Young doesn’t equal bad

Hello everyone,

I got sent this video of an allegedly 3 year old (but definitely very young) Taiwanese player, who kills 5 tanks in his IS tank like a boss, while his father records the whole thing on camera. Young doesn’t mean bad – as SerB said: winrate is genetically predetermined :D


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  1. fake
    look at 2:52 – steering tank with one finger?? also look a bit later(2:55) that he start turning… with one finger again – mind controll or what? he also dont use double R (auto forward move)
    for me its like this – guy behind him have wirless keyboard and mouse and play this tank

    • Fake or not the kid knows how to tank. Saw some fire control when he aimed at the hellcat on the hill.

    • That’s what I thought as well, since at exactly 3:00 that kid asked “How many tanks have I destroyed?” and his dad replies “You destroyed 3″. I would expect taiwanese kid of that age to read that number well (seriously). And his dad doesn’t speak much at crucial points.

      But much to his credit, the kid
      1. started the battle by noticing specifically the Hellcat rushing for hill, saying “hi cutie Hellcat I am coming for you”,
      2. when peek-a-boo-ing with the IS, he said “when he is not facing me I’ll go out and punish him”

      Even just those two can put to shame a lot of the players we see daily…

      P.s. when he misses the KV-1S he exclaimed “FUXK!!!! Darn it!”.. this 3 year old kid has a bright future I can see…

      • How does learning to count have to do with asking his dad about his kills? He was obviously very excited and couldn’t recall the kills. The kills on screen were too small and a kid his age can’t go through those information at top like we can during a brawl.
        His dad gave out a lot of hints:
        “Watch out for the IS he’s looking at you” When his son wanted to go kill Hellkitty
        “Go out and shoot him when his gun is turned away” When the friendly heavy was going for the IS
        “Oh, he’s scared, he’s backing off now.” After the kid and his teammate both land shots on the IS

        Dad: “Aim for the Big Cannon(Arty)”

        Dad: “What tanks is that?”
        Kid: “KV-1″

        Dad: “Last enemy is at the shore”
        Kid: “I’ll just cap then, since he’s too far”
        Dad: “That can work too.”

      • Well, I tend to not count my kills when I’m pushing myself hard, carrying the game, since I tend to concentrate more on my positioning, minimap, reload of the tanks I’m engaging, aiming, etc, so it’s not unusual for me to be surprised when I look at the scores when I get some breathing space. And I’m 24.

        Sad thing for me is – my stats aren’t that better (except winrate – 54% – 99,9% games done solopub). T_T

    • Calling fake too.
      Sure, he may recognize the tanks, if he watches the game a lot, but playing it? Hell no!

      In addition to the above. About 1/2 way through after going over the hill, just before reaching thr fork in the road at the bottom, the camera pans away from the screen quickly. Hand isn’t even on keyboard. Blink and you miss it though, whoever was filming probably either meant to keep tv on screen or decided that it was a bad idea to show it ;)

      At three I would pretend I was driving in the cars when F1 was on tv. If this is more than that I’ll eat my hat.

      Things I’ll need to see to believe:
      Gameplay from garage to results screen, if not multiple battles.
      Some way of proving it to not be a replay, or having someone else with a keyboard / mouse.

      Heck. I could always get a crappy phone camera and do it myself. My neighbour had a baby about 2 months ago. Old enough to be convincing?

      • AFAIK you can’t see after battle results in garage when watching replay, and there was no double fps indicator in the corner (actual and during battle) so it wasn’t replay or it was replay recorded as movie during battle, and then played.

    • Actually seems to me he used two fingers and than pushed “w” hard. A that moment the IS started to go. And also his thumb is under the palm so who know if he is not using.

      • I mean he had two fingers on keyboard. Than pushed “W” and next the picture shows IS giong straight. I don’t see anything fake at that moment.

        • Yeah, he went straight, so it was normal. Also, the we could see that the kid shot by himself at least once, because he pressed mouse button and shot in the game – if it was replay, the kid really knew it and hit the right moment – even stranger to believe than normal playing.

  2. Well I don’t care if he’s good or not he is suppose to follow the game rating and therefore he’s suppose to be a teenager before he can play world of tanks.

    • Gosh, says who? Game ratings are very simple guide for parents, ultmately it’s parents job to decide what their kids will be allowed to play and parents of course are free not to give a fuck about ratings.

  3. We also have a clan member, who is only 6 years old. He is the son of another member. He plays very well for his age. He received several medals so far. He got the kolobanov medal! I don’t have this medal and I played about 17k matches.

  4. Anyone care to translate what the kid is saying? It might be easier to tell if it’s fake if I knew what he was saying.

    • It’s pretty much like this:

      *Muwahahahahahahahahha!* (repeat)

      Just kidding, translated some in the reply on top. It seems legit to me as I’m Taiwanese myself and the whole thing looks very natural. The only thing I’m surprised at is the kid’s composure when aiming, very nice!

      • 0:35
        Kid:”Cute Hellcat I am coming~~~”
        Father say : kill one?
        Kid: Yes,I did it
        Kid : woo!Now You know I am so powerful!!and Next one!!
        Father:Careful Their IS is watching you!
        Kid:I am IS too!!!! oh!! He is watching another one !! I can hit him!!
        Kid : How many have I killed ?

  5. Somebody cant accept the fact and wants to prove that the video is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao:P

  6. Lucky and in a strong tank. You can see the short attention span, and lack of situational awareness. In a more advanced match and maybe with tier 9s or better tier 7s it wouldn’t last a minute. It doesn’t seem fake, unless the father is a bad player.

  7. This is fantastic, I don’t know why you are all calling BS on this. This kid is genuinely skilled and it just makes me happy to see that he can outdo a large percentile of the playerbase.

  8. Hah scrub:P A true asian would get 15 kills, blindfolded, while using 1 foot.

    Lol JK, but dam… True asian gamer right here:D *Crying* They start so young ;)

  9. well as a Taiwanese i can be sure that this kid is sure playing the game as he says and swears at the right time at the right point at the right tank.
    well at least i really dont think a father would be faking this game in front of his kid and the kid said nothing about it

  10. Dunno if it’s fake or not.

    Don’t really care, the kid’s adorable.

    Also agree with a comment above; it is indeed sad that a 3 year old is more competent and knowledgeable about basic tactics than 90%+ of the playerbase.

  11. If it’s a fake – nice video.
    If it’s not a fake, shame on the opposite team for performing so bad, but this also proves the theory that most people get too fast to higher tiers (not the boy or his father btw.)

    Anyway it’s funny.

  12. He is better than most of the wot players ;)
    At least he is aiming very carefully and smart!

  13. He is playing much better than some players in our server,and of course being young in not the casue of being noob,being an idget is.

  14. I’d prefer to have 14 kids like this in my team instead of little red riding hoods I meet every day.


    Fake or not, one guy posted above what they said ffs! A bloody translation! The kid at least HAS BETTER AWARENESS than about 50% of the EU players FFS!

    Jesus! So much shit for a simple fucking video, chill guys! CHILL!!

    For SS if he reads this: if you think this is a rage comment, well it has a bit of rage in it but just trying to stop the conspiracy theorists for fake or not -.-

  16. Well, probably its half fake, half true. Father was giving hints and maybe helping driving when camera was off, but even then – its still something. He aimed by himself.

  17. Are you joking? All this shows is a team getting rofl-stomped and the complete imbalance of tier spread with respect to mobility, firepower and armor.

  18. 1st. For me, it’s not seem like a fake. If you think the kid just “acting” when seeing the screen, he’ll become a very great actor in the future. Common, he just 3.You can teach him use mouse and keyboard, but teach him act match with a online game situations, when anything can change in a second? nah i don’t think so. Even pro actor can’t act that fast.
    2nd. if you turn your volume loud enough and listen carefully, you’ll hear his mouse click right before the gun fire. Can you fake that with second mouse?And the keyboard sound when he moving too. They match very perfect. You even hear his coutinues clicking his mouse when killing IS, and you see the warning “gun reloading” in the screen(yellow character in aim cycle). If you still say they can fake that, once again: this kid is a legendary actor. he can predict when “real driver” click mouse 1 time or continues, and when he click keyboard. In a 3 year old boy?

  19. that video was pretty sweet.

    people may call it fake but i dont think it is, if you have kids let them play and youll see how they ask questions.

    My brother’s son plays wot too, and hes barely 6 years old, and more or less he asks the same questions that the kid in the video too, sometimes hes too focused on the match he doesnt watch the kill count meters so he asks the same question often “how many tanks have i killed?” “what tank is that?” “should i cap?”

    his best score was a top gun in a hellcat, all by himself with us watching, i cant imagine the losing team should they had known they got their butts handed to them by a 6yo.. but hey, age doesnt matter, its just how you play. and i for one, call that video legit.

    parents that let their kids play know better