Hall of Shame

Hello everyone,

welcome to this year’s last Hall of Shame, where worst morons and trolls are publicly shamed. I was looking for new info on WoT, but there is literally nothing new today, so I decided to clean up by “Hall of Shame” folder. And this time, there are PLENTY of candidates. I also have two bonuses for you: first is my personal archive of ragers, second is from one BIA player, who submitted the rages and rants (partially in Czech). Let’s start with something light, some very angry Germans:


(“Go fuck yourself, fucking polack, your people are shit”)



(“Kill the Jews Sieg Heil, fucking pack of jews die and go fuck yourself”)

Bez názvu

And here we have a bona fide KKK member:


And some CSA rage, Czechs from CSA are a funny bunch:


(“Die slowly and in pain fucking Polish”)


What would a Hall of Shame issue be without a few famous clanners?



From USA with love


And back to Europe


(“neonacista” in Czech means “neonazi”)


Bonus 1: My own archive


This one made me chuckle (hard to translate):


This one got blue by teamkilling and I executed him, he did not take it lightly:


A Russian with an interesting name:


Uh, no thanks…


“Shut up or I will come and tie your penis around you”


Slovaks are always so polite


Brivion is the polite Polish: “Faggots and gays from UK” and “Fuck your dog”


Sometimes, things go just right…


Uh…. what?


Various scum


And then there’s this guy. I was waiting with my Cromwell for people to clear the way of an annoying heavy and he rammed me and pushed me from his place. So I position myself behind him. He did not like it (might have something to do with the fact I was also shooting and blew his cover)


Bonus 2: Czech ragers, anti-BIA edition (one BIA player’s submitted archive)


117 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

      • Well I am to all time scream that my team is full of pokemons and still can’t get in :(

        + When I see guy from my team write “siemka” . I wrote that my team have player from Loland :P . I am so evil

  1. I like every dick who hates an entire country but has no reason at all. A lot of players say,when I say something to my team or just “gl”,that f*ck Hungary and it’s the worst country and so on. I know that the hungarians become angry way sooner and we can rage as hell,but still it’s not all of us. I’m pretty sure that some of the haters don’t even know where the country is,but this is true about the haters of the other countries…
    And I don’t understand why. It’s just a game,of course I get angry really often,every day,but I don’t start to swear or if I do then I don’t blame an entire country,of course there are some Mateusz2002PL players who are sometimes responsible for a defeat,but I don’t start so say,that f*ck Poland,CZ,SK etc.
    If I’m angry I fap it can calm me down..:)

    • Hey, you should have heard one rage that I saw… So, a couple of enemy platoon mates started raging over some serbian players. I found out they were both Slovenian, just like me. So when I told them, in slovenian, to shut up, since i saw they were a couple of kids, since they used really kiddish insults, they were suddenly so scared, they only replied(in english, pff like i didnt know they were slovenian) and were quiet for the rest of the battle xD

      • No, not all Polish people are like that its just the hand full of idiots that ruin the reputation of the whole Polish race.
        Also i am Polish and i’m proud of that.

        • Handfull of idiots? Like 4/5 of Polaks on the EU server are braindead fucks that can’t play for shit, but still the 1/5 of Polaks os a huge ammount on the EU server.

          • Well, this proportion exsists in most(probably all) nations on the serwer. But Polish language is characteristic so it is easy to point the finger at us when you think of a noob.

          • I don’t understand how can someone be a bad player because he belongs to a certain country. I am not from Europe, so have no love/hate for any of the EU countries, and thus fail to understand why everyone likes to pick on the Polish so much?!! How is every bad player ‘Polish’, or ‘Polish Jew’, or ‘Jew’…. whats with the ‘Jew’ insult???

            • same here. i dont get what’s wrong with jews….considering i never met one, i believe. sounds more like a hitlerant propaganda to me

  2. Lol, Hardy Buck and that other stat padder made a screenshot? SS, you can delete those two. If they troll ingame like they do on the forums, there is a chance they started that rage themselves… Plus, the enemy was right :P They are re-roll accounts xD

    • They don’t start fights, they make pubbies mad because apparently rerolling is hax that magically makes you better.

    • We’d just started the game and that guy started raging on us before we even killed him , so i just kept asking him how many battles he had so he’d admit to having more than me , hardly hardcore trolling.

      Plus i didn’t submit that , maybe goldnoob did but there was other guys in battle who said it was hall of shame worthy

      And being a reroll isn’t a crime so who cares if we are

      • I don’t get why people get all worked up about re-rollers. I can’t be bothered to re-roll for stats and lose out on the gazillion hours of grinding, not to mention all the money i have spent on my 2+ years old account. In any case, I don’t think I can manage 70% winrate even with a re-roll, which many of the re-rollers manage, which means that they really are good players and are very effective, regardless of the advantages they use to maximize their stats.

  3. I have to thank here to polish noob with blue stats who has sent my comments to FTR. His nickname is: x_Eskel_x and he managed to get 0 dmg with KV-2 as a top tier tank. You can watch the whole polish show here: http://wotreplays.eu/site/495766#cliff-houmer56-m18_hellcat

    Polish tomatoes with their blue stat leader managed to lose the whole battle by suiciding in valley on Cliffs like braindead monkeys. No excuse for such retardation, especially when they were told from the first minute not to go there.

    Just notice this very skilled polish player going by nickname x_Eskel_x who grass even when he fucked terrible. Of course his language is not very nice too. Unlucky “Czech trash” did way more than him. Making more than 0 damage as a top tier is not that difficoult anyway…

      • I really dont mind. If somebody grass because of their own fuck up instead of admiting it. I am happy to put his nickname here too. And the whole replay of his talent. Losing games only because of tomatoes spaming chat with polish will get to anyone. Of course there is a lot of other nations tomatoes too but polish tomatoes has the wast majority.

    • And there is the result of very skilled polish player x_Eskel_x who is better at proper grass than play.

      • Who cares? Do you even know what kind of insults do you make ingame? Who gives a fuck about how someone plays a GAME, not a real life BUT A GAME, so next time, think with your small brain about what you are even raging about next time.

        • You never raged because of tomatoes losing it for you? No? Not even when its 10th times in a row? And when you tell the tomatoes what to do?

          Every better player rages from time to time. Still better than run to mummy and tell on somebody for your own fuck-up. And even the “saint” who sent my comments uses bad language. Why is he not in hall of shame? Because everybody with a brain rather admits his own mistake instead of telling on somebody. Because everybody who played this game rages into chat from time to time.

          • Well I usually rage, IF i rage, is when I die. But that is why I return to the garage, and take a new tank out or I stop playing untill I cool down. No use raging in the chat like you do, they wont read it, they won’t do what you tell them. All that it would do is get you banned possibly.

            • PS: IF i rage, i use either “idiots” “retards” “morons” and that is all. I dont insult people depending on their race, religion or country. And you can believe that or not, i dont care.

              • Well, I have slightly different experience. I dont rage when I die usually, because its because of my own mistake. But starting the game with polish-themed insult gets attention and sometimes you manage to drive the tomato-lemming train in the right place on map. I dont have anything against polish people, but majority of tomatoes is polish so you need to adress them somehow. Sometimes it helps.

          • Yeah you can rage, but can you leave their nationality out of it?
            This just made you look like a racist scum…

            (And I hope you are not) :)

            On top of that, you did make it to the hall of shame, this should make you remember how to treat other people (i guess) :D

            • I read way more and way worse insults than what got me here. The same polish player who did NOTHING as a top tier has sent the screens to WG too, so I got the chat ban ingame too. But is this a solution really?

              The only solution is skill based mm as in team games to have tomatoes play their own games. If you rage than you deserve to be hall of shame because you rage of your own mistakes and thats kind of silly.

              I dont judge people according to their nationality but their behaviour. If the majority of tomatoes are polish flooding chat with polish you need to adress them somehow.

        • So you don’t give a shit how one plays the game, even when the 75% of the time piss on your legs, but when others say something even moderately racist or offensive you’re really mad? Wow c’mon.

          • Basically yes. People are bad in a game? Deal with it. Or stop playing if it offends you.
            I have more tolerance for bad players, then for players throwing insults. Especially racism/badly done nazi/any other nationally based stuff. If anyones stats would go up from those, we’d be swimming in unicum.
            Instead of throwing an insult, a simple callout to someone, like ‘[tank name] wtf are you doing?’ helps more often then calling them a jew.
            [side note: you'd never want to piss off a real life jew tanker ;]
            And if your really want to insult someone be at least creative about it. A smart insult also works better then rage.

  4. That BoshafterBernd guy, clearly does not know how to drive nor play the IS series tanks if he is calling them the worst tanks in WoT.

      • While that may be true (although I’d like to know where did you get that numbers from), by including nationality into your insults (Polish in this particular case) you also insult people who do not play WOT, who did not even hear about this game, people whom you have never met and probably never will in your life, where some of them are better than you (in terms of intelect, ethics, education, skills, finances etc.), some share your your level, some are worse. None of them deserves to be insulted.

        I’m Polish, if someone plays like a moron, eg some Finnish player, I have no problem to say that but I would never go as far as to say that Finns are **** or anything in that manner. Everyone has bad games from time to time and there are other factors than skill that are influencing your in-game performance. However, if I play like a retard then obviously others have the right to criticize me too and I’m absolutely fine with that.

        I’m not really sure where all that hatred in people comes from but what also makes me wonder is would all those haters and insulters be as much brave in face-to-face situations. I dare to say that they wouldn’t be. In fact, I am pretty sure that most of them would turned out to be quite decent guys when met in person. Anyhow, here’s a good advice to you and other raging players – chill mate, it’s just a game.

        Merry X-mas

  5. I am a racist. I hate all races. You name ‘em: 100 metres, 200 metres, 100 metre hurdles, 400m runs, 400m relays, 2 km runs, cross country runs, NASCAR, Gran Prix, skiing, horse racing, ALL RACES!

  6. So some T7 gets angry, and while raging all he comes up with is “THE MOTHER SILENTSTALKER IS PORNOSTAR” ? Twice?) :-) can’t stop laughing

  7. webstr is still a retard I see. Annoying prick was always getting on my nerves when I was in CSA. Not to mention also thx to him the clan broke apart with 50-60 ppl leaving at once… TWICE lol.

  8. Not a lot of Serbian/Croat/Slovene/Bosnian/Montenegrin/Macedonian people around! And they call us rude! :p

    • Whats with Exnom?? they seem to make it to Hall of Shame everytime!!! I know we all rage every now and then, but ‘Fuck You’ or ‘fucking tomatoes’ is the extent of our rage for the most part…. sometimes ‘OMG fucking retards’, which is actually not nice as ‘retard’ is improper and shouldn’t be used as insult. I fail to get the whole Polish/Jew/black stuff though… how is that an insult?? or why?? and how can people say shit about Nelson Mandela? I mean how is that related to WOT? and how come black people are bad players (generally they excel at sports in real life)?

  9. This episode is cancer free! Surprising!

    Actually I am more surprised that people would wish other cancer in EU. Feels kinda weak as an insult.

  10. Thank god there’s also a commie there, I was getting bored of seeing only Nazis and Polish insults. But still, I don’t find the purpose of this article. There are just some random childish insults. He should only show that kind of chat ragers who come to rage at you even after battle, now they’re funny.

  11. Disappointing amount of French….
    Considering we have a reputation just as bad as Poles, I’m tempted to think you don’t post French epic rage because no one translates them!

  12. SS, is this really worth posting? I know its always fun to make fun of all the dickheads and idiots out there, but this game is played by so many. I don’t know about anybody else here, but I certainly couldn’t give a damn who is or isn’t a racist idiot, I want to read more about tanks, more about World of Tanks, and more about the gameplay. I feel like this Hall of Shame stuff is just filler, and not very interesting filler at that. I love the blog, don’t get me wrong, but these posts really just feel out of place and unnecessary.

    • I also prefer posts about history or explaining game features, but the point is it’s often the same people/clans who act so offensively. So, instead of just letting everyone forget it, these halls of shame publicly make it knowledgeable to everyone, pushing said clans to improve their PR and maybe fire a moron or two in order not to appear as just a bunch of them. It already worked in the past, so let’s not let all the flamers and racist trolls win the next round. :)

  13. Whenever I meet some guys like these in the game I just imagine that they are sitting in front of their PC wearing ballet slippers and a tiny pink ballet skirt. Then I can’t stop smiling :)

  14. Haha, those EXN0M guys are always my priority targets whenever I see them in enemy teams, killed a pair of them (almost a 3rd) with my Nashorn those last few days. What’s up with this clan ?

  15. So basically, the only entries consist of people speaking out against people of other nations. Are you by any chance leftist crybabies?