WG EU: special calendar discount for Polish players

Hello everyone,

very briefly: looks like everyone is getting a Dicker Max with a discount!


….except for Polish players, those are getting the Locust


Seriously, does this have to happen every day? :(

18 thoughts on “WG EU: special calendar discount for Polish players

    • Or maybe they are just ignorant about how to treat others without prejudice..
      Wait, considering the captions on the new 8.10 Japanese tanks all say “Jap” in them, which any intelligent person knows is an insult, maybe you are right.

      • That’s the EU server only. The NA server actually named the tank, while the EU server just gave it a generic “8.10 Jap Tank #”.

  1. I am not suprised with any news/discount descriptions/whatever fails by WG, since they are all made by world famous method of Copy-Paste.

  2. I’ve seen this already (french version of another discount) : I was near send it to SS, but I’ve done “clear cache action” on my browser and that correct it.

    The problem seems to be on the “cache” part of the website :-) :-)

  3. Hello,
    more intresting is: WG forgot to implemet the Double-Crew-XP event they annonced to start today!


  4. They finally made their revange for our Polish national sport called ‘complaining’. U know – “da pain in ouz ezzzez!” etc.