Tank Inspector going live!

Hello everyone,

today, on 11:00 CET, the Tank Inspector is officially launched. Here’s a message for you from its creators, the Smellyriver studio (China):


This is Smellyriver studio. One month ago, we announced the project we had been working on for several months: the Tank Inspector. This is a utility program for World of Tanks, which literally allows you to inspect tank models and stats in this popular online game.

During the past month, we gave out totally 1,000 invite codes to people who is interested in our project, 746 of them had participated in our beta-test. Many helps – bug reports, advices, propagations and even donations are kindly provided by these testers. With all their support, we had most known bugs fixed and all the major functionalities improved, as well as our service stability tested and overall details enriched. Along with that, we have even more supporters who did not received an invite code, however still encouraging us to keep running towards our goal.

Our sincere appreciations to all of you. And a special thank to SS and FTR for introducing it to everyone.

Today, we are delighted to announce that we are bringing a quality release to share with everyone – it’s free with no invite code required. Here are the primary features of it:


Here is our official download address:


We have ensured this release is virus clean before shipping. Also, Tank Inspector won’t require an administrator privilege to run, so be at ease to use it.

Have fun!

Smellyriver Studio

57 thoughts on “Tank Inspector going live!

  1. This is awesome! Finally people who want to find/share info dont have to fiddle with tankviewer, the wiki and android apps. Well, hopefully at least :)

  2. So how do I select an arbitrary tank (any I wish to view)? I cannot find that for the heck of it. Confirmation e-mail hasn’t arrived at the specified e-mail address either (I have checked the e-mail address I have entered, and it is correct).

    • Click on the big tank icon will do the trick.
      Or you can use the search function.

      The email service is heavily overloaded, so just be patient :)

      • The search function seems to be only available if you walk the current vehicle’s tech tree up to the first tank of it.

    • Move your mouse on the big tank icon, you can navigate with the tech tree if you click on it, or use the search function.

  3. Pretty awesome, I have to say. It’s nice to see how equipment, modules and whatnot add up and makes a tank what it is, and I really like the armor calculator.

    The only issue I’ve really seen is that camouflage nets don’t seem to be properly added to stats; if I’m not mistaken, a recent patch (8.6? I remember there was a big uproar about bush camo bonuses being temporarily nerfed into the ground in the same patch test) changed them to additive instead of multiplicative, giving a flat 25% bonus rather than one based on the vehicle’s camo factor…but I might be wrong. Don’t have time to look it up right now.

    That aside, great work, very nice for an initial release.

  4. Well done proggie, guys, I like it. :-)

    A cool feature gamemodels3d offers is the ability to display module shapes and positions inside the tanks. Any chance of seeing that in STI in the future?

  5. I’m sorry. I’m almost unimpresed. The design is horrible, there is no real comparison, stat vs stat, no chance of multi comparisons. The armor piercer is done counter-intuitively if with more features than the Android app. Long story short. It doesn’t even begin to truly replace all my current resources.

    • There are many reasons. For example, some function requires querying data from our server, we need an authentication to get rid of abuse. In our future plan, configurations of tanks could be stored on the server and shared with others. Some features in connection with your WoT profile might also be introduced, which requires an account association too. For now it’s mostly an infrastructure.
      You don’t need to login with your WoT account, any (valid) email is okay. If you by accident did it, it’s still safe for your account, as we are storing an irreversible encrypted form of your password (aka hash string) both in our database and your local settings, it’s practically impossible to retrieve your password from it.

      • practically impossible doesn’t mean it has never done before
        WG is one of the companies who’s security has been breached and our account details have been stolen – it happened at least once that we know of

        you are artificially creating a security risk for mandatory registrations tied to WoT; why? most people won’t create secondary mail accounts just to register for your software and will use their WoT credentials or part of

        • Practically impossible is in technical aspect, we are not talking about accidents such as plaintext password leak. However we will add a warning on the login window in the next release to tell people stop using their WoT account as Tank Inspector account.

  6. The app seems to work except for the fact that i cannot get to see any tank model . I get the stats and all that but no model . Has anyone else encountered this problem ? Can someone give me a tip on how to fix this problem ?

    • Hi, we are already aware of this kind of issue. It’s due to a video adapter incompatibility, we still need time to get it fixed as we don’t have such video cards to debug and test. However, a video driver update might help in some situations.

  7. i hope this thing is wrong

    it states the obj 430 has 1 degree of depression . that would make for a a very rubbish tank

  8. This app is.. Well… Awesome.. I mean.. DAMN.. THIS should be how WOT looks at the details of the tanks. I mean DAMN….

  9. I like this app but it is leaving me a bit bewildered.

    Can anyone please check this and verify my results?

    I was looking at View Ranges for my VK 28.01 and had the following weirdness show up:

    Using Recon only the View Range was 398.6
    Using BIA only, the View Range was 398.4

    That alone seems weird because BIA should be slightly higher than Recon, not lower. But it gets weirder…

    With Recon and Coated Optics my View Range was 437.2
    With BIA and Coated Optics my View Range was 438.2

    Somehow adding Coated Optics made BIA better than Recon. But it gets weirder…

    With Recon, Coated Optics and Chocolate, my View Range was 457.2
    With BIA, Coated Optics and Chocolate my View Range was 456.6

    Adding Chocolate somehow made Recon better than BIA again.

    Can anyone duplicate these results?

    And can anyone explain how they might be valid?

  10. Update: I just received a reply from the SmellyRiver team and they said they discovered a improper value for Commanders which causes this discrepancy. It will be fixed in their next iteration. Overall, it doesn’t make a huge impact and I highly recommend this prog but nice to know they will make it even more accurate!