Wot-News launches the “new method” application

Hello everyone,

remember the “new method” of evaluating, whether tanks are OP or not? You know, graphs like this?


Well, Edrard programmed an application on wot-news, that does the same evaluation automatically. The data gathered counts into account samples of at least 50 thousand battles with each tank (that’s why it took a bit longer to gather the data, along with reworking wot-news statistics for new API)

The application can be found here:


(the first selection window is obviously the tank, the second is whether you want to display winrate, or ER)

33 thoughts on “Wot-News launches the “new method” application

        • Not since that last uber-buff
          The ROF on Tiger I with LONG 8,8 is nearly as high as T62A. Less than 6 secs rld.
          Together with the accuracy and the pen on T7 this tank has become highly dangerous. Its so much fun to shoot 3 times into IS while they are still reloading.

          • keep believing that.. the platform is utter poo, you can’T expose yourself to actually deliver the dpm.

            Also funny the Tiger already had that rof way back in beta. Its dpm got nerfed 2 times we are back to the value from beta

            • well, depends on player preference. I find the Tiger H a very fun tank to play since the last patch. The increase in RPM and choosing a correct vantage point is a recipe for success. True, you should not try to slug it out face to face with 122mm russian guns.
              Still, it’s working as it was supposed to in IRL, at least in my experience. Stand off long range sniping with decent mobility.
              My favourite T7 heavy.

  1. It’s good to see that Rating graph is implemented as well, although I am not sure which system is being used.
    One suggestion; more room in the vertical axis would make the graphs more readable. If you are in the mood to relay the feedback.

  2. There is a huge difference between the Is7 in Edrard Graphic and the original. What’s the most accurate?

    • Edrard is most recent. The problem with the earlier IS-7 graph is that it takes into account the time like a year and half ago, when IS-7 was hilariously OP and it got played by ultraskilled players. Edrard’s IS-7 graph shows current status.

  3. Hi SS!

    Pls ask Edrad if it would be possible to splitt the whole thing – seperating RU/NA/EU Server. That might reveal some interesting results.

  4. There is no axis labels or key for me though having read the original alternate method posts i can figure it out, but really that should be on there. Or is it just my display letting me down?

  5. The graphs show exaclty what I personally think and I’m pretty much shocked that WG needs a whole department for what can be observed by everyday playing with no need for huge amounts of data. This method seems very reliable as for me:

    Foch is OP but not brutally, IS-7 is not easy to win with, FV183 is very diffucult to master and that the new german TD’s are OP as hell.