Not much today. But you can check out Listy’s post about the Israeli defense of Yad Mordechai kibutz from Egypt in 1948

- in 8.11, the option to disable the battle chat will come, however players with disabled chat will not be marked as such (SS: as in, others won’t be able to see whether your chat is disabled or not)
- apparently, the option to “thank” a player after battle for his good performance will come in some undisclosed future (SS: if I understand it correctly, because SerB used a phrase that makes no sense to me)
- Lowe ammo rack module size has not changed in 8.10 (SS: only the number of shells carried increased)
- Chieftain on US forum states that Wargaming is aware of the T42 Medium Tank (SS: it might theoretically appear in the second US medium branch, but who knows)

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      • didn’t they say by disabling chat you only disable what you write and not what others write?

        • Dafuq? You mean you don’t see your own messages, what would be the point of that…

          • no they said, you wont be able to write yourself if you disable the chat…

            btw what is about the commands such as pinging and help or fire requests? will they be disabled too?

            • The function commands will work even if you block chat. So if someone spams the map or something, you’ll have to block them like now.

  1. I like that “thank” option. Wouldn’t mind sending some credits if he/she carries a great match.

      • Well if somebody is intelligent/grown up enough to give a “thanks” he/she can speak a bit of English… or just a THX :) Btw if this thanks would give something, than I wouldn’t really care about what the dude, wrote even a “Go to hell” could cheer me up if that gave me some credits/xp :D

      • Definitely, if they let players write their own words, the “thank” option would become the “fcking n00b, gay camper, cheater, fck your mother” option.

    • so CW Clans with some subclans all thank themselves and collect about 300-400 thanks… what does this say or help!? nothing, same as cw stats in random (via xvm).

      • And the award for the most envy-ridden, stupid and typical underachievers comment of a moron goes to…

    • There is a system In star wars ToR in PvP where after match you can assign “+1 point” to one player whom gets few more credits (like xp and silver in wot)… It couldve work in WoT quite well also…

    • I’ve wanted it for a while. There are moments where I truly feel thankful to someone and wish to congratulate him/her.

  2. People disabling battle chat are completely and utterly useless.

    They are inevitably going to be the kind of people that lose games for entire teams and get shouted at. Exactly the kind of people that *need* to get shouted at.
    On the other hand, most of them aren’t even capable of understanding English anyway, so whatever, it’s not like anything will change. Pubbies gonna pub.

    • yeah… and only chat will be disable – so most annoying spam – pinging some randoms sectors on map will be still there….

    • I don’t need:

      Player 1: SIEMKA KTO PL
      Player 2: CZ/SK? Jsou to Češi?
      Player 3: Csá!
      Player 4: STFU KLINGONS FFS
      Player 1: STFU YOURSELF NOOB
      Player 5: Clan RANDOMNOOB recruiting noobs and spammers, 12+ age, contact Hami for more info

      etc. to play well

      • When I see random klingon in chat, I grab a deodorant or something next to me and write random words written in that laguage.

        • You, sir, inspired me to carry a washing machine manual with me whenever I go playing on the Internet. Your post made my day. ;)

      • And yet sometimes there is a proper communication between the team mates, if only few of them. And it does help.

        I don’t need to disable chat spam to play well. But I play even better if I have someone to cooperate with.

      • I’ve had multiple games where chat has won battles. You’re not going to be able to inform your team about your actions now. That doesn’t help

      • Why do they implement in in this cheap way? It would be way better to implement a spam filter. If there is noob, clan, klan, siema, or fuck in the message I don´t need the complete message.

        If this was a default function (there is a mod already that can do this!) it would force people to actually write in a more or less civilized way. Otherwise nobody will hear them anyway.
        Since I use this mod I actually look on the chat because there are people who are capable to write useful stuff on the chat.

    • I don’t need to read what you have to say to play well. Also, 99% of all chat is just flaming, so nothing of value is lost.

      Frankly, with usually half the players on my team not speaking English anyways, the chat is moot. If you want to communicate, get a headset and a teamspeak server and set up your teams. random battle is just that, random fighting without tactics.

  3. Come on WG.
    Replace M46 with M47. Then sell the M46 as a Tier 8 premium :P (with historical stats or at most the current top turret to mirror the prototype M46-m47-esque turret)

    I will be happy.

  4. Disabling chat isnt really necessary for the ASIA server considering how campy the Vietnamese are, and how the thais cant understand anything much…. it’s technically a permanent chat disable playing here…

  5. I personally won’t disable chat because so much enervating stuff is said like once during battle someone was raping and he was really good.

  6. Disabling in-game chat will not solve anything,it will only prevent :”idiot team die,gtfo noobs,i hope you die in cancer random guy” messages,long story short it will also block the communication which could be useful for a player such as last man standing in the battle.

    Thank option also should not bring any reward because i’m sure someone will exploit that and rewards will flow until it’s detected by moderators.

    By the way i like that line SS:Player 5: Clan RANDOMNOOB recruiting noobs and spammers, 12+ age, contact Hami for more info

  7. Imagine all the noobs that are going to disable chat and then not listen to what other, (More expirienced players) are telling them as advice, (where to go, whom to help, etc ). But on the other hand, no more SIEMA PL, WITAM, learn to pley feget, PLOOB clan looking for blablabla ….

  8. WG definitely going downhill , they must be really shaken up about War thunder because once that comes out they loose there monopoly. Have to admit as much as i love wot War thunder is jsut better by the looks of it.

    Funny though why on earth haven’t they done anything about the British line. The Cent mk1 ammo is way too expensive , isn’t it enough that hey handicapped its armor. The fv42 needs a gun turret armor or speed buff , and the fv heavy tank well no comment , that thing was made up by wg because they couldn’t be bothered to finish the tree. They even admit to it. Lousy company.

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  10. “- apparently, the option to “thank” a player after battle for his good performance will come in some undisclosed future (SS: if I understand it correctly, because SerB used a phrase that makes no sense to me)”

    If you talking about “Миииш? Левооон? ;-)” thing, SerB called moderators to ban this guy