Gift tank Light Mk.VIc characteristics


Hello everyone,

as you probably all know by now, we will be given a gift tank on 25th of December – the Light Tank Mk.VIc. Here are its characteristics (patch 8.10):

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Tier: 2
MM weight: 3
Health: 150
Hull armor: 14/13/6
Turret armor: 14/14/11
Maximum speed: 52,5/20
Viewrange: 300
Radiorange: 375

Engine: 88 hp Meadows E.S.T.L.
Weight: 5000kg
Power-to-weight: 17,6 hp/t
Engine fire chance: 20 percent
Hull traverse: 40
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,3/2,3

Gun: 15mm BESA
Penetration: 25mm (uses only 1 type of ammo – AP, no gold rounds)
Damage: 9
Formal rate of fire: 101,78 RPM
Autoloader: 5 round bursts, 40 rounds in clip
Autoloader reload: 18s
Aimtime: 1,5s
Accuracy: 0,52
Turret rotation: 36 deg/s
Depression/elevation: -10/+37
Shell velocity: 884

Range limited to 350m




99 thoughts on “Gift tank Light Mk.VIc characteristics

      • my T2 light punches through the LTP’s side hull like it’s paper, i would imagine the panzer 1C does the same.

        • And??

          i mean at that tier, virtually almost all tank with a handful of exception will be penetrated on the side by even .50 cal MGs.

          LTP has 20mm of side armor with no angle, LOTS of light tanks at T3 has LESS than 15mm of side armor even…

          you can count yourself lucky essentially to have 20mm of side armor.

          • That’s actually very true. Not that many tanks have 20mm of armor…however, since it’s flat, it’s pretty poor compared to a tank with 15mm of armor but sloped.

            • But there is hardly ANY light tank at it’s tier with sloped side…

              PzI series? flat, Stuarts??? flat, Cruiser tanks??? flat

              PzII?? PzIII ausf A?? Pz 38t??? BT-7??? T-46???
              FLAT, FLAT, FLAT, FLAT, FLAT

              the few exceptions with side armor are tanks like AMX-38 for example which is known to be well armored for it’s tier etc…

              Sloped side armor is an EXCEPTION rather than the norm… so LTP is in fact actually pretty good for it’s tier in both firepower, and armor, it’s lower than average mobility is it’s only real weakness… but ppl are just too dumb to realize what it’s tier equivalent tanks are like.

  1. I remember this thing from Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope mod(Best thing ever) I think there was something similar to this, I may be wrong though.

    • Yes it was. It could troll rather well and just destroy everything in its path… and if not. You got out with the Bazooka and let the other guy have it.

  2. This looks like FV 215b 183 WITHOUT the big gun! GIVE IT THE DERP PLEASE!!!!!!! (just trolling, it’s really like a tiny version of 183 :)))

    • Yeah why don’t just keep it, it’s a nice collectors tank but I think you should wait some weeks to play it ;)

  3. 25mm of penetration? *sigh* Well gonna take my T18 for a spin then.

    I’m so happy i didn’t sell my T1E6 since all the recent gift tanks are garbage.

  4. It looks like we will make a Micromaus platoon after the Xmas! Cannot wait to see those poor Mk drivers.

      • Remember – the T7 can penetrate the T18 through the gun.

        If you DO die to a T7, it is the most embarrassing death you will ever have.

  5. You know, if anyone wants to have fun in their tank, I’ll open a training room on malinovka with only t2 autoloader gift tanks (sorry Tetrarch, you’ll have to go elsewhere).

    Everyone rush the field and start brawling, it will be glorious.

          • WoT player > Smart

            When did that happen?

            On a more serious note: for every good player in a gift tank there is another good player in a T18. Have you ever tried to flank, or even touch a T18 driven by an even remotely good player?

              • Are you implying that I’m a noobstomper?

                I just wanted to have some random fun in the gift tanks without being worried about such noobstompers in T-18s ruining my fun.

    • Pretty much, you should have seen the whine when they released the Tetrarch “it’s so bad, no armor, long aim time and the BT-2 is faster”

  6. I always find myself amused that so many people use the scrubcannon on the T18 and think that they’re special or badass for oneshotting tanks in a tier where armor is a rarity.

    By all means, continue bragging about how you’re rewarded for not trying. We’ll lump you in with the artillery players, you’ll all make the bestest of friends.


    I actually like how the VIc looks, statwise. Power:weight aside, it’s a better light tank than the T7 turned out to be, with that turret traverse, speed limit and ground resistance. The BESA is rather piddly, but it does aim a bit faster and is a little more accurate than the Browning. Also has less gun dispersion when moving the turret (in exchange for more while moving the hull).
    Aesthetically, it’s not bad. Kind of makes me think of a scaled-down Medium I. Definitely very early-British flavored.

    Ought to be interesting to try, if nothing else. And I certainly don’t mind having another tank to train my Crusader and eventual Centurion crews in.

    • Now, now… when playing SPGs you do actually have to try to aim so you have half a chance at hitting it… It does not do it automatically like the manual says it will. I am still waiting to hear back from the company… I was told my SPG loaded and fired at the target all on its own.

  7. i might actually keep it just for the fact it is one of the more well-known free tanks WG has given us.

    By well-known, i mean along the lines of it saw extensive service.

  8. so this is basically just a slimmer and “armored” version of the mark2 lunch box with a BESA? seems legit. at least BESA is playable. not sure abt the speed….my gut says underpowerd engine again. i’ll still keep it anyway. collector’s blood =P

  9. Seeing the penetration I thought this will be even worse than T7 car since it has 27mm of pen, but then I went checking online pages and wiki and found that it has only 22mm of pen. I’m really confused, I remember seeing 22mm of pen when the tank was just introduced in game, but in a few hours it was somehow changed to 27mm and ever since it shows 27mm if I check the gun in my garage, so which is it? 22 or 27?

    • When in doubt, trust ingame stats.

      The Browning has 27mm ingame. The BESA has 25mm.

      Keep in mind that the Browning MG that the T7 uses is NOT the same as the one that the M2 Light does. The M2 Light’s version has a smaller magazine, reloads slightly faster, is hopelessly inaccurate, and has less penetration.

      I would guess that whoever entered the information into the wiki assumed that it was the same gun, using the same ammo, and thus would have the same penetration; but indeed, it is a completely separate gun, and WG decided to buff its penetration from “completely useless” to “borderline useless”. Yaaaay.

  10. SerB: Haha, they be complaining about T7 gun with no pen?!? Make another one~!!! Muahahhhahaaaa