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Hello everyone,

an interesting post appeared on RU forums – did you know that Ensk might have been partially modelled after Minsk? I sure didn’t. LJ user yozas_gubka makes a number of interesting comparisons between Ensk buildings and those really existing in the home city of Wargaming, Minsk. He admits that although the map developers might have drawn their inspiration from generic Soviet-type architecture, some buildings in Minsk come very close to what we can see in Ensk. Check this out:

This building exists in Ensk…



….and this is a real building, standing on the edge of Koshevy and Klimov streets – Minsk district built in the early 50′s for the workers of local heavy factory to live in.


Second case is the large building…


….which was inspired possibly by the following building in Minsk on the Chebotarev street:


There are other similiarities to Minsk too. For example, take this wooden building in Ensk:


And this is a house in the Minsk region of Grushevka:


This is the model of the brick house in Ensk:


And this is a real house in the Pushkin housing, built in 1937


This is another large house in Ensk:


And this is its possible inspiration: a pre-war military officer housing, there are several of these houses spread around the city:


Another inspiration for the building above could be the factory worker housing


Here’s (according to the author) a classic Soviet-style barn/warehouse, present in many ex-Soviet cities…


…including Minsk


And here’s the Minsk Lenin monument:


and here is the apparent original: the statue of Lenin made by a sculptor called Kotikhin near the Dynamo stadium in the yard of Klumov hospital


So, this is it. I think it’s actually interesting to see where the developers looked for possible architecture and models. I actually wish there were such explanations for every map in the game. Granted, some are completely fictional and generic (Sand River probably), but some were clearly inspired by real life places.

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    • The barn/warehouse is pretty much odentical too (apart from the stairs oriented the other way).

      • I meant “identical”. SS is there a possibility to introduce an edit option for the comments? It would help greatly, the keyboard of my tablet is not so good…

        • Comment edition and post tracking could turn FTR’s comments into what people asking for a dedicated forum demand…

  1. And Himmlesdorf “Courthouse” near northern base (the building with the tower) looks like the central part of Warsaw King’s Castle. (And the inspiration was confirmed by one of polish community coordinators, AFAIR)

  2. Interesting post =) Always interesting to see where people draw their inspiration from =)

      • Yup. That signature pose with stretched arm, like he’s leading proletariat to the bright future.

      • Exactly, communist architechture is mostly copy/paste especially in workers districts. Probably most of these structures and similar Lenin statue existed in every soviet town.

        • I wouldn’t even blame it solely on Communist Architecture… The 1890s Post Office in my hometown looks exactly like the second building. “Our” 1850s officer housing looks exactly the same as the one shown here… And I live a thousand kilometers west from minsk :P
          Though, AFAIK, we never had a Lenin statue ;)

  3. Wow, what an ugly town. No wonder SerB doesn’t mind looking like a homeless guy all the time. He is just blending in :D

  4. I was born in Minsk and spend good 17 years there. Yes. Ensk is definitely not only inspired, but also modeled (the way back yards with buildings in town portion of it) after Minsk. I lived in something that was very similar to southmost yard on Ensk.

  5. Like most countries, some buildings are bland others magnificent. Went to Moscow and St Petersburg and both had some stunning architecture.