Free IS-6 global mission

Thanks to KrasnayaZvezda for this one

Hello everyone,

recently, Korean server announced some interesting events. In order to celebrate 1st Anniversary of Korean server and the New Year, WoT Korea will run the following event:


In one month (from 16.12.2013 to 15.1.2014), if you manage to grind 100k XP (!) on tier 6 vehicle of one nation, you will get free 3 days of premium account. BUT! If you manage to grind 100k on a tier 6 vehicle of EVERY nation (UK, USSR, France, USA, Germany, China, Japan, eg. 700k XP altogether) within that one month, you will get a free IS-6 tank.

And the best part? Yea, I’m getting to it. There is a Korean staff post, where it is stated:

“본 임무는 월드 오브 탱크 한국 서비스 1주년과 다가오는 2014년 신년을 맞이해
대한민국 뿐만 아니라 전 서버를 대상으로 공동으로 진행되는 글로벌 임무입니다.”

translated by Daigensui (who speaks Korean):

This mission is a global mission conducted not only in Korea, but all servers to celebrate the 1st anniversity of WoT KR and New Years 2014

So yea, we might be getting that stuff too. But 700k XP… damn, that’s brutal. That 23k XP on tier 6 (!) every single day. Well, my best vehicle without premium account is the Jackson, where I have average 560XP. That means 41 battles every day, which (translated to time with 7 minutes being the battle average) is almost 5 hours a day of gaming. Damn. It can obviously be accomplished earlier with premium account (in which case it’s roughly 30 battles a day), but even though I bought PA for the gold I won for the German TD competition, it still most likely means I won’t do it. If it comes that is.

100 thoughts on “Free IS-6 global mission

    • I agree, its still a nice event tho. Its hard enough to get which is good so that not every will get IS-6.

      Then again I bet every player would go crazy if it was Type-59 instead of IS-6….

      • Agreed. I have passed buying the type for that reason. Too popular, besides I like playing the T-44.

    • Lol, its not.
      Simply – u ask ur clanmates to make 2x tier 6 TOG’s campaign squad. Starting at once (id like to make it late at night on EU2).
      In this case its possible to complete it during a few days :)

      • How does 2x tier 6 TOG squad count as vehicle of EVERY nation? Most of ppl doesn’t even have tier 6 tank of every nation. And if we are talking about 100k exp for single nation then yeah easy, I can do it with cromwell / hellcat in a week.

        • He probably meant that you play on “click” against platoons of TOGs, where they hide somewhere on the corner of map and let the opponent, who is earning XP for that mission, to kill them for free. 4500dmg for free if you kill entire platoon of TOGs surely helps earn more XP. And about most people not having tier 6 of every nation; well, there are also many who have them in garage or have them at least researched :)

    • cheaper ? its free, how can anything be cheaper ?

      nobody is forced to play for hours (costing you electricity, etc.) to get the tank.
      if you play this game regularly and is able to get that 100k exp for each nation, then its pretty much yours for free.

  1. 700k xp @1k/game is 700 games is 23 games per day is 2,7 hours per day, way less if doubles also count, should be doable, not sure its worth the effort though.

    • +1, but you know esl players can also buy it for free so I’d rather take part on Go4WoT (or any other cups) than suffering hours in tier6.

    • I’d just buy the damn thing for $50 if I want it that badly. Tier 6 battles are fun when you’re top dog but most of the time you’re just cannon fodder in T8 battles.

      • This will be the worst part. I wouldn’t mind farming doubles on my collection of tier 6′s, but I expect that most of these battles will be at the bottom of the list against limited-MM tier 8 premiums. I think expecting to make 1000 xp per game is wishful thinking at this tier. (It’s going to be doubly difficult on countries that only have a couple of tanks that can do daily doubles,)

    • doesnt seem really hard if you have enough free spaces.

      just with 1 space per nation you could get +60k easy just with the x2, 2k xp in a win with x2 is quite normal, if you try harder(gold ammo, good crews, equipment…) you could get 3k or more(with x2), and that could be 90k just doing doubles, you will lose some games, so the last 10k xp could come from them.

      if you need extra help you probably can use more tanks to get it (by example 30 daily x2 with the kv1s and other 10-15 with the t-34-85)

      so a good player should be able to get the is6 in less than 10 games per day probably 30 hours or less.

      but i still dont feel if is it worth, i already trained most of my russian crews.

      • 10 games a day if you get lucky all day every day for a month, no tomato teams, no losses. Even then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

        Not forgetting you have to get 100k on every nation, does the French tree have a tier 6 carry hard tank even?

  2. 700k xp 0_o that’s brutal really. You’d have to grind day and night to get it. Fortunately I already bought mine, just can’t imagine myself if I were to do this quest.

    But those who do, the IS-6 is definitely worth it.

  3. I think it’s because it’s Korea that’s it’s so hard.
    At least that’s what I hope. To be frank… Buying the tank is really, really, cheaper than doin’ 5h per day (or 30 battle a day in Premium).
    Don’t play for 2 days and say bye-bye to the tank.

    • No mission to date has included an unreleased line it in, I doubt they will start with this one somehow. Which means it’s a total of 600k. This is actually trivial if you dedicate 12 garage slots (2 per nation) to Tier 6 for a few weeks. Otherwise I would give it 6.5/.10 for difficulty.

  4. It’s going to be great to run Tier 7 and 8 for a month … lotsa Tier 6 tanks to beat up on!

  5. Actually, it isn’t that hard when you consider the x2 daily essentially gives you one free win a day. Using your 560XP per day average, it would take 41 battles without the x2, so that is 35 battles a day, or roughly 5 battles per tank per nation.
    If you have a premium account, it is 28 battles per day – so 4 battles per tank per day.
    If you have more than one tier 6 per nation, subtract one battle for each tank you have extra. For example, 3 battles instead of 4.

    But, yes, it is cheaper to work a job and pay for it. This reward is meant for those who have time, but can’t/won’t spend real money on WoT.

  6. I think this is very doable, but I still can’t belive that this will be an event for EU servers.


    Nice work SS on Ftr! & Greetings to all!

  7. Typical korean contest! :) There WILL BE some, no, MANY korean cubeheads who will acomplish this

  8. I see one error:

    ” In one month (from 16.12.2013 to 15.1.2013) ”
    2013 to 2013 ? :)
    First mission with tank reward (clan wars don’t count) \o/

    (Hello all, and sorry for my poor english :/ Happy to have create this account for share my opinion with all of you !)

  9. If this is true there are are some crucial questions:
    -Do doubles count?
    -Does premium count?
    -Does the Xp from all tier VI tanks of one nation stack for that nation?
    If all 3 answers are positive this will be very doable for some. Japanese being the hardest…
    Also which tier six tanks exactly? All? Medium only?(as Japanese only have medium tier VI).

    • “If you manage to grind 100k on a tier 6 vehicle of EVERY nation (UK, USSR, France, USA, Germany, China, Japan, eg. 700k XP altogether) within that one month”

      This gave me the impression that it’s one vehicle and non-stackable but translation might be wrong. Everything else(doulbe, premium) should count as long as you grind out 700k xp.

        • yeah if doubles (or possibly 5x on crismas) count and the vehicles stack and prem account counts this would be very doable.
          some nations like germans and russians have alot tier 6 tanks
          imagine doing 5x first wins with 3 or 5 russians equaling 5k exp each win think that would make 25k exp with 5 wins per day :P
          so if you have enough garage slots germans americans and russians are done very fast :P

          i cant imagine japan being part of it when the event starts while they arent released if they are not part of it chinese would be the hardest they have only two tier 6 tanks and i cant play well with this 59-16 lowpen tank

  10. IS-6 is a nice tank, bought it 6m ago, but i would never be a grind slave to get a premium tank. just buy it and be done with it. it’s like a meal in a restaurant.

  11. WHY IS-6???
    THE tank i love and paid ~44€ for. Now given for free to botters and epic fat nerds -.-

    • ^^ he mad….sell it(you’ll get something like 2-3 mil creds) and then grind it yourself when missions come….it will hopefully lessen your butthurt….also calling other people nerds because they play the same game as you do just more than you do is called being a hypocritic faggot

    • I’m pretty sure you’ll get the value of the gold awarded to you. same thing happens when you buy bundles or win competitions and are awarded a type 59. Don’t fret.

    • Yes, and from then on anyone playing an IS-6 will be assumed to be a botter or fat nerd. I shall be sure to remind them of this fact whenever I see one.

  12. Having a teir 6 tank from every nation is too big a prerequisite for me. And the effort it would take to do it would be betters spent in earning it in a job. Of course making it easy to get a premium tank for free would be unrealistic and unfair for the paying players, but its just too much for me to consider investing.

    Though its a nice opportunity for those who can’t or do not want to spend online to get their hands on a premium tank.

    • It was a hell of a lot less exp to get a T34 for free back when it was part of the US tree and due to be moved to premium, and you had more time to do it in.

  13. Does it have to be the same tank all, or can I go like Vk3001P, then M, then 3601H for germans?

  14. You do realise the capitalist EU server pigs wont get this right? :P

    In all seriousness its a good mission, hard but rewarding, only thing that would improve it would be to change the reward to a credit for any (ingame) store buyable premium.

    Besides that well done WG (if its true)

  15. It’s not that hard to do actually, you’re average farm from T6->T7 is more than 100k exp. Considering that you have 30 or so days, that’s 30 or so x2/x3/x5. Add in premium, and that you can play fully upgraded from the start = no problem at all.

    • Apart from it’s either 600k or 700k exp depending on if the Japanese tree is included.

      Aaaannndddd if the Japanese tree is included you might only have 2 weeks for that one.

      • I think you misunderstood me. Farming the T-34-85 from a stock configuration to a completely unlocked T-43 is 113k exp. Therefore all you need to do to get the IS-6 is farm one tier 6 from a stock configuration to the next tank for every nation. And you have a month to do it. That’s not very hard!

        • For every nation.

          Not very hard if you don’t have a job, or a life for that matter.

          I don’t do stock configuration, T-34-85 to T-43 for me would be 53k, maybe just under because I don’t like leaving exp on non elite tanks. Although T-34-85 is a bad example because I kept it for platooning.

  16. It’s a very easy and doable mission, you just have to have 100% free time and play 24/7, that way it can be completed without an effort. I just hope they’ll announce the number of players that’ll get the IS-6 so we can see how many these kind of players, let’s say no lifers, we have.
    And one other thing, where will we get a Japanese tier 6 tank in two days, though there’s probably no reason to worry about this, Japanese tier 6 has to left the last when the patch comes out.

  17. “In one month (from 16.12.2013 to 15.1.2013),” so….. the only way to do this is to be a time traveler?

    • logic says the event will last for 0 time (minutes, seconds, or whatever). unless you can get 100k exp for each nation within 0 time, then you can’t do it.

  18. Even the Koreans can’t do this.
    Maybe when a team of players does it on a single account it’s doable, but then it still will be trying to win stupid event for the sake of winning stupid event.

    • Best way, as plenty have pointed out, is to bot it.

      Play your regular tanks yourself then while you sleep/eat/work/go to school, let your bot play tier 6. Job done.

  19. Me gusta this special! If it comes to the EU server, one of those IS-6 will find a nice spot in my tanks collection.

  20. Hm..can i use premnium tanks to complete one nations 100k? Because i really want to train my panthers crew on Schmalturm, and …well i dont want to buy another tier 6 :)

  21. Ok, looks like I already have at least one T6 of every nation in my garage, so that part is done. I don’t have the IS-6 too, so the reward is usable.
    But I would realy want to know the same questions – will it be doable with multiple tanks per nation and Premium tanks?

    • Very unlikely that the Japan line will be included since it starts before the patch arrives.

      It would mean changing the mission part way through since they are not defined by tanks of a specific tier. Look at the missions which state tanks over tier 4, they list every tank over tier 4 specifically. That cannot be done for tanks not yet in the game.

  22. Seeing how you can get ~200 exp by logging into games but not actually playing then I am guessing we’ll see a ton of tier 6 idle players again. Start 5 and bail, then you have two spare, play one of those while the others sit in game….
    The biggest upshot will be for those who have yet to grind out their tier6 tanks, they were going to do it anyhow, so now might be a good time?.
    Gotta go now, need to find a clickbot :/

    • Not condoning it but as long as you actually play some of the time and you only bot through this mission period there’s little chance of you being caught.

      Sad but yes, unfortunately this mission will encourage people to bot. Especially since it is impossible to lose money at tier 6 if you don’t use any ammo.

  23. Bots actually get nothing. only top 10 in team xp counts. Quite clever, finally :-)
    xp is a shared pool per tree also. Not that bad as long as patch is swift..

    • You think there will be less than 6 bots in each game.

      Just bot at quiet times then, 2am onwards, add pressing R 3 times to your clicker script and you should still get you in the top 10 often enough.

      • I should add that botting is wrong but this mission does nothing to discourage it and limiting it to the top 10 is punishing bad players as much or even more than bots.

  24. Mission is showing up now.
    All 7 nationalities for 100k each
    Only EXP by the top 10 players on each team is counted (YAY, Killing bots!)
    Each Nationality also gives 3 days premium..
    So up for grabs is 21 days premium, IS-6, one garage slot, and you get a 50% crew with the tank (that I will promptly dismiss)