Needs more stream…

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the cooperation between FTR and Rita Gamer. For those who don’t know, Rita is a streamer on Twitch (a very active one) – and I somehow felt lately that something is missing on FTR. Something like an endorsed streamer.

Now, I sometimes watch Circon (he’s really cool), but he’s really famous and all that and truth to be told, I wanted to cooperate with someone new. Relatively speaking. Obviously, that rules out Jingles (those of you who read FTR frequently know what I think about him anyway) and Quickybaby (WG EU endorsed… ugh). But Rita is perfect – she plays well and it’s fun to watch.

So, from now on, you’ll be able to watch her stream by clicking the STREAM button on the upper bar (link to it is also here). Go check it out :) Rita also has a Facebook fan page, so that’s nice too. In the future, there might be some events together, I’ll be passing her some info I haven’t published yet and all that. Worth watching.


132 thoughts on “Needs more stream…

    • I remember when SS posted one of your videos…., well.. the only time, henever posted them after that ever again.
      yeah.. the reaciton from the readership was terrible..

  1. Meh… I can’t possibly see what that’s gonna give FTR. Not to mention that most of the streamers just prove the point that stats don’t play…

        • It’s not about the stats, but about entertainment. I’m pretty sure you could find a tomato player who makes things fun.

          Stop being a sperglord.

          • If I want to watch the red potato heads fail, I just have to click random battle. Why should I watch a stream for that and what is entertaining about it? I find it rather frightening that doing the same shit for thousands of battles and failing 95% of the time, they still dont learn from it and do the same shit over and over again with the same results.

            Sadly Darwins Laws of Evolution dont apply anymore for humans. Technology overcame them.

            • I wouldnt call him a tomato. He is better than that and at least he puts some though into what he is doing. The results arnt always that convincing but it would be really refreshing, if one could have at least for one evening only players of Jingles level or slightly better in his team instead of the usual collection of brain dead zombies and drooling morons.

          • I don’t stream cuz I with WoT’s pathentic optimilization I’m already forced to play with 10 FPS, imagine what streaming would do…

            I’m pretty sure you can’t find tomato players who makes things fun. Unless you can’t see diffrence between laughing with someone and out of someone

        • Duh, she has better stats than 90% of wot playerbase and you call her a bad player?
          Only 2 differences between she and the other known streamers are the fact she’s new(and thus, not popular) and she’s not an 1800+ wn7 player, but still a good one.

  2. So you are making advertising just for someone who is playing WOT. Interesting. And why dont you even mention the other good WoT players who are making great Videos?
    Why do you even need this cooperation?
    Do you need money or does she need the money?

    • Why should I? A lot of unicum players are complete retards, elitist scumbags or just kids. It’s pointless. I don’t personally care how GOOD anyone is (or how good anyone THINKS he is), I care for the show. And I find Rita pretty entertaining, unlike for example Jingles who sometimes says complete crap *shrugs*

      TLDR: Because I want to. Problem?

      • Nicely put SS. I for one approve of Rita, she is friendly and a good player :) Definetly, IMO, better than unicum elitists who have a personality as bad as a hedgehog’s spines….

        • I see a lot of jellys here…..because being a friendly will make you learn something from it about the game….it looks like it’s true what they say about stats…those worse than you are noobs and those better than you are statpadding,goldammoshooting,CW,TCpadding elitists who can’t behave themselves….stop being so fucking butthurt and go fap to whatever fucking streamer you want…i for sure won’t be watching someone i don’t want just becase someone suggested me….

      • I look at QB’s and Circum’s livestream, but I haven’t seenRita on live stream yet, so I will do that soon enough.

        Btw… Jingles is NOT entertaining? WTF!? He may be wrong about somethings, but he certainly IS entertaining IMHO and furthermore he’s humble when it comes to his own skill in WoT and WT. Also who actually IS right all the time. I remember QB making a video review about the Obj140 which really had some incorrect info, so what?

    • I dont have a problem becase she is “bad” in EffRating or what ever. But I wached her a couple of times and she is not entertaining at all. So Im wondering why you have chosen her and not someone else. Thats it. Its just criticism, plz dont behave like WG ;)

      • Something I forgot to say.
        You should mention why we should watch her, instead of other streamers. What is special about her!? If you want clicks on her channel then explain why. Thats it.

        • I think that you should be happy SS made this for us. I mean, it doesn’t say anywhere that he must do this. Plus, he didnt say you should watch it. I know i wont, but just because i never watch streams. But like he says: some people like to watch it. Unicums definetly wont watch her, thats for sure, but some players who like average players will find her fun :)

          • I know what you are saying. But If you criticise WG for promoting something, than you should expect criticism if you are promoting something. Thats all.
            And why should I be happy that SS is promoting someone? The “streamers” can earn money, real money, and SS is some kind of promotion for them. So please tell me why I should “give” them money!? And why is SS even interested in such things? Im just curious.

            • I don’t know anything about any money, but if she does earn money for streaming, good for her. You are missing my point mate: there is no argument “for” or “against”. I am not trying to sell you anything. I simply like the stream. I am not asking you to like it too, I just post what I like – as I always did.

              • Im sorry but if you write some thing like

                “Needs more stream…”
                “I am pleased to announce…”
                “….Rita is perfect …..”

                I am realy disturbed. Ask some journalists (and bloggers) and they will say that you should not be dependent (dont know if its right, but you got it). In my opinion you should just let it go. Thats not how it should be. If FTR is independent than you should not promote anything like this. She CAN earn money with her streaming, but how can you tell us that you are independent if you are promoting her? Do you recieve any money? I dont know, but if some newspaper would write an article about WG and how great they are, I would be allways curious. So Please tell me why we should trust you? And if we cant trust you why should we read this blog?

                • I guess you got it. So be carefull. If you want to be authentic you have to be sure that no one can blame you to be buyable.
                  Did you see the “YouTube” bloggers in russia? Why do their vids allways match the offers from WG? Because they are on the paying list of WG. Even Murazor with his raging against WG, he is still on the list. He is getting his PressAccounts like every other popular streamer too.

                  So they are two options, you are not advertising streams (you might get money from them, and you cant prove me wrong) or you say on this blog that you are promoting people (because they are cute/female/entertaining whatever) and there is allways the thaught that you are benefiting from it. Thats it. Its your Blog. But you have to decide what it will become.

          • Chrissi, you are sitting on a really high horse. Blathering about independency and
            and the best Ideals. but… its his blog … that means you have no right to complain about it. You can give your opinion, ideas etc. But no one has to answer you or react on you. Its all effort for free and for himself, what is SS doing here.

            about your fear. If SS gets prejudiced, we his readers get aware of it, because we are not dump. But this little promotion of “shes perfect”, is not worth it to scream “Conspiracy!!”.

            • I did not want to sound like a conspirator. Sure its his blog and so on. But everyone has the right to complain. If someone is writing in a Blog (this is just like writing a leaflet) than he is in the public view. And as it is in public everyone has the right to complain. This are my thoughts about the right to complain.
              The next point is that of course nobody has to react and SS doesn’t have to answer my questions.
              I like this blog, and that’s why I’m writing this. If this blog didn’t care much to me, I would not write this.

              • Off Topic: If u care so much about this blog then stop harassing the owner, if u have conspiracy theory go to the police or…somewhere, or maybe u are in need of more attention IRL, either way we dont care.
                On Topic: I watched her stream couple of times and shes talented, has better stats then 80%of the playerbase, instead of trolling her, learn from her. Only thing i dont like that she plays a lot of low tier, which is less entertaining then higher tiers. Looking forward to see u on the stream SS.

  3. I don’t understand your attitude towards Quickybaby, he’s by far the best streamer I’ve heard of. Perfect balance between skills/goodplay that you can actually learn from and a funny moment every now and then. And by the way, I think today’s the first time he has been endorsed by WG, not counting some community mentions.

        • I always wondered why people like this whiteknight above(Doctor) are on the internet. Internet is the place where you will be called by many insulting names, where you will be cursed at or what not because people can and will do it to you because of the anonimity of the internet. And if you have problems with someone like Jingles then i wonder how you handle much bigger douches out there. Stop caring so much what people say or behave. Even if he went with Jingles no one would be forcing you to watch his videos/streams. This article is just a basic explanation for those who would be asking about that new button on top that says Stream, nothing else. If you like it watch it, if not don’t watch it.

  4. It is not so fun I dont watch a lot of streams but is I do it for wot QuickyBaby’s stream is a lot better as this girl

  5. Of course no1 is forcing anyone to watch her stream. But I find the choosen path very distrurbing.
    Today you start advertisment of a bad player so what’s coming tommorow? By the end of the year you will be justifying WG fails…

      • She is bad because she doesn’t have a WR of 65% by statpadding with the T18.
        No, but seriously, she isn’t that bad of player.
        I watch Jingles vids not because he is good (he is above average, but gets carried in streams, so his WR doesnt matter anyway), but because I find it entertaining and he gives you historical infos about the planes/tanks. And he is one who sometimes admits mistakes and corrects them. Thats quite rare.

        • im not a native english speaker, so the slower style talking of Jingles is more understandable for me, than those who are rushing without articulation or having a heavy accent.

        • She is bad because she is ultimate uber camper without any situation awarness. And her average tank tier is 6 which for someone with allegedly 83 tanks is…

          • T6 is the most fun for some people. Might be the reason why most tank companies are T6 (Even before team mode was added).
            Also I got more tanks than that, but my average tier is also 6 because I started almost every tree at once. Because I wanted to. And statpadders can be discovered not by their average tier but by the tanks they play the most. T2 Light, T18, Tetrarch, Hetzer, KV-1S, IS3, Foch155, T57H and so on.

    • Why keep other players saying that she is a bad player? Bad players are for me these Red Morons who after 20k battles are still Red…

      • those 34% WR 700 WN7 rated IS-7 are dislinking this post.
        Better laugh than cry.
        Jingles says some truth sometime: If you’re bad long enough, you can reach tier X.

  6. I like her voice and the accent, will watch her streams.
    Going to comment there as Seagan. You should play with her at some point, SS. :)

  7. In theory she is better than me but who knows shes a EU player.
    It used to really annoy me when people called all the SEA users crap. Then i created a new account and started to play on the NA server and found out they are right (SERIOUSLY). Also based on the Test server i can believe the RU players are better than the average NA player. Mind us i managed a 70% win rate in my E4 on the test server over 40 battles

  8. Sorry SS, but i don’t think she is something worth being on FTR, or that she has anything to show people. Maybe she has a nice personality and all, but that’s not why i would watch a WoT steam anyway.

    And it’s also bad to generalize by saying that all unicums are jerks, it isn’t like that.

    While i know this is your blog, i’ll try to suggest people to watch this guy instead, who is friendly AND competent in what he does (you too SS, just to get an idea):

    • I forgot to say, most people will look at her stream just because she has a pair of boobs, and the average WoT population fits the teenager range.

  9. Hey! Only because Jingles gets some 79€ per 1000 unique views. actually far more but he needs to give up half to BBTV/RTL, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push this little wiener. I’m so happy I got fired at BBTV, all these nerds with no clue of Life… typical Canadian scum.

    • I don’t necesserily hate the guy, but he talks complete crap on occasion and sometimes during his “historical” rants he was way off, he also promotes myths. Hell, he even quoted Death Traps, one of the most infamous tank myth book ever.

      • It would be fair of you to mention that he also admits and corrects his mistakes when he’s confronted with them…

  10. TL:DR Anyone with pair of tits(size doesn’t matter) is fun, and unicums are spineless retards who can’t behave themselves thus we should watch average people because they have tits…fuck me…my logic is flawless…haterz gonna hate….

    • No ofence but,
      ı haven’t seen a unicum being nice to average players.
      You’re right. Unicums are Jerks

    • I watch EJ like u Medjed. There u have a blondie and nipples for free… For tits he is too skinny but did i mention nipples?…
      And its like a reservation for unicums cuz everyone hates us -.- We need moar luv, cuz we are only statpadding, raging, nolife, goldspamming brats

        • Seals of all countries, UNITE! :D Actually yesterday i was very nice to a NA guy who spammed wrong info in a stream, I trolled him, then he wanted to go 1vs1…i took t34 on my NA account he took Cent. I. despite having the way faster, more accurate tank with more dpm he lost every game. I did not insult him or whatever, instead i platooned with him some games to get him some tips…i am such a nice Unicorn :D

          • AMG the seal is here too
            Richie dont forget to post those screens form Hardest stream, we both watched together the last time -that was hilarious xD

  11. I did’nt know her and watched her stream last night. Find it to be very good and i kind of like the way she plays. so thx SS for bringing her up! :S I’m going to watch her stream again!

  12. So, some people feels disturbed about Rita… I dont get it… Too many haters, too many frustrated fappers though…

  13. Well SS, unlike a lot of people on here who can’t seem to fathom why you chose her (whether over other streamers or just the decision to add a stream at all), I for one will check her out. I completely understand why you added the streaming option. It’s just more content, and content that won’t overwork you at that; people can watch and enjoy, and if not, then it doesn’t take away from FTR in the slightest. Also, I understand why you chose her. Had you gotten someone who was much more popular, people would have had much stronger opinions about them (for or against), with a relatively new streamer, you can avoid that situation.

    I don’t think I’ve been disappointed or upset with you yet SS. Keep the good stuff rolling.

  14. The decision to take her is meh for me.

    I dont have anything against her personally, but i would rather prefer a really good gamer (read: unicum) than a mediocre one, so Quickybaby or any other REALLY good and nice streamer that is fun to watch should be the one to take.

    The question whether the streamer is famous or not shouldnt hinder him from being promoted.

    Just my opinion.

  15. She’s entertaining to watch. Does mistakes. Don’t play in platoons or company a lot. A player closer to the good players of wot. Good Job SS, as always.
    I like watching QBs stream for expertise reasons. But he platoons nearly all the time (artificial winrate boost) and when he does not, he plays obviously “near op” tanks:
    Jingles is funny to watch, reasonable player a bit confused with some stats sometimes. But he platoons nearly all the time (artificial winrate boost).
    Circonflexes is so much fun to watch but still a very good player.

    • True dat.

      I prefer Jingles way more than QB.
      Jingles is (for my opinion) much more entertain to watch, than QB.

      And always/mostly platooning with good players is, just like you said it, “artifical winrate boost”,
      but anyway I love watching Jingles. =)

      And looks like Rita seems very entertaining to watch, so I will definitely give it a try and watch her playing a bit. =)

      Tho, looking at her stats tells her second most played tank is the KV-1S… Blergh…
      Almost twice as more games than the third most played tank.
      But that is irrelevant.

  16. Some people should grow up here (or have really nothing better to do in life than moan)
    This is a blog and its owner is free to post whatever he wants.

    If someone does not like the blog then that person can simply not read it.
    If one wants to watch unicum quality streaming then just go look for one.

    The blog’s owner has decided to make a choice then please do respect his choice and it is up to you not to follow his advice.

      • Stating one’s opinion is fair but starting to attack the streamer (sexist attacks for example) or the blog’s owner is borderline IMO….

        Stating you don’t like her stream because she is not a good player = stating your opinion

        Saying that she is there because she has female attributes = sexist attack bringing nothing as argument

  17. Shes good at WoT – she doesent act like a complete jerk, has a pleasant voice and overall a very good taste in Music.

    Shes one of Three streamers that i Watch on a regular basis and its a really nice “family” feeling between her and the watchers.

    I respect her for not trying to get more wiewers by playing on her looks and “sexing” it up (like the other fem streamers).

    But yeah its good to see her getting some welldeserved exposure.

  18. Good idea to make discover Rita to those who doesn’t know her. She’s nice, she plays well and she’s funny. She often explains what she’s doing and explains her placement, so many players can learn something from her.

    And she’s a FAR better player than many guys on WOT… don’t rage kids, a girl can be better than you :p

  19. Each to his own but I watched a couple of her recorded battles and found her rather boring at least jingles or quickybaby at least informative or entertaining. What exactly does she have other than being a girl gamer?

    • Jingles is entertaining only when he rages. Other then that I hardly manage to watch trough his videos. QB is feeding on WG support and was feeding on Jingles same way as Circon does. QBs vids are atleast somewhat decent, but I vomit seeing those ass lickers in the chat.

      And what does she have what others dont? Well she plays requested tanks where on QBs chat u get banned, shes very nice (played with her already), does follower team battles and even platoons with followers. QB nor Circon dont give a fuck about that and only play with few selected ppl which are boring as hell btw to add on top of it. Especially QBs platoon “guests”.

      • Well Jingles… I like his youtube vids, but on stream he rages way too much and to be honest.. he ain’t a good player.

        As to your comparison between Rita and QB..
        “Rita plays with follower team battles… ” I don’t think she has to pick between 3000 viewers.. Also QB doesn’t do it because he just can’t play with all his followers, so it’s not fair to most viewers. That’s why he chooses not to do it.
        He does play each Tuesday with QSF which is basicaly he followers community clan so…
        As for QB’s platoon guests… It’s just his real life friends nothing more nothing less.

        • And do you know what kind of behaivor showed QB against his competition in the past? Or how other streamers instead of visiting eachother are hostile? For example you cant even post “Circon” on QBs stream since it is auto censured lol. I mean sure his stream, his rules but thats retarded imo lol.

          Also QB can be thankfull for Dramen having him as mod since its the only sane mod in his channel that actually doesnt bans ppl for ridiculous shit.

          • That’s true… for some reason there seems to be a lot of hostilities between the followers of each stream… sad to be honest :/

        • Likewise, I enjoy some of the videos Jingles puts on youtube. Very often I disagree with his conclusions, but I can watch things the lazy way on my tablet. But the museum videos he has been putting up lately are actually rather nice!

          Jingles knows he isn’t the best player around and he has mentioned it many times over and while that is the case he’s far above the average player out there. He mainly gets by on personality and he has a good voice for presenting videos.

          When it comes to QB? I simply don’t have the time to watch his streams, between books to read, world of tanks to play when other games don’t take priority and some streams related to entirely different things that aren’t even computer game related in the slightest I have a hard enough time to keep up.

          I do find QB’s content useful, the summaries of a patch can come in handy. I don’t agree 100% with his opinions on tanks, but it’s usually a fair summary from his point of view and it is a good starting point to then investigate the tanks I’m interested in in detail later with the WotTankViewer program and some common test server testing prior to it going live. When it comes to livestreams I liked the old ones with Ectar, but besides that I don’t really make time for them anymore.

          A few people have complained about his attitude towards other streamers etc being mentioned, well maybe a bit too harsh but I don’t care to be honest the chat is something I rarely bother with. Due to the opinionated childish masses on twitch chat I feel he’s entirely justified, any channel that isn’t running sub only chat is a timebomb waiting to explode. QB fans will freak out about anyone preaching the word of another streamer and then the arguments about who’s better. It is as bad as religious “discussions” where you’ll never convince the other guy. Better to just prevent it entirely in the public chat it really improves quality of life for both mods and the streamer by reducing stress factors :)

      • Maybe Jingles is not entertaining for you, but I rather like his composure (and lack of at other times). QB and Circon, I like them too. I will take a look at Rita’s stream soon aswell.

  20. Iam very happy that you have chosen Rita. Ive been asked a few times why does someone with mine stats watch a stream like that. Well why the fuck not is my answer. Nice mods and chat. Well ofc with sometimes retarded QB fanboys infesting the chat, but those get banned very fast thankfully.

    • I dont get why fans of different streamers would “infest” other streamers…. it’s bloody childish…

      • And yet they doing it. Any streamer moderator can confirm. The streamers sadly cant do anything about it.

  21. Since we’re on the subject of wot streams in general (maybe even youtube pages with more post production), i don’t understand what’s the allure?.
    I’m not even talking about the quality of the player streaming/stats/event(i give the same flying fuck about some random tomato streaming than for the super pro league matches) or anything of the sort, just a simple “why?”.
    ¿wouldn’t it be better/more productive/more fun to spend that time y’know… playing YOURSELF/with friends?(that’s if you’re near your gaming computer ofc)
    i also don’t understand the point of replay sites, what can be more droning and tedious than to watch some random dude replay?, heck, i can’t tolerate watching my own replays(the only interest i have in them is to do some punctual “forensic analysis” when something weird/buggy/ shit happens or to review a tourney match, but those must be 1:1000 or less).

    • If you don’t use it: that’s up to you

      There’s a use for the streams, some people enjoy watching them. Personally I don’t have the free time for it as I want to play games (not always wot).

      Replay sites definitely have their purpose, again I don’t use them on a systematic basis lately. But it can be very interesting to evaluate a different players playstyle from the driving seat seeing how they see it and what they do. I’ve uploaded some of my games through dropbox to share them with a friend once to explain things about a particular tank while he watched the replay file and me talking on teamspeak. It definitely has a purpose but it isn’t for everyone.

      Learn to accept that it is there, it’s entirely optional and you have to go out of your way to get there: don’t complain and whine about it. Just do your thing and ignore it no need to start an argument about it.

  22. Meh looks like someone who has to have one of those bloody facecams on, facecams are so fucking intrusive, I wanna watch the game, not the fucking streamer. Yeah your providing commentary, but commentary doesn’t mean I need to see your face.