for a contest, and was meant to be an exclusive-to-the-winners tank.

          Then it went on sale for an extraordinary price, as if to say “spend this amount of money and you can have this special tank, too!”

          It would be like people being able to buy Panzer V-IV Alphas or KV-220 Alphas.

    • Yeah you are right…People also hate the gold color.There’s another popular online shooting game like CS in China, which has many cash equipments like Golden AK47, Golden M14 or other bloody staff that are much more powerful than non-cash ones.Many people hate them because they destory the game balance. So people saw the G-59 and they remember the G-AKs(although there’s no difference between 59 and G59…)So it’s not just about hating rich guys…It’s also some sort of objection to the server who made the G59

  2. Was it a reward for something already?
    I thought only the M60 was given away as CW reward. So Object 907 and VK7201 are currently unavailable. Then why not sell them?
    There are so many people around that died through the tech tree to tier 10, a few more that paid for it don’t matter…

    • We don’t need more idiots in tier X battles…
      Also the Fail Löwe will be the reward of the second CW campaign.

      • The game does not need more idiots on any tier. But as it is easy to die or bot through the tech tree the amount will rise, no matter if WG sells a tier 10 or not.

        I wonder where the people are that are winning all these matches. Because in every match I play the average win rate of the other players is less than 45%.
        It’s no more “the better team wins”, it’s “the less bad team wins”.

    • Chinese players don’t get M60s as CW reward. Instead, they get a ticket that takes 200RMB off from the original price of the M60, which is 1188RMB. The ticket is completely worthless if you don’t buy M60 and it cannot be gifted to others. Sounds rediculous? But that’s so common among online games in China.

  3. Well it’s on a different Server – maybe it will be not winnable there..

    They also have this ridiculous Type50 Gold Edition Tank – i thought Chinese aren’t the richest on Earth ^^

    But at the end, Money makes the World go Round, and i think WGN has learned quite well how to get the last Dime out of this Game..

    Latest Branches need so much freeXP like never before to get T10 ;)

  4. Well, i must say that if it really WORKS AS A PREMIUM it is a nign prize for the only tier 10 premium. Rewards tanks are not exactly premium as they dont have credit farming increase. If this tank is able to farm at tier 10 well… some people would love to have it and have the money to pay for it :) So why not

  5. The Chinese have their own politics about WoT and other online games (or anything to be perfectly clear). They CAN do whatever they want because it’s OUT OF WG’s HANDS. WG has little to no influence on what happens on their server because of China’s political status and what not. So we can just be jelous, I guess, because they have access to that particular vehicle.

    But as I’ve heard they have some sort of limits how much time can they actually spend on playing the game. A friend told me that they have some sort of xp/credit/any-ingame-income limitation that cuts off any ingame income to like 10% or even lower. So they obviously can’t grind or bot the game like our EU guys do.

    As for the vehicle itself, the VK 7201, I personaly think it’s ridiculous in so many ways. Then again that’s my opinion, and opinions are like asses…..everyone has one and it’s different from one another. :P

    • Here’s some mistakes…I’m a Chinese player so I know that…The time limit is just for teenagers so that they won’t be addicted to the game(although I don’t think it’s useful..),you can log in the Chinese server’s site and enter your Citizen ID number(to prove you are an adult…)so you can cancel the limit.(As foreign players don’t have the Chinese ID number, you are all kids in our game,Ha:-) )
      As for the VK7201…I heard that there are still some “limits” to buy it.But I just saw a page on the bbs that a rich guy called the company and the staff said their technics can “handled” it if the price is fine…OK It’s China…
      And I think there would be many Chinese in this page soon cause it has been introduced to our bbs…

  6. Oh well, at least I’m getting my VK7201 for free as a CW reward. China is a big market, no wonder they sell these tanks there. *cashregister sound*

  7. Actually I really don’t care.
    It’s their server, it doesn’t affect ours in any ways.They can do whatever the fuck they want with their server.
    And if I’d compare the way these tanks are given to players I still like the CW competitive concept instead of being a rich bastard and say “Hey look, I got a tier 10!!!”

  8. I’d certainly pay for one, but not that much – I really do like the look of it. Not in CW at all this time round, so no hope of me getting one for “free”

  9. I generally think that it is a bad idea to have these tank be CW rewards. It only means that it’s always the same people who will get these tanks. And for what? What did they actually contribute to the game? Nothing! The paying players are those who keep WoT alive, so they should be rewarded. How about something along the lines of “Spend 500 Euros on WoT (or 1000) and get the chance to purchase a tier X premium tank”? That also would make far more sense economically. The way it is now it is simply injustice. You may argue that the other way round it would be injustice too, since not everybody can spend 500 Euros on WoT, but then all the WoT players own computers and pay internet bills (and a lot of them probably also cigarettes, alcohol, and what not)? No money, or not willing to pay? Money is at least more easily accessible to the majority of WoT players than being in the top three teams or clans in CW, and it also has way more to do with keeping WoT alive than those super elite players always duking it out among themselves – AT THE EXPENSE OF THE MILLIONS PAYING FOR THIS GAME, because a good clan makes more gold per week than you can shake a dead tank at! As far as I am concerned: I definitely would love to own such a tank, I have sunk a ton of money into WoT, and I am not the worst player either. I have a bunch of tier X’s and I know how to handle tier X tanks and matches. However, I don’t have the slightest chance to ever win such a tank, and that upsets me. Those elite clans jerking off *at my cost* and even getting rewarded for it (*at my cost* again) are just a perversion of the principle of WoT in my opinion.

    • It doesnt *cost* you anything that I got an M60 and will get a faillowe, and the faillowe isnt even hard to get, you just have to play like 5 won CW games per week and you will get it. Dont want to play 5 CW per week? you dont get tank. it isnt hard. Now whine more.

      • Just win 5 CW matches in a week, or win 5 endgames (for a province)? Just winning 5 CW matches in a week would indeed be easy, but afaik it wasn’t that simple to get an M60.

      • I looked up the rules, and you are talking some big rubbish here, angry banana. You will only get one of the reward tanks if you played at least 5 CW battles for a clan that is one of the top five clans (in terms of victory points gained) at the end of each clan war stage, plus the top 30 clans (victory point wise) at the end of the campaign.

        In other words: If you are a CW player for one of the usual suspects (i.e. the few top clans) you will get your reward tank. Otherwise no dice.

        • you are talking 1st campaign rules(m60), for the second campaign all you have to do is be in the top 10000 players by famepoints, you get famepoints by playing CW games(more for a win and 5x more for games on the map). Top 10000 is a ridiculously large amount IMO, and the VK will have nowhere near the epeen value as the M60 as a result. For being in the top 10k you need about 55k points atm, which is about won CW games while on the map(rough estimate).

          • So far it was about the M60, right? I don’t care about ePen, I am a collector type of person. I would just love to own these tanks, like I own all tier 8 premium tanks except the M6A2E1 – which isn’t a real premium tank (still would like to have it, but well … I can’t).

          • It’s top 3,000 to win the Fail Lowe award tank.


            On second thought, that’s for NA server, not sure for EU. I’m in top 10,000 position and rarely play CW because of timezone difference. If my timezone is 2hrs nearer to the US, I should be able to participate CW regularly, but unable to do so because of work schedule. So right now, I’m also dreaming of one day will win award tank or may be able to acquire them in other way.

      • Ah, the unicum arrived :) I was waiting for one of you to show up here :) I must say, it really takes a lot of skill to pwn players at tier 2, get stats up, get into a unicum clan and get a tier 10 prem. when the clan wins. I must say, that is sooo hard and sooo rewarding…. Boring and all it does is boosts your ego(which must be huge by now)

        • says the guy with almost 300 games in tetrarch(still with mediocre winrate on it), just lol.

          Also, how does a clan only consisting of ‘noob sealclubbers’ win from all of you ‘real skilled’ players with mediocre stats? And why do you not have a single tier X after so many games, afraid of competition much? And if it is so easy to sealclub and win that tank, why not do it yourself instead of whining about it?

          ps. I do the same avg dmg you do on your tanks with tanks a tier lower, but I guess Im just a noskill sealclubber, right?

          • Firstly: I got the tetrarch for free, what do u think i’m gonna do with it? Suicide? O.o
            Secondly: i dont have a tier 10 because i dont spend any money myself on the game, and i am not rushing to it.

            • Or perhaps you didn’t get a Tier X tank because you LOSE most of your battles/decided to NOT play higher tiers enough and thus cannot get enough exp for that amount of games.

      • Time is money and by my reckoning that’s over £30 worth of my time per week, for how many weeks? Look at it like that and the Chinese way looks not so bad.

        If you would normally play that much CW then it is free, if you have to go out of your way to do it then it isn’t.

        I don’t begrudge anyone the tank, but it doesn’t get me excited.

    • So, people with big wallets should get rewards, not people with talent or skill?

      That’s like giving a music award to the person who bought the most expensive instrument, not the person who played the best music.

      • It’s an economical issue, not one of rewards for skill. The reward for your skill is the gold you are getting for owning land all the time.

      • There is a little difference: A good musician will return the money by generating great profits for his agency or music label. What do good players do for WoT in that regard? Nothing.

        It’s the paying players who sustain WoT – they should be rewarded. The good players get so much gold from the land their clans own that they do not need to spend a single cent on the game (in that sense, the paying players pay for them).

        I hate paying for these often so arrogant buggers and seeing them drive around in some tank for free I will never own, while I am funding the game and will never see a reward for my economic investment.

        Btw, it might make a lot of people pay more money for game assets if that would be the condition for unlocking let’s say a tier X premium tank. You could even somewhat couple that with skill by requiring an (arbitrary) efficiency rating of so-and-so much for being able to unlock such a tank. That might be more of a motivation for many players to really learn the game and get good at it than only having some efficiency rating (they often do not even have any inclination to learn about or understand – why should they anyway)?

        It is obvious that the majority of players right now doesn’t really care about getting good at WoT, and about finding out how to get good. Offering substantial (but not essential) rewards for it might actually change that.

        Now the question is whether players like would rather like to keep their selfish position and keep the best for themselves or see the WoT player base quality actually evolve on a big scale, because it is finally worth it (worth more than presumably having “fun” by driving around for 30 seconds, firing a shot or two and getting killed).

        • Yeah, Rebecca Black is a so good musican, that she is generating profit so fast. Or her parent have a very good economic background.

        • Agreed, M60 was guite hard to get if you are not familar with cw or made into a active cw clan, but the story is quite different for the fail love: Just play actively cw in almost any clan and you will get it and so it increases intrests towards team playing.

          So far we have 4 kind of tanks in this game: Normal, reward, tester and premium.

          In your opinion, there should only be 3, redusing the ways to get special tanks just for being tester or having money.

          Now, getting a reward tank takes a lot of time, effort, and credits. It makes this game more meaningful other then shooting random players in random games. After figuring out this game, there really isint any other meaningful games then esports or campains. Esports beeing too timecostly, campains are about the only way to keep wot meaningful and share that experience with others.

          If cw should not have special tanks as a reward, what other motivation would you give them? Just more gold?

          • Well, these tanks could remain being reward tanks, but also being purchasable at certain conditions (amount of money spent on WoT + minimum efficiency required), how about that?

      • Dude, wellcome to capitalism… What fairy tale you saw, that the talent/skill is more superior than money? One of our great writer once said: “In peactime, money is the weapon.”

  10. Since my classmates bought the Jadgtiger 8.8cm and Type 59 with less than 100 games….
    I feel less confident about the game.
    Again,anything can be happened in china.

  11. Well a nice shop do they have… Prem Ammo for T10! Bundles ! An some tiered spender and those wheels of fortune where u can win Laptops, ipads !…

    China u r doing it wrong…

    • Actually they’re doing it right as far as China is concerned. Chinese gamers LOVE pay 2 win, and will spend heaps of cash for some in game advantage or some kind of prize. That’s why you see so many of those blatant p2w flash games still around the internet, most of them are Chinese and Chinese players keep them going.

  12. Those CW reward tanks could just as easily be offered up as “Technical Engineer” achievement tanks as well – that takes a lot of commitment and work to do for the non-clanning player and gives them a carrot to chase.

    This also leads to the possibility of an incredibly unique tank of a country that has no tree when you unlock “Senior Technical Engineer” for unlocking ALL the trees as well – but I currently don’t have a viable tank to suggest for it. (Olifant maybe)

  13. I’m fine with this as long as when the server merge comes, China isn’t included.

    No no, not racism, but these tanks that have been earned through competition on the other server clusters should never be mixed in with those who had the option to buy their way into them.

    • What server merge? You mean roaming? If that is what you are talking about i seriously doubt chinese would be able to roam over or someone from here to roam on their server because of the fact chinese WoT and server aren’t owned by WG because of the chinese policy that forbids foreign companies to operate in china. Also roaming isn’t still confirmed. Might even be cancelled. But server merge is something i never heard of and really can’t see any reason to make it.

    • It was stated before by SerB that Chinese Server won’t be included on roaming because WG doesn’t handle them. That’s why they can do whatever they want to do on their server like sell these tanks unavailable by normal means to other servers, convert exp to crew exp etc.

  14. So….other people on other servers have to work their asses off in clan wars to acquire territory, defend that territory, defeat other clans in hard battles, and generally slave away for an entire stage of clan wars to earn this tank….and on the Chinese server, they can just buy it if their wallet is thick enough? ……………..i’ll be honest i think that’s downright bullcrap.

  15. That vk is only good for the money it makes, still looks like lowe’s retarded cousin.

    and for the comments above: you paid for wot, and the clans are actually getting your money? well if you were given nothing for your money spent i’d say you have a point, but now this is b.s
    you paid wg, because you wanted gold and premium/special tank. You got it, so i dont know why does it matter what wg does with the cash…
    also, some people cant deal with, so they are on low cash and xp, even with premium. I never had premium (well only 3 weeks, but it was for the missions), and after 8k battles, my bank is always between 16-20mil. And i started on 0 just like any other. Its true that ive driven mainly smaller tanks, but you dont get many credits with them.

  16. I know why Chinese hate Type59G and M60&VK7201 on sele(because I am Chinese)
    My English is very very poor, so my translations are not correct

    This is a long story
    Do you know the OL game “crossfire(CF)”? It is Korean game, Tencent is the agents in China, in order to make more money, add the Gold、Silver、Copper and Crystal and so on the only color changes gun(such as M4A1 M16 AK47)
    players very dislike the behavior and resist it
    After a very long time, put on the type59G , and say it will not be sale, but it was selled with 3888RMB at last, player are very angry
    so this is why they TK type59G, they are hate and people who buy the type59G, for this behavior is undoubtedly achieve a conspiracy to
    Tanks made no use of gold in the world, this is untrue
    M60&VK7201 for sale is the same

  17. sell M60&VK7201 is unfair for Chinese player, so it will not be TK, it will be the first to killed by enemy(if M48 and M60 be found together)

  18. Most good Chinese players should be on NA server i think, since gaming enviornment on Chinese server isnt that good and they start forming clans(including some well-known good clan like CHAI, CHA1 USVCH, etc).