Veteran Tanker charity event over – results and aftermath

Hello everyone,

some of you probably remember the Veteran Tanker Charity I posted up 20 days ago.

So, it’s 15.12.2013 and by the notice of carramba66 (event organizer):

The event is officially over.

Also thanks to you, dear readers, the success of this event was completely stunning and none of us, who teamed up to advertise it around, expected it to happen like this. The goal was around 20000 CZK for one man (that equals roughly 730 EUR). By now, there are 158548 CZK (cca 5750 EUR) on the transparent account and it’s clear that the sum will be split amongst more of the former soldiers and tankers. Which ones – that will be decided by the veteran organization, shielding the entire transaction.

We all would – on behalf of the veterans – thank you all for your contributions. Especially surprising were the contributions from abroad, but our gratitude goes to everyone equally. What will happen now:

- the account will remain open for a while longer for the last payments to arrive
- after that, the account owner (carramba66) will transfer the funds to the veteran organization (ČSOL), that will then split the sum amongst the veteran tankers, selected by its representative
- carramba66 will record an interview with the veteran organization spokesperson for everyone to hear, what the money was used for exactly

So, thank you once again!

Important: Please note that from this point onward, all the paypal contributions for FTR will remain with FTR, they will no longer be donated, as the event is officially over.

14 thoughts on “Veteran Tanker charity event over – results and aftermath

  1. Good job Silentstalker, I’ll be looking forward to the interviews.

    P.S. As the years are nearing the switch, maybe you could make a compilation of WG’s best fails of 2013?

  2. I wonder how will WG EU react to this after. I think this is beyond expectation and WG EU will butthurt again this time.

    Nice Job SS and everyone who participated this event

  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t donate for this. But I’m really happy to see the large amount for the veterans.