Stream with The_Chieftain (…and my cameo)

Hello everyone,

here is last night’s stream with The_Chieftain. The beginning was plagued a bit by technical problems, Apart from the stream being actually pretty educational (Chieftain talks about things like why the M10 was in fact not called the Wolverine), Chief is actually not a bad player. Furthermore, around 30th minute, Chieftain decided to try out the roaming mechanism and transferred to EU2 – and asked me for a platoon.

It was a bit awkward, because I was watching the stream, that was for whatever reason delayed by like 3 minutes (and in low res no less, Twitch is messy), so by the time I saw what he was doing, it was already 3 mins ago of his time. Anyway, I had a short cameo, we played two platoon battles together where I was totally hopeless and then he returned back to US server. Apparently, the ingame voice chat doesn’t work while roaming by the way.

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9 thoughts on “Stream with The_Chieftain (…and my cameo)

  1. Ok, so I think I’ve determined that the Skype notifications are coming through the stream… I keep checking my skype to see if I’ve gotten a message and there’s nothing there, I’m going crazy.

  2. Are you sure both of you enabled voice chat because it’s not working if only Chief enabled it and you didn’t iirc.

      • Then it indeed has some issues with roaming probably :) Also what is the current state of roaming. I know they are testing it, but there were rumours it will be discontinued all in all.

  3. I hope it’s not true….red barons…
    it’s only joke play like this, tell me, you both where just kidding? :)