WG EU fail: no double crew XP

Hello everyone,

some of you might have already noticed this (thanks to those who did let me know). From today to 26.12., we are supposed to get 2x crew XP bonus. It however is not working.

I tested it myself. My Japanese commader did require 878 XP to level up (sadly I did not take a screenshot) of that. And when I played a battle:


A 207 point victory (I got oneshotted in the beginning) and 671 XP required. No double bonus.

26 thoughts on “WG EU fail: no double crew XP

  1. Yes, there’s something wrong.

    Furthermore, this bonus also does not show up in the mission tab any more. This crew XP bonus seems to start from 30th December, not 23nd December. FAIL WG!!!

  2. Cool… so I can skip playing today… instead get all my mods in order for the new patch.

  3. No fail at all. Your tank got destroyed, which results in a 50% penalty on crew experience. Combined with the event you got full XP for the game. The two features cancelled each other out.

    Try again with a game that your tank survived.

      • 90% fore the crew member that dies/gets injured…. when tank is destroyed, all crew is not killed off, they escape the tank and get full XP, except the ones which got injured before the tank was destroyed.

        • Here is what the wiki says:

          “Injury or Death Penalty: A crew member who remains injured or is dead at the end of a battle is Penalized and will receive 50% less experience towards increasing his Training Level than he would have otherwise received.”

          Being oneshotted might have killed the crew member in question.

              • That is only to save confusing the player.

                IIRC Snib or Trent, or someone cleverer than me, did extensive testing of crew exp penalties and found they do not take a penalty unless they are already dead when the tank is destroyed.

                • Didn’t see your comment when I posted the one below.

                  “Extensive” might be a bit too much, but yes – it’s not enough for the tank to be destroyed, crew member must be injured by a shell to get XP penalty (this includes the possibility of the same shell injuring crew member and destroying the tank – so you don’t get the chance to revive him).

              • No, you’re wrong on both accounts:
                1). Injured crew members get only 10% penalty to XP (tested it almost 2 years ago, tested it last month – still the same), WoT wiki is wrong.
                2). Tank destruction doesn’t automatically injure all crew.

                • Then perhaps you should take the time to correct the wiki.

                  So far we have no certain evidence that the mission didn’t work – the possibility of the crewmember in question having been killed by the shot that destroyed the tank remains.

              • Are you trolling or stupid?

                Everything goes red when your tank is destroyed, it doesn’t mean your crew is dead. There is no crew penalty for loss, only for a dead crewmember at the end of a battle specifically. If you medkit that crewmember, no penalty either.

                • @Jens Wurm

                  “Then perhaps you should take the time to correct the wiki.”

                  Then perhaps WG should take the time to unlock wiki for editing. :)

                  What SS posted looks like compelling enough evidence for me (if we don’t try to assume that injured crew XP penalty is 50%, that is); it’s water under the bridge now, though.