Nut’s Day in Bastogne

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This is a video of a military event in Bastogne. You can see some classic American tech on the video, as well as some not as common vehicles. Can you name them?


12 thoughts on “Nut’s Day in Bastogne

  1. An excellent museum, it was McAuliffes HQ when he wrote the ‘Nuts’ reply. Some very unexpected tanks lurking in the sheds, the IS3 and Locust were very surprising. Cool place.

  2. Jesus, what have they been doing with that Patton? Or rather… what have they not been doing? It sounds like the tracks haven’t seen oil since Vietnam…

  3. That museum is so awesome! I have been there IRL, in summer at least, entry is free. If you speak Dutch and if your guide is an elder man, you will have fun, because he tries speaking Dutch with a French accent. Like, the response of general McAuliffe to the Germans wanting him to surrender ‘NĂșts’. Very funny, but the interesting part is the last bit, a whole garage full of vehicles, somehow, even an IS-3. Very interesting museum, I recommend it.

  4. I love events like this but I always hate it when I see period costumed persons using modern camera equipment and stuff like that.
    and either my recollection of how large a Daimler Dingo was is off and it is a LOT smaller than I remember or that driver has a serious pie-habit.

  5. I’ve been to the Bastogne Barracks the week before Nuts day. Pretty nice museum they have there :) It still is a military base with about 85 soldiers who are still there, they repair and maintain the vehicles and also make sure that everything on display is clean and in good shape.
    Next year I will go back to this museum with Nuts day, they try to get a Tiger I for that special 70 year anniversary! So if you can you should go next year, or just pay a visit to this nice museum.