Russian trailer for Japanese tanks

So, the Russians have a special trailer for the Japanese tanks :) Yes, Japanese tanks fight monster and giant robots (there are even tentacles, all that’s missing are schoolgirls).


It’s a bit of an “eastern” thing, as one Russian player on US server recently mentioned – those of us, who were born in the Warsaw Pact countries might remember the pirated copies of American movies with impassive Russian (or in my case Czech) voiceover over the original sound, this sounds exactly like it – a blast from the past.

18 thoughts on “Russian trailer for Japanese tanks

  1. HA-HA-HA!!!! this is the voice of Leonid Volodarsky, who was one of the voiceover actors/rtanslators. Real blast from the past

    • ROFLMFAO! :D

      Seriously though, it kind of makes me sad that this is how the Japanese seem to always have to go about such things like making commercials for products… Just add a few robots… a couple of giant monsters… some pretty girls… and lots and lots of COLOR too! (Oh, and make everything animated– no live actors allowed!) Kind of limits the unique and creative factors, but I guess corporations will always give their audiences what they want to see.