Epic Russian World of Tanks ad :)

Thanks to EnsignExpendable for posting this.

Yesterday, we talked about ads, so let’s have a look at how to do a good one for a change :) This is a Russian ad for World of Tanks.



After the grandpa opens the window, the gangster says: “Grandpa, how many battles have you played?” and on the bench, the granpa said “I’m telling you, it didn’t penetrate!” and the gangster replies “No! Didn’t penetrate how?”.

I actually laughed (and I rarely do that with ads) :)

17 thoughts on “Epic Russian World of Tanks ad :)

  1. Lol just imagine a cop pulling you over see that wot symbol on your car and 10 minutes later the cop is giving you a lecture how to penetrate a Kv-5

  2. The reply to “it didn’t penetrate!” Should’ve been “how terrible”

  3. Hey, we should gather some friends and make copies of this ad in our native languages, just for fun.