What made me giggle…

So, I was just lurking the EU forums to troll and cause trouble looking for interesting info and ran across this Polish thread. In it, there was a Polish translation of today’s article with the Veider interview from one Polish blog, that is translating FTR stuff (how well, that is not for me to judge, but I prefer Dom1n, who has done a great job so far and in fact I look up his blog for info from time to time).

Well, no problem so far, but considering the blog is practically a 1:1 copy of FTR news in Polish, one thing made me giggle – the one and only comment under this post on his blog:


Translated (Google helped):

Hi :)
Many thanks for the information “in a nutshell”. Professionally presented news about the latest updates to World of Tanks :)
Fantastic blog! :)
Polish Ambassador Wargaming – Jasysae

Thanks, mate, much appreciated :D

30 thoughts on “What made me giggle…

  1. Wait… so WG said thank you to that player, who basically copied your blog? And you get snubbed I guess…
    Dude, If i was you, i would message that blog owner. I mean, UNLESS he states in it that he gets his info from you.

    • Forgot to mention: I definetly wouldn’t let this pass, if I was you. I mean, its basically ignorant of him to be doing this, since, as you mentioned, there already is a polish person who does that already. You could try to contact him and maybe he can do something about this guy? :P

      • Well actually when dom1n started translating FTR, he neither gave credit to original source (I assume he is now, always preferred original). In that time SS said, there is nothing he can do about the guy and first of all he doesn’t really give a damn about him. I am sure this is still the case, this post is only to show that WG officially admits FTR is FANTASTIC! :)

  2. I wonder if that dude will clone copy this post… I mean that would be awkward and hilarious at the same time.

  3. They credit you only in thread on official forum and in rules section ;C
    I’m going to bash them for such unappreciation.

  4. Seems like he’s starting to get some slight backlash as well as advice on how to properly write blog posts. :)
    SS, you might have unintentionally ruined his day. :D

  5. My video blog was also pointed as a “perfect work” by CZ WG ambassador. What is really funny, because I am (many times) banned on the forum and leader of the czech community team, Karlie, really hates me.
    It looks the left hand dont know what the right is doing.

    Simply a stronk company.

    • Yeh, the biggest problem, I think, is the multi-national aspect of the WG EU office. Every part is doing what fits them the most -.- They need someone firm on top to get them all in line.

  6. What’s bugging me for quite some time now – who the fuck is this? Ambassador? Wat?

    Why “for quite some time”? A few months ago, I noticed that this Jastwhatever is posting comments under wot/wg articles on a cd-action (Polish games magazine) website. Completely irrelevant to what the article says. Spambot? O_o

    • He does that on many sites, he’s defending failure called WoWp everywhere and posts a lot of irrelevant comments – “ambassador” = cheap PR/advert guy…

  7. This guy also has his account on a very popular Polish site wykop.pl (it’s something like Polish reddit) -http://www.wykop.pl/ludzie/WGA_Jasysae_PL/

    He often answers to WoT-related posts, writing his completely worthless, PR bullshit. He also never answers to the posts where someone has some objections and critical comments about WoT :)

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