Amazing Wargaming EU gift shop offers!

Hello everyone,

check this out, Wargaming has given us some amazing offers!


Oh look! 3000000 gold!

Or not.

Seriously, does really noone proofread this stuff? I can only imagine how retarded the WG magazine will be in English, since noone even bothers to doublecheck portal news.

24 thoughts on “Amazing Wargaming EU gift shop offers!

    • Im sure it will be entertaining.

      Maybe it will even be a hit. People would read it to have a laugh, it would get on talkshows with Serb tyring hopelessly to rectify the mess, be material for stand up comedy, and a new 9gag meme. Fail editing might be the best thing ever happening to WG.

      Ah, who am I kidding. :-)

  1. >> I can only imagine how retarded the WG magazine will be in English, since noone even bothers to doublecheck portal news.

    I told yea :P …

      • This is more exp than you would need to unlock every single module ant tank/plane/warship that will ever come in WoT/WoWP/WOBS (or whatever they call it theese days)


  2. Wouldn’t it qualify as false advertisement and be subject of EU law if one is to buy air supply offer and not receive 3 mil gold as stated?

  3. Ok, I have a question for SS – I’m long time reader of FTR (I even prefer your blog over Edrard, cause i hate scrolling stupid videos).

    It’s a while Im wondering why do you care so much about WG fails?:)
    Cause fail posts turning out like Edrards videos – complete nonsense and zero useful information (well, for EU players it might be usefull, I agree). But still.

    Is it possible to make another WordPress page here on blog, containing those fails and make main page clear?

    Love your blog, cheers :)

    • IF you would have been a long time reader you would know why he does it… guess you missed all the “special” attention SS got from WG.

      • It is not even the “special” attention SS got from WG. SS does it for the same reason I WOULD DO IT if I had the time to do it. He wants the dam company to shape up, be responsible, be respectable and produce published work that comes out proofed and correct the first time 99% of the time like most real company’s and not screwball like they have nobody proofing the work before it goes out like most of the shitty online newspapers these days…

        I AM LOOKING AT YOU Yahoo News..

        SS does not ask WG to be perfect he just asks them to actually try to be perfect and WG fails at even that.

  4. At least its correct down in the pricing section to buy the bundle. If it was incorrect where you buy it, then you would have a possible claim. But knowing WG they probably have one of those catch all clauses. That they are not responsible for misprints.

  5. I wonder what would happen if someone took a screenshot of that, bough the pack, and then complain to wargaming that he did not get the mentioned gold. Would be hilarious !

  6. dat air supply maaan 3mil gold ???FUCK yeah this will run the game for years :P for me ::P
    another typical WG EU fail ….
    who would have though it?? :P
    even serb changed trolling attitube with the new year :P
    but seems WG EU is stuck in the spot :P

  7. WG magazine will be a collectors magazine of typos. I would buy it for that point alone.

  8. Air Supply!

    Awesome – I loved that band.

    And oh look, they’ll be in town!

    Feb 21
    Air Supply
    El Cajon, CA (near you)
    Feb 22
    Air Supply
    El Cajon, CA (near you)