21 thoughts on “EU client download

    • Who said that you must install it when you have downloaded? This might be faster to download than waiting for the overloaded servers on patch day…

      • Rather…it’ll be best to install it on the night of the 22nd. I’ll download it when I get home, no use to wait for X hours for the thing to download given how overloaded the servers will be then.

    • I will, cuz tomorow i go my parents house to christmas vacations and internet there its litle bad to download, not like in city where iam in university.

  1. Really nobody think that it’s weird that the Patch is full packed and ready for install and we don’t get the Update tomorrow or atleast on Saturday? Why get the Russians the Patch tomorrow (Friday) and we not? Does that mean that the EU Department not work tomorrow? I really don’t understand this…

    • Client side updates are different than server-side updates. Plus, 23, monday, is usually maintenance day early in the morning and they’ll fit that in the regular maintenance.

      • Sorry, throwing out the BS card here. WG has always said it was the localization that took the extra time to prep a patch between the RU version and the EU/NA version, but here was are with a finalized non RU version at the same time the RU one is being deployed.

        Normally not a big deal, and a few times worked in NA/EU’s favor as they borked something and the RU guys get to test it and we get a fixed patch. But this time it means the RU players get the whole 2x weekend with the new tanks while NA/EU doesn’t.

        I know, I know, “How Terrible”, point is it just shows that there really isn’t a reason to not have simultaneous releases anymore.

  2. plz anyone that have speedfull internet download clinet and upload pure 8.10 update if possible :)
    my internet speed is 30kbps :|

    • I’m uploading it to my VPS, the EU-Client and WoT-DL Speed is very slow -.- my Server has 1Gbit and can download with 100Mb/s but it downloads WoT with 12Mb/s. I will provide the link later ;)

  3. It is much more faster to just download the patch file (only 8.10 patch, that is arround 500 Mb of size) and put it in the games update directory and run the client to finish instalation than downloading the whole client (6 GB usually) when everything is overloaded with traffick. Just saying. 15 minutes vs 1.5 hours makes a difference. In MHO.

    • Those 6GB take me 15 min. to download, download rate is at maximum.
      On patch day it usually drops way below, taking more time than 15 min.

    • Can I make a clean install with this? I mean if I uninstall and delete the wot folder will this install the whole schidizzle again?

  4. Hmm download is bit slow, just giving 4MByte/32MBit per second. Will wait until the very early movers have downloaded it, the launcher typically gives me 10-15MByte/sec (thanks to torrent character of Launcher based updates).

  5. That download is crap, i put my laptop near the router for download last night. I went down this morning, and there were downloaded about 10MB: The download stoped instantly when the display went off…