Wargaming and ROK military – new interactive movie

Source: Daigensui

Hello everyone,

apparently, Korean military along with Wargaming made a pretty badass interactive movie about North Korean assault on Seoul. Check the trailer:



You can find the game website here

28 thoughts on “Wargaming and ROK military – new interactive movie

  1. I find it amazing a Commander is in an open turret under fire !!! ROK needs some basic lessons.

    • neat site that…
      due to people willing to overpay for crap, the marketing agents probably earn more than S.Korea’s GDP, so I can understand it being better.

  2. If movie will be bad as trailer …… seriously even documentaries are better cut and montage together. I am really disappointed at WG having a $i7t load of money and releasing such a bad “movie”. This kind quality production is acceptable in middle school but not for company like WG.

    • Well… some point is valid. But this is an ‘interactive’ movie. At that briefing scene, when camera zoom to that tablet to view the ‘last crew’, it’ll show your FB profile pic instead some regular Korean (if you logging using your FB). There is one scene where you can aim that russian tank to kill it.

      My problem is for ‘Interactive’ movie, the ‘interactive’ part is a bit lacking. Should have more russian tank killing.